Skunk Train

Skunk Train

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Skunk Train is the ultimate bring your party boots, get down and get funky , smoke 'em if you got 'em, good time, soul shaking, chance taking, end of the world, time of your life, rock 'n' roll adventure. If you want to go where the Playa meets Shakedown Street, ride the Skunk Train.


Skunk Train was born in Laytonville, CA, on April 20th, 2003. As young skunks, the original trio of Moshman on lead guitar, Rockstar Ray on bass, and Biggen on drums, nurtured their talent and fed themselves a steady diet of blues and classic rock. They released their first album, 2005's black and white blitzkreig Fresh Skunk.

Then, to further the tonal experiment, the trio morphed into a 5 piece by adding two world class singers, the sexy and soultry Sister Soul, and young padawan Johnny Jukebox, both vicious axe slinging rockers as well.

The alchemical synergy exploded into a cosmic crystalline fractal of heart pounding sound exploration, fusing the foundations of psychedelisized rock, blues, funk, and reggae. This resulted in the mega platnium, (yet to be released) album LIVE SKUNK, recorded live at Earthdance, 2008.

Wear your party boots and your booty shorts and be prepared to boogie all night long aboard the Skunk Train. It's the rock 'n roll ride of a lifetime.


Fresh Skunk 2005
Live Skunk 2008

Set List

Take Me Dancin'
Hey Lover
Are you Ready for Music
Missing You
River I
Rocking My Soul
Burn The Man
Raining in June
Planet Cryin'
Highest I
Till The Parties Hot
All The Ladies

Eyes Of The World-Grateful Dead
St Stephen-Grateful Dead
Dark Star-Grateful Dead
White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane
Who Do You Love-Quicksilver Messenger Service
Exodus-Bob Marley