Sky Barstow

Sky Barstow


Sky Barstow is a mixture of ethnic flavors and stiff upper-lip house-organ pop-electro bringing the world of electronica closer to your face. Conveniently packaged in a rubber coated beat extravaganza it will be a day of the triffids for you and your friends.


«...What sounds aleatoric initially turns out to be the mature profile of a talented not only
knob tweaker but musician. " -Phlow Music Magazine on "It's Circular" EP.

Sky Barstow is a world of sound that you haven't heard and a fronter of a new electro where people actually play on stage. This is a non laptop band with live vibrant synthesizer riffs and quirky self mocking vocals from a young man figuring his way through real and imagined worlds.
British, based in Oslo (Norway), the two electro heads have been playing around the scene for about a year and receiving good feedback both from Norwegian national radio, blogs and individuals.


Ep - "It's Circular" (

Set List

Can we leave this place
Can you understand
Closet Dance
Probably not
Diver City
Electronic horse

Typically around 45mins