Skuzzi Port
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Skuzzi Port

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland
Band Rock EDM


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Pioneer in life E.P. (PLUG)



Skuzzi Port? What’s a Skuzzi Port….do i care?…..maybe, If you are interested in things that make noise in the night. That’s one thing that Skuzzi Port enjoys doing very much. so much so Skuzzi has formed itself into a semi credible electro rock band in order to maintain a steady flow of high intensity organised vibrations directed at tightly gathered groups of humans.
You might ask yourself why would Skuzzi want to pursue such endeavours? Why indeed…It seems the answer is as little known to Skuzzi as it is to any other organism who chooses to listen to rhythms and melodies for pleasure.
This particular Skuzzi, it could be the only one or it could be one of many tens of billions of Similar Skuzzis who chose to remain in other dimensions. But this particular one chooses to materialise itself as a round furry ball with a face full of intensity as it smiles at you with its shiny rectangular metal mouth.
The mouth is a curious feature of the Skuzzi as it seems to be where it derives all its power. Its design is similar to a human creation, a computer port that transfers data at incredible speeds (an SCSI port). Although many nerds agree that an SCSI port is truly a great and noble port it is on the verge of obsolescence due to rivals such as Firewire.
This threat of extinction and its exquisite design could be the reason that Skuzzi chooses this form to manifest, or it could be a sick joke on the part of Skuzzi, a beast known for its twisted sense of humour, trying to give humans something they can associate with when the Skuzzi knows well it is beyond human comprehension?
Music. Music is one thing we can safely say Skuzzi produces. Music is what we call it but to Skuzzi it is thoughts, thoughts that have been plucked from the far reaches of the universe and translated by the creature into something we recognise as music.
To Skuzzi it is is natural and is of no consequence. It always has and always will do and make what we call music in any form or incarnation it sees fit. Skuzzi will not be confined to a singular. A pigeon hole constructed of a black hole to the power of ten indefinable unfathomables wouldn’t stop and make Skuzzi think ‘Um, Maybe i should just stick to this kind of thing’….
Skuzzi would laugh if he read this, but he wouldn’t bother, he is off doing his thing amongst the molecules,organising and compounding. Expanding and compressing. Even if it did laugh we wouldn’t notice. We would be to busy dancing our asses of to the sick tune that the laugh sounded like…
The humans directly involved with Skuzzi are numerous and varied, An ever increasing and fluctuating group of people bound together by their love of Skuzzi and the beautiful fractal chaos that follows.
My first contact with skuzzi was a rainy day with two guitars in a small bathroom that my good friend Mark called home. We came across the idea, (although it is clear now that Skuzzi came across the idea of us), and it became so clear that we were to become channels for Skuzzi’s sounds.
Chris was the next recruit. A well known pot smacker we introduced to Skuzzi, he kindly put down his squirrel and joined us in making a racket. Soon enough another Chris became apparent at the sessions, i suspect he was a wizard as he had the power to move pixels on a screen at his demand, a trick which Skuzzi became very interested in the future.
The next thing we knew two rappers forced themselves into the group at gunpoint (The Kootie Kat Killa and M.C. Finnese) along with a human who constantly kept two black disks spinning in front of his hands (Des ‘Yam’ Carney) and an angel voiced thug called kell.
For a while we experimented under the guise of the Subliminal Messengers untill we realised that we were always really just Skuzzi Port.
Then over the passing of many thousands of minutes we intertwined with a huge number of seven or eight more amazing skuzzitions including Jackman the bass terrorist known for his exploding amps and his even more explosive afro, Niall a virtual ray charles on the keys but way better at darts, Melissa who was drawn thousands of miles across oceans in a barrell just to sing with the Skuzz!
Also there can be no doubt that collaborators such as Graham (Quintissential), the original love ham, and Rhob Chunningham have also laid fingers in the furr of a Skuzzi to sexy musical results.
The constant pressure we were under from machines at the time eventually convinced us to let them into the band, and pretty soon we evolved a love hate relationship forged in the fires of progress.
The machines soon embedded themselves irremovably from Skuzzi and for a while the human element was stripped away from the group during the great turning of the earth and solely the barbarian and Cono were left. Then by the grace of Skuzz we were joined by two renegade funksters formerly gunners on the great airship Freaky Stylee. Gary ‘Palm Fitz’ or ‘Bongo mongo’ and Andrew ‘Freako cabs’ Casey gave a fresh