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Dubstep to Hip-Hop to Juke & Trap.. Skulltrane's legendary phatass beats, bass bending skills & her explosive live performances have landed her featured billing along side E-40, Datsik, Nadastrom, DJ Assault, Liquid Stranger, Helicopter Showdown, Minnesota, Starkey, Nasty Nasty, Stagga & Downlink.


Proudly hailing from Detroit, now residing in San Francisco. Since 2007 the Bay Area is toying with disaster by laying on a huge fault line with talent such as SKULLTRANE. Producing her original jawdropping beats with releases on MalLabel Music, Daly City Records and Badman Press. She has remixed and collaborated with quite a few of the more notable bass heavy producers Mochipet, MC Zulu, Blackheart, 6 Blocc, Taso, DZ, Roommate, Mr. Boogie & Helicopter Showdown to name a few.

Live, Skulltrane's legendary explosive, mind bending, multi-genre mayhem inducing live sets have led her to perform next to such legendary acts as E-40, Datsik, Reso, Nadastrom, DJ Assault, Liquid Stranger, Vaski, Starkey, Zion-i, Nasty Nasty, Stagga & Downlink.

Her musical influences for the most part draw from her roots in Detroit's now infamous '90's Techno and Hip-Hop scene which she has seamlessly incorporated these inspirational elements into her own production and live performances. Fast mixing, dramatic tempo changes and massive baselines drops to your dome Skulltrane will never leave a booty un-bounced.


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MalLabel Music Releases:


Video Links:
Stagga Hypnotize (Stagga, Hypnotize, MalLabel Music)

Helicopter Showdown - Get Tuff (Skulltrane & Freshyoungminds RMX) (MalLabel Music)

Emmissions Festival 2012 (Angels Camp, CA)

Basslines RMX - (Taso-Galactic Bootycall, MalLabel Music)

TimeMachine - (Saucerface II, MalLabel Music)

Fractalize Festival (Beldan Town, CA)