A sonic wall of sound.


In order to stay in front one must remain behind. And while every other band is currently mired in all things 80s and angular, there's one bunch of Sydney-siders who are taking their cues from the epic, noise laden soundscapes of another decade. While you may recognise brothers Dave and Anthony The (pronounced 'Tay') from Sydney shoegazers Ides of Space, and bassist Paul Youdell from his founding stint in Faker, this is a project that exceeds the musical scope of both, and if you scratch a bit deeper you'll find a band who may be informed by the past, but look squarely to the future. Dave's reverb drenched vocals provide the perfect counterpoint to his wall of sound guitar attack and to his brother's propulsive yet precise drumming. When you add Youdell, who can only be described as Kevin Sheilds on four strings, to the mix, you've got one of the most sonically exciting bands to roar out of Sydney. With shoegaze clubs opening up all over London and LA, sparking a revival of interest in dark, moody sonic music, skullsquadron seem to have landed at just the right time. Their debut EP, is slated for an early 2006 release


"Tomorrow Morning" Single released Feb 06 currently on high rotation on FBi Radio Sydney.

Set List

40 min set
1. Tomorrow Morning
2. Again & Again
3. Not Fair
4. Overdue
5. Elite Star
6. Now You've Come Home
7. Everyday You're Away
8. Leave the ground