Los Angeles, California, USA

Skull Tape is ex-Mae Shi singer/songwriter Brad Breeck. My day job is writing popular jingles and kids show music. This project is an indiepunk collection of earworms about social darwinism. Think Andrew WK meets Jay Reatard on C-SPAN 2.


Brad Breeck was a founding member of the popular Los Angeles band The Mae Shi. Known for their over-the-top performances, they released albums on Kill Rock Stars' 5RC label before achieving their crowning glory with HLLLYH. Soon after that release, the band members went their separate ways.

Brad, utilizing his experience with The Mae Shi as well as his music degree from CalArts, went into professional songwriting. He's composed music for many TV commercials for companies like Nike, Renault, Starbucks and most recently the current Apple MacBook Air campaign. He also currently composes and performs all of the music for the wildly successful Nickelodeon cartoon 'Fanboy and ChumChum'.

In the summer of 2010, Brad decided to return to the indiepunk world and, adopting the moniker 'SKULL TAPE', went into the studio and recorded a collection of ridiculously catchy songs, which will be released on an album called "The Invisible Hand and The Descent of Man".


As a member of The Mae Shi, Brad participated in three full-length albums and several CD-R and single releases.

The Invisible Hand and The Descent of Man will be the debut Skull Tape release.