Skursula's idiosyncratic songs generally take the form of character studies, and are thus much like short stories in a song. Influenced greatly by classical, folk and hip-hip, their music ranges from playful to introspective in character.


Vocalist and violinist Skye Carrasco explores the various timbres of her voice: a breathy, angelic upper register contrasting with her sultry, Billie Holiday-like lower voice. Carrasco is known for experimenting with vibrato and voice placement in order to thicken the vocal textures.

Meanwhile, strings gone mad from soaring melodies to abrupt, atmospheric squeals add distinct flavor to the duo. used in a deliciously unconventional manner, Dial's cello and Carrasco's violin are plucked, strummed and bowed, making their songs especially fresh.

Harlan Muir, who joined the duo in the spring of 2007, adds charming texture to this burlesque mixture with his ornamental accordion and keyboard playing and beatboxing.

Classically trained cellist and singer-songwriter Ursula Dial offers a fresh look at acoustic music by combining folk/pop structure with plucked and bowed cello. Wonderfully diverse, her music has roots in jazz, folk, hip hop and rock while not tasting like any specific genre. Ursula has studied cello for 17 years and has been writing and performing her own compositions since she graduated from the Arts High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ursula then set out to receive her training at University of Iowa, and the Hoch Schule fur Musik in Germany. Studying with the likes of Hannah Holman, Laura Sewell, Mischa Meiski, Leslie Marie Riva, and George Work. She also has performed at many music festivals around the world such as The Schlern Italy Music Festival, Madeleine Island Music Festival, and Wintergreen Music Festival in West Virginia. While living in Berlin she soloed in a documentary titled "A Berlin Day" that was premiered at the Berlinale in spring of 2007. Ursula has performed music with Tommy Lee, Rockstar Supernova, Paleo, and Nick Africano

Originally from Iowa City, Skye has studied violin for 16 years at the Preucil School of Music and The University of Iowa. Her teachers have included Kimberley Meyer-Simms, Christie Felsing, Margaret Gutierrez, and Tricia Park. Skye has participated in music festivals around the world such as Blue Lake Fine Arts and the Wintergreen Music Festival. With several years of voice lessons under the guidance of singer Marie von Behren up her sleeve, Carrasco strayed from her path as a strictly classical musician in 2005, joining Iowa City folk band: The Great Lakes. Shortly following her folk debut, Carrasco's versatile violin and vocal skills graced stages with the likes of Jandek, The Glowing Glass, Caleb Engstrom, Paleo, Nick Africano, and Michael Morris.

Harlan Muir, while technically a classically and jazz trained saxophonist, is a Jack of all trades when it comes to instruments. He can play most instruments as long as they aren't brass. He began to teach himself keyboard instruments at the age of 13, learning to play by aurally transcribing Bach organ fugues and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata mvt. 3. A real pianist once told him he had, "horrible fingering, yet he makes it work". Harlan picked up the accordion around 9 years ago, but only in the past few years began to play seriously. He is a composer for films and draws inspiration from classical, jazz, Gypsy, rock, and many others.

Discography Session:

Twin City Blues
Rhinoceros Song
Hip Hop Boi

Set List

All of our songs are original compositions, we generally don't play covers. Typically, we play for about an hour, but we have filled sets that range from 30 minutes to two full hours. Ours songs include:

eel knots
rip a rip
about a falling star
twin city blues
rhinoceros song
hip hop boi
and a day
the lamentable tale of radu (pirate drinking song)