SkyAcre SpyPlane

SkyAcre SpyPlane

 Austin, Texas, USA

Hard hitting drums, tube saturated guitar tone, dynamic fits of feeback, and wandering bass lines create a thick wall behind agro-melodic vocals.


SkyAcre SpyPlane is the product of a multi-instrumentalist spending years in various living environments with an analog reel to reel and creative original song writing. Influences include Sonic Youth, the Melvins, and the Pixies.

Marcos Delgado lived and recorded in warehouses, storage buildings, tools sheds, a bus, a van, apartments, and various garages, using scavenged gear and developing an ear for old analog tones. Sifting through doubt and depression, music was created about the rage and beauty that filled the world around him. The collection of recordings became known as "The Imaginary Album" as it was never going to exist anywhere except for in his head.

The album proved to be far too powerful and important for the world not to experience, so a full band was assembled and has been playing live since December 2010. Marcos continues to write and flourish musically as the band grows and becomes closer on and off the stage. An east coast tour is being planned as well as recording a follow up album.


They're In There Alive

Written By: M. Delgado

They're in there alive. They're in there alive.
With my guard down I will fall.

Her Energy Splashed

Written By: M. Delgado

Did it end like our deaths, time stopped and it starts when we die.
Did it calm the farm. Did it drain the lake. Did it break the light. Dead end didn't end. Addict and her energy splashed on my face when she cried.
Addict of the moon. Chiva took my life and my vision of the night and blue light that she swiped from my mind. Sisters spiral brother cities that die in winter.


Written By: M. Delgado

We force our calm today beneath blood stars.
Defending blinding faiths we sheath our crowns.
Knowing perfect hate the light gets tarred.
When children learn to take the red ink gets drawn.
It's now the time to arrive at the line, stay calm.
We'll fight to cry, we'll fight to feel, alive in daylight.
The lidless eyes must know the many enemy spies.
A cowards underture releasing lies.
Speak for man and god.
Speak for deaf and dumb.
Speak for left and right.
Speak for them, they're escaping demon death fire.

Battlefield Red

Written By: M. Delgado

We'll all fall down with kickstands of war and hate.
We live in the vice of this falling nations greed, it releases when I scream.
I'm born to mourn the pawns of war.
New souls soon they'll awake.
Born to mourn the pawns of war.
Aluminum foil bones scrape and shock their bodies.
Bored and wise to war and wine.
Bored and wise to war and wine a lighning rod attached to spines.
New souls soon they'll awake.
It starts far underwater, in a test tube bloom.
I'm set for a descent into a shallow pool.
Gold cherubs stand guard over battlefields red and writhing.
As a god they'll awaken.

Stand Beneath the Sun

Written By: M. Delgado

I stand beneath the sun.
Walk on top of earth and watch the trees stretch for light.
I'm unequal to the earth, unbalanced in all thought.
I watch as she balances equations.
As the favorite songs play, as the lovers seize the day.

As electric currents flow, above beside below.
A problem begins and one is resolved.
Parked along a broken road.
The stars cloud my eyes with the will to know.
As your favorite song plays.
As all lovers seize the day.
Everything there is to do,it being done by someone besides you.


The Imaginary Album- Released Feb. 8, 2011

New Album Coming in Fall 2012

Set List

They're In There Alive
Jeff Davis County Highway
Steel Waves
Puppet Emperers
Led To The Echo
Her Energy Splashed
Take Cover
Seal Pup with Rattlesnake Tongue