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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | INDIE

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2003
Solo Hip Hop Jazz


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SkyBlew @ Nightlight Bar & Club

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States

SkyBlew @ The Geek Easy

Winter Park, Florida, United States

Winter Park, Florida, United States

SkyBlew @ Cat's Cradle

Carrboro, North Carolina, United States

Carrboro, North Carolina, United States



SkyBlew can easily be spotted in a crowd, sporting a gray-faced, blue-haired friend with a story of his own on his head. It’s become his staple; so much that if he doesn’t wear it, people ask “where’s your hat?” he said.

SkyBlew’s content and presentation might not sound similar to your favorite mainstream or Christian rapper.

He draws inspiration from anime and video games. His song “Ordinary Tuesday” samples Marvin Gaye, which hints at his strong influence and fascination for soul. If not hip hop, some call his music jazz hop or positive; others say he’s a conscious rapper.

Though SkyBlew’s approach and style might seem unconventional, he does what’s unique to him.

“I just want people to know above all when they hear my music that I’m a Christian without even saying it,” he said.

And he wants people to spread love and peace. - Rapzilla

Moving along from female rappers, Skyblew is one part nerdy and three parts heart. Combining positive messages with his love of video games and cartoons, he is somebody that rap definitely needs more of. Recently, he released the LP 'SkyBlew’s Unmodern Life', which fuses personal experiences, 90’s cartoons, and ambient beats to create a unique listening experience. - Afropunk

When you listen to SkyBlew’s work, you aren’t just hearing it. You see vivid colors and shapes that are beautiful and calming, an effect that’s enhanced by the artwork on each of his albums and mixtapes. If you are familiar with certain cartoons, Japanese anime, or video games, catching their references just adds to the fun. Throughout all of this, SkyBlew raps, sounding like a good friend giving helpful advice and comfort.

This is what I experience every time I listen to SkyBlew’s music, especially on his recently released EP Destined: The Rebirth. I sat down recently with the North Carolina based rapper after I listened to his new EP because I love his music. It helped that he loved talking about it as much as I loved listening to it. - Impose Magazine

Chapel Hill emcee SkyBlew is just one of the many emcees who prove the Triangle is a breeding ground for some of the smartest hip-hop in the game. Ranking up there with Dr. Dre protege King Mez and really just about anyone on 9th Wonder’s Jamla squad, SkyBlew turns out socially conscious lyrics accompanied by soulful, vintage samples. - WRAL TV (News)

North Carolina has a strong tradition in hip hop, perpetuated by the likes of rapper Petey Pablo, and hip hop collective Little Brother. Hailing from Chapel Hill, NC, SkyBlew (real name Mario Farrow) is one of the freshest underground emcees to emerge from Carolina. With a massive catalog of albums and mixtapes, SkyBlew recently dropped another LP, Race For Your Life, SkyBlew.

The self-described positive emcee combines jazz rap and nerdcore for a sensational feel. Race For Your Life, Skyblew delivers an early Roots meets Talib Kweli with a dash of Lupe Fiasco vibe. Intro track “The Cleanse” features a toe-tappingly catchy beat produced by Scottie Royal, complimented by the silky smooth vocals of SkyBlew. Lyrically, it’s a conscious rap landscape with personal touches, like “life fogging up my lens/It might be time to make that cleanse/I made amends with all my friends.” It’s a catchy hook that actually offers meaning.

Lyrically, there’s a pleasant mix of social commentary and cleverly-chiseled punchlines. On “Picture That” SkyBlew spits, “I stack blue ink on these pages fat, hardly thin/But these cats read in black, like it’s Harley Quinn.” Verses like this leave you fumbling for the rewind button. The fun is balanced by thoughtful socio-political commentary such as “skin color brown/Police wanna arrest me/No teachers they test me/They all on my testes/But I’m a different breed, you gotta respect steez.” Rather than take a negative approach though, SkyBlew remains buoyant. The dynamic works brilliantly, and even when delving into more serious territory, Race For Your Life, SkyBlew remains upbeat. - Axs

Why it’s great: SkyBlew is an exciting addition to the nerdcore scene because he’s young, and because he’s more interested in anime aesthetics and the sparkling sound effects heard in game franchises like Kingdom Hearts than the ‘80s-era arcade games that inspire nerdcore old heads. - Inverse

So, we’re talking to SkyBlew, the North Carolina rapper who will have an album release party Saturday night for his latest CD, “Race for Your Life, SkyBlew.” And right when we’re about to wrap the interview up, he drops this nugget on us:

“I’m pretty big in South Korea,” says SkyBlew (real name: Mario Farrow). “I’m actually really big in South Korea. So, there’s that.”

Well, that came out of nowhere. It is quite surprising to learn that the 24-year-old, Alabama-born, Triangle-based MC (he’s lived in Chapel Hill for years, but has been living in Graham for the past few months) is a star overseas. “I released one album this year and one album last year in South Korea, and they both were in the Top 10 charts and everything,” he says.

Even though SkyBlew is officially an international superstar, he’s still trying to make a name for himself around these parts. In the past few months, he’s been performing with The Digi Destined, his very own, five-piece backup band. As a guy who grew up not just on hip-hop, but soul, funk and jazz – which he eventually melded together into his music – having a band felt like the next logical step. - The News & Observer

The life and times of SkyBlew have never been easy. As a child, the illustrative emcee born Mario Farrow was shuffled to and fro from family and friends to foster and adoption homes, sometimes for the better, other times for the worse, but Farrow made it through to healthy young adulthood. To this day, though he enjoys awards and recognition for being Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s preeminent hip-hop artist, the conscious positive SkyBlew, who is also independent, works tremendously hard to reach the audiences that mainstream acts are given access to so easily. In short, he earns all of his accolades. Practiced at releasing multiple quality albums per year, SkyBlew has reached the feat again this year, with the followup to February’s Dreams, Toonami and Jazzier Days, entitled Destined: The [R]Evolution, a June 2017 issue from the visionary rhymer. - Swurv Radio

SkyBlew (real name Mario Farrow) may be the hottest thing in hip hop to spawn from North Carolina since Little Brother emerged from Durham. A dose of jazz rap and a dash of nerdcore with a heaping portion of positivity, Farrow helps hip hop heads realize that the genre is far from dead.

In an unconventional, but highly welcome move, SkyBlew dropped a surprise album SkyBlew the Cowardly Boy on Aug. 29, 2016, the rapper’s own birthday. Typically birthdays are occasions for receiving gifts, but leave it to the quirky, funky Farrow to flip the script. - Cup Of Moe

"North Carolina's MOST PROMISING rising star."

"As per norm, DopeHouse favorite SkyBlew rarely, if ever disappoints. Carving out his own lane, the North Carolinian and frequent flier/producer Scottie Royal have been quietly kept away in the lab, a potful of ideas boiling on the stovetop."

"Always one to come full swinging with the most artistic, eccentric and exotic concepts for pretty much anything he puts his stamp on — from album covers to EPs, mixtapes, albums and videos — SkyBlew ups the ante once again ." - 2Dopeboyz

Indeed, Lincoln’s lineup presented some of the I-95 corridor’s finest rap acts. Chapel Hill’s SkyBlew kicked the night off with a band that sometimes grew to as many as six people. His set spread positive vibes and jazzy grooves, deftly butterfly-pimping for the early arrivals. - INDY Week

One of the greatest thrills I have with Scratched Vinyl is coming across an artist with potential, and then watching them figure things out and reach their full potential. When I first heard SkyBlew a couple of years ago, it was more than clear he was a talented emcee, and it felt like it was just a matter of time before he made an album where everything came together and he took things to the next level. I’m happy to say that the time has come for SkyBlew. As an emcee and lyricist, SkyBlew has never been more on point. He’s got a flow that feels effortless, except it takes a lot of work to get to the point. He’s able to just back in the pocket of the groove and let his words flow, with a touch of melody to his delivery that is jazz influenced. It’s a flow that fits somewhere in between Guru and Slimkid Tre. As a lyricist, he performs a heck of a balancing act, as he brings in some extremely clever wordplay that will make you want to rewind and make sure you caught all the references and double meanings he’s packed into his verses, but he’s also got some really honest and raw emotional content as well. He’s having fun, bouncing around and making anime references, but he’s also talking about growing up, finding his way as an artist and as a person, and finding love and trying to make everything work. It’s an album with a lot of layers to it.
Destined: The [R]Evolution is one of the most complete hip hop albums you’ll hear this summer. SkyBlew might still under the radar for a lot of hip hop fans, but this emcee has quietly become one of the best all-around artists making music right now. - Scratched Vinyl

The mid-’90s Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold! serves as one of several nerdcore inspirations for UNmodern Life, the upcoming album from Chapel Hill emcee Skyblew. It’s a juvenile move, sure, but it finds the rapper closer to home musically than he’s ever been. On the album’s second single, “Sally’s Comet,” he makes the case that the best telescope only works in the clearest conditions—welcomed advice from a kid who’s maturing from stargazer into local rap star. —Eric Tullis - Indy Week Newspaper

As hip-hop culture becomes ever more mainstream, artists with true lyrical talent or rap music with any meaningful message is less and less common, especially from emerging artists vying for success in an industry that too often seems to reward pretentiousness and superficiality.

That’s what makes SkyBlew, a promising 22-year-old artist from Chapel Hill, a welcome breath of fresh air. With Window Seat On That Midnight Train his first official album release and a collaboration with multiple producers, SkyBlew represents North Carolina well with his positive message, thoughtful lyrics and impressive musicality.

The opening track explains the metaphor of the album’s title as SkyBlew gives listeners a look into his mind, his values and his goals – a seat on “this train ride” of his thoughts. He offers a first glimpse of his conscientious worldview over a soulful groove: “I do this for my people in the struggle/Dreamin’ for a better life, so they gotta hustle/Kids gotta feed, and a family to care for/Light through the darkness, that’s the reason I’m there for.”

Throughout the album, SkyBlew addresses many social topics: love, faith, racism, greed, violence, disease and more. On “Running in Place,” for example, featuring local poet and performing artist Dasan Ahanu, he uses the stories of others’ struggles to speak about problems like physical abuse, sexual and peer pressure, drug addiction, spiritual crises, and the challenges of young parenthood that today’s young men and women face. He warns against the “treadmill mentality” that causes too many people to move quickly through life without direction or hope.

Indeed, hope may be the most prominent theme on the album, as SkyBlew points to his personal struggles with poverty, regret and loss in an effort to help inspire others. On “Stars All Around Us,” SkyBlew raps about tackling the struggles we all share: “You ain’t gotta life like you hopeless/I hope this opus gets you focused a little/This life’s quite puzzlin’, it’s all just a riddle/ Once you figure it out, you learn how to beat it/So you can live for something, or you can die defeated.”

He stresses the importance of keeping faith and moving hopefully forward on “Purple Iris,” with rhymes delivered smoothly over a beat with an underlying organ riff and rhythmic clapping. On “Gone Till December,” he notes that life can be lonely at times, remembering his own friend’s death and the pain he has felt in losing love, but he urges listeners to stay hopeful despite it all. As he says on “Raindrops,” he can keep hopeful as long as he has his “dreams and kinfolk.”

Musically, the album is impressive, with good production quality, catchy hooks, head-bopping beats and unique sounds. Overall, SkyBlew’s remarkable attention to themes of self-reflection, peace, spirituality, redemption and social awareness, all presented with notable lyrical talent and rhyming skill over stylish beats and memorable rhythms, make a strong first impression.

SkyBlew clearly has an important message to deliver – a reason for his rhymes, a purpose for his music beyond commercial success, and it shines through his work. In fact, bringing some light and “blew” skies to the darkness that often colors life’s struggles is even his often-stated mantra: “I don’t rap/I paint the SkyBlew.”

4 out of 5 stars.

Link - - Triangle Tribute Newspaper

Positive hip hop, radio ready, no cursing, creative, thought-provoking…
With a description like that, a name like SkyBlew does not sound too far fetched. After all, everything we seem to need, fresh air, heat, and water all come from the sky so why not an inspirational voice in hip hop? - SNS Nightlife Magazine

“What I like about SkyBlew is that his lyrics does contain geeky references, but it's cleverly put into the song relating to the overall topic or theme. The geek references don't feel awkward or out of place. In fact the references make sense, it makes you more intrigued on what SkyBlew will say next. SkyBlew is an artist I will keep my eyes and ears on. He has a positive message, great lyrics and has a flow with versatility.” - OtakusAndGeeks

North Carolina emcee SkyBlew is one of those rhyme slingers that doesn’t waste sixteens on meaningless gobbledygook. Whereas most of your favorite rappers would rather spend their verses trying to string together simplistic catchphrases for radio play or continuing to paint some over-exaggerated big baller/ mafioso lifestyle they don’t really lead because “that’s what rappers do”, Sky prefers to utilize his songwriting ink to feed the mind, consistently spilling out thought-provoking messages and notes of inspiration alongside vividly-scripted, torn-from-real-life vignettes that, thanks to a youthful spark in his flow, never once feels overly preachy or “Get off my lawn!” fuddy-duddy. - Mixtape Maestro

Farrow gravitated towards music with meaning, forming his style and his voice until he was able to craft what he wanted his message to be.

“Music has always been a part of me,” he said. “It was like my escape. It was my escape. When I’m going through something, I kind of drown the world out in music. A lot of people say they do that, but I literally did it. I blocked every single thing out. Music has always been me, and as I got better and better and better, I guess we’re here now.
“We’ve got a lot more to go, but I’ve come a long way. I definitely have. My influences in music really helped me to mold my message and my sound. I like a lot of soul and jazz as well as hip hop.”

So the artist took everything and molded it together, creating a blend of sound that he said is more than just rap. - The News Of Orange County

“SkyBlew is at it again with another Nerdcore project, although boxing him into that category is a great disservice, as he's one of my favorite new artists that makes truly uplifting music. Mr. Blew's style, as far as I've listened to him, has been a mixture of layed-back, "Jet Life" style production and sensibilities, mixed with contemplative and introspective lyrics. Although at times Skyblew might tackle darker issues, he never lets the darkness overtake or dictate the music, which can be taken as a musical decision that also doubles as an analogy to his overall message. Personally, I was already super-excited to get another Skyblew project after his excellent debut album, which I can't praise enough. This time around, he's partnered with like-minded producer SublimeCloud on a full-length album. SublimeCloud has been keeping busy as of late as well” - Rapmaticjm

Give it a casual listen and you’ll no doubt find yourself enraptured by the sonic bliss birthed from the casual, youthful vibe of Sky’s feel-good flow and chilled, ride-friendly warmth of Backdraft’s sample-based beat work; sink your ears a bit deeper though and allow your mind to be fed with Sky’s old-soul lyrical prowess, which juggle mature-beyond-his-twenty-two-years-of-age glances at this thing called life with a colorful appreciation for the endless source of poetic release to be mined in the English word. - Mixtape Maestro

“One of Transpires good friends and supporters in Carolina (Lady Rage) spoke to me several times about a young man who she described as unique and talented. Obviously, our team is always open to tell stories about positive people making a difference in the communities. Although we may not have the opportunity to tell everyone’s story, it is truly an honor whenever we are able to make it happen. SkyBlew is a young man who has seen a lot of tragedy and heart ache, but never gave up on himself or the inherent good in others. He is a great example of our motto: Dare 2be Bold”. - Transpire Magazine

There’s a certain charm to Nerdcore newcomer SkyBlew, a 22 year-old hip-hop artist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sure, there’s the usual anime and gaming influences, but Sky also credits his grandmother with being a huge inspiration to his art and his music.

“What influenced me was not only her beautiful spirit but everything she stood for…She was always helping people in need.”

Of course that’s not all “Count Super Nintendo as one of the biggest (influences),” says SkyBlew, “because it has my 2 of my FAVORITE games of all time — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time & Super Mario World.”

It’s this personal touch SkyBlew adds to his nerdcore-flavored hip-hop that makes it stand out: already his music has attracted the attention of media outlets like MTV and 2DopeBoyz. He’s concluded a rather prolific year with his music — judging by the songs on his bandcamp page paying tribute to the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Pokemon, and old school Nintendo. - The Jace Hall Show

Mario Farrow, better known as SkyBlew, is not your typical rapper: His music doesn’t contain any curses. “I promised my grandmother before her passing that I wouldn’t curse in my music. I’ve stayed true to that, making music that is fun and entertaining but also positive and inspiring,” says the 20-year-old rapper.

Born and raised in Auburn, AL, Farrow turned to music at a young age when his life in foster homes got rough. “I went through a lot in my life so my only way of expressing myself was through music,” he explained, hinting at the autobiographical nature of his music. He cites Lupe Fiasco, Blu, Common, Blue Scholars and the late Amy Winehouse as influences, but he’s hesitant to draw too close a comparison to anyone. “People try to categorize my style as a young Kanye West/Lupe Fiasco but with my own flavor, but I try hard to differentiate myself from other artists. I always say that I don’t rap, I paint the sky… blew!”

That positive message alluded to in his pseudonym is ingrained in every aspect of his music, from his clean lyrics to the name of his latest album, Above The Stars Is My Landing. The album, which is the follow-up to 2010’s Earth Is Just My Airport, is simpler than its predecessor because Farrow wanted to make sure that his essence clearly came through on the tracks. “I want people who may be going through something at the time to listen to one of my songs and have it inspire them or make them smile. I almost wanna be a hero in a sense. Music has helped me through a lot so I’d love to be able to positively impact others with the music I make.”

At the heart of it, Farrow is just trying to make music that will do for others what music did for him. “Music was often literally all I had and I want to let people know that, no matter what you are going through, just hold on to your dreams and stay true to yourself and there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Maybe my story can help someone else.”

For a better look at the man behind the music, watch the short documentary Painting The Sky: The Story Of SkyBlew:

SkyBlew is an Alabama native who’s resided in North Carolina for the past couple of years. In March of this year he released Clouds Are My Everlasting Memories. I’d been listening to SkyBlew’s music for the past year and with this project, I could hear his growth as an emcee.

SkyBlew’s music coverages a range of topics, from extremely personal stories about his childhood to struggles trying break through in the industry. One of SkyBlew’s greatest assests on Clouds Are My Everlasting Memories includes his choice of producers and beat selection. Asonhi, Commissioner Gordon, and U’Nique Music all provide top notch sounds which complements SkyBlew’s lyrical ability very well.

As far as live performances, I’ve seen SkyBlew several times. He has great stage presence and crowd control. Within the RDU hip hop scene, he is well known and respected. For 2012, I’d like to see SkyBlew perform more outside of NC, plus build up a web presence via his own branded website. -

This week we have one of the south’s hottest and most talented new emcees, Mario Farrow, a.k.a SkyBlew. SkyBlew represents an excitingly elevated lyricism and varied production style that will hit you hard with lyrical power and emotion but keep your head nodding to the beat.
Mario Farrow grew up in Auburn, Alabama – a city polluted with drugs, gangs, and violence. Surrounded by negativity and transitioning into various foster homes, he could have easily chosen the wrong path. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, Mario chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul and escape.
With a fan base that transcends age, race, class, and gender, it is easy to see how SkyBlew has been blowing up the last few years. With over 1 million Myspace views and over 600,000 downloads of his free material online, this growth shows no signs of stopping. Following in the foot steps of soulfully sampled, socially conscious artists like Common and Lupe Fiasco, SkyBlew succeeds in making music that is as positive and optimistic as it is dope. - Hypetree

Alabama native Mario Farrow, aka SkyBlew, is determined to become the next face of Chapel Hill hip-hop, following in the footsteps of fellow veteran Tar Heel spitter KAZE. So far, the road has been tough, and he's had his share of detractors; but after a recent life-threatening illness landed him in the hospital for a brief stay, SkyBlew figures he can defeat all odds. His new project, The Extended Walk Home, is set to drop this month and promises to be another exclusive piece in the ever-growing Triangle rap scene, where even rappers who still wear backpacks and Dwayne Wayne glasses have a shot at making a name for themselves. - The Independent Weekly Newspaper

SkyBlew's edgy album cover made it a must listen to. From his firsti single "Excuse My Lateness" over Arnita Baker's hit classic "Been So Long"; I knew this artist was versatile. By the time track four "Th World Go By" featuring Tab-One completed: SkyBlew undoubtedly restored feelings of the good ol' days of hip hop. Song's like: "We Ain't Seeing It" and "Son-Day Like Tuesday" is what I considered-funky (in a good way). The album's producers were all dynamic pairing over SkyBlew's flow. He definitely has all the elements of what hip hop needs today! Go buy or download this CD! - The Ninche Carolina Magazine

SkyBlew's representing Tilteed in a big way in their newest music video, "Excuse My Lateness."

Wearing two limited tees: Lion About Your Age & And His Head Swelled With Pride

Watch the video above to see the hot new video + make sure to give a shout out to SkyBlew on twitter @HeySkyBlew. - Tilteed

Our man SkyBlew, 1/2 of Blaze the Sky along with Azon Blaze, has been reppin’ us hard in North Carolina.

Here are some images taken at a recent show as well as some pics taken of SkyBlew reppin the Rosetta Stone and Strike shirts. Much respect Fam. - Acropolis Apparel

As much as we’d all like to believe that life is fair, success often comes the hardest to those who deserve it most; on his Booth debut and current single, Blizzard in NC, Chapel Hill resident SkyBlew reflects upon the difficulties of his grind, asking the man upstairs “Why it gotta be so cold?” Over the soulful production of Asonhi, the headliner is joined by Raleigh emcee Lazarus, as well as hookwoman Chelsea V. - DJ Booth

What's the meaning behind the band's name?
SkyBlew goes beyond the place we are now (the ground),he goes to the sky with his thoughts and lyrics,but the world is soo confused that they dont understand what music is and what going for your dreams mean,so its like the sky blows him back to earth(SkyBlew)so he can help the people by giving them something that they need to hear & something that they wanna hear but their just not used to hearing it,but when they hear it,they will love it and wanna keep hearing more and more and even when the sky looks grey,he will Paint The Sky,Blew with his music and with the words he say

How did you get started with all this??
Well I Guess I Just Decided That One Day,"Hey Im Tired of hearing whats on the radio so maybe I should rap and give the people what they want"& I been Painting The Sky,Blew everysince then...btw I dont rap,I paint The Sky,Blew!!!!

What's the message to transmit with your music??
Bascially,im not only trying to be a rolemodel in my music but Im trying to tell people to go for their dreams(may sound corny,but dreams do come true) matter what they may have holding them down or what people may have said to them,dont worry bout it,I gotcha,SkyBlew got ya back :)

What's your method at the time of writing a song??
Well it depends on how im feeling at that tome sometimes I just pull out the pen and paper and write a story or jot my thoughts down or I sit and listen to the beat and alot of words circulate in my head so I turn them into a song

Who are your music influences??
Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Nappy Roots, Wale, J. Cole, Charles Hamilton, Blu

What plans do you have for the future??
Taking over the world.LoL.JP.....Sold Out Shows...Being a inspiration for the youth...& To Change people's outlook on music and Hip Hop..Bringing That Feel Good Music Back..My Mouth Is A Paintbrush&Ima Rearrange The Way That They Paint Us...Okaaaaay!

What has been the funniest prank you guys have been or took part while on tour or after a show??
After a talent show when I was younger,(like 15)I went back home to my grandmas house(this was a looong time ago)well my cousin Rino and I & always played pranks on each other&one of the pranks was I would slide a CD in the bathroom door So it would unlock the door and while he taking a shower(no homo)lol and turn the lights off so he would be all like stop man chill out chill out but that day after the show he was ready so he had taped a curling iron(or whatever the thing is females use to curl their hair)to the lightswitch,he had it plugged in and it was hot as heck(but I didnt know he did this)so I reached my hand in the door and put my hand on the lightswitch and felt it,I was like what the heck is this so I grabbed it and it burned my right?

If you guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour. The help is 65 miles away from where you guys are, ¿Who would you guys send to look for help? And if while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, ¿Who would you eat first?
WOW...LoL..well I would have to send my bro Nigel because he knows Ninjutsu (need I say more?) LoL.. So just in case something goes down he would take care for that issue..Far as the last question I would have to eat The Tour bus driver! Haha.. nah My crew we some survivors we will go out there and find some food even if we gotta eat a rat or something...WHATEVER IT TAKES!

What country you guys would love to play?
France!! :)

With what bands you guys would love to share stage??
Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, J.Cole

Are you OK, with the direction the band is going actually?
Yea Im Actually doing pretty good so ima keep doing what im doing,got a good manager so ima keep making making that good music people wanna hear and step in the game little by little each year..Okaaaay! Paint The Sky, Blew!!!

Check out more: - Vents Magazine

At first listen, SkyBlew's "Write Blew On The Clouds:The LP" is nothing short of soulful. These rejuvenating tracks are much more rhapsodic than one would expect from a 19-year old. The North Carolina youngster has definitely found his sound. His consistent lyrical and expressive tunes make evident that SkyBlew has begun developing his craft much earlier than many other emcees. The best way to describe the SkyBlew sound is, "feel-good music." Although substance-filled his youthful music is not hampered by the sometimes over-bearing seriousness some conscious rappers display. It seems that this kid is just out to make you smile. - Carolina Hustle


Still working on that hot first release.



Mario "SkyBlew" Farrow grew up in Alabama. Most of his neighborhoods were polluted with drugs, gangs, and violence. Surrounded by negativity and transitioning into various foster homes, he could have easily chosen the wrong path. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, Mario chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul and escape. He would freestyle and rhyme to himself, eventually penning his lyrics under the name, "Young Millionaire," in 2004. 

In 2008 Mario relocated and acclimated to Chapel Hill, NC. During this transitional period, he delved deeply into his craft, linking up with local emcees and producers like ACee, Shoton, and KdotMills. Taking his lyricism to the next level, Mario decided to change his handle to "SkyBlew." His music is proving to be unique with an uplifting, powerful, and positive message in Hip-Hop. SkyBlew uses his sincere, substantive lyrics & soulful sound to breathe life into a genre saturated with lies, darkness and gimmicks. Most say, SkyBlew is a breath of fresh air! He pushes the boundaries with his music and brings a new/unique flavor to the music world. In addition to his solo career, SkyBlew is also half of the dynamic duo known as Blaze the Sky, with fellow emcee, Azon Blaze. 

SkyBlew, doesn't want to put himself in a box, so he strays away from putting certain labels on his style. He simply titles it - Painting The Sky,Blew!!! The young artist, also creatively incorporates video game, cartoon and anime references/themes into his repertoire in a very unique way. It's all about having fun, spreading LOVE, being yourself & enjoying life! Staying true to himself and following his Dreams, has even led to his music being used by the GIANT anime company, FUNimation!!! SkyBlew, accompanied by his live Jazz Hop band - The Digi Destined, made headlines after their memorable performance at the MAJOR, Hopscotch Music Festival 2015, opening for Pusha T! He has performed at countless anime and video game conventions including: Anime Weekend Atlanta, The Carolina Gaming Summit, Hoshicon, The Triad Anime Con, T-Mode & more! He's been on multiple tours, including a few with his musical mentor, Mega Ran!! SkyBlew's distinctive sound is attributed to the diversity of his idols. His musical influences include: Common, A Tribe Called Quest, Lupe Fiasco, Nujabes, 2Pac, De La Soul, Scapegoat Wax, Blue Scholars, Amy Winehouse and a host of other artists from all genres. His studies have taken him full circle in the history of Hip-Hop. 

SkyBlew is featured on some of the most notable websites in cyberspace such as: 2DopeBoyz, Afropunk, MTV, AXS TV, Earmilk, HotNewHipHop, Inverse, DJ Booth, Rapzilla, Impose Magazine, and countless others! He also, received MAJOR recognition from ReverbNation as a "Break Out Artist" in their "ReverbNation Artists Shine in 2013" video! Sky has shared the stage with some of the finest artists in the business, including: Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, Curren$y, Flobots, Del The Funky Homosapien, Slum Village, Jedi Mind Tricks, Watsky, MC Lars, Chris Webby, Kirko Bangz, Grieves, Jean Grae, J-Live, Aer, Wax, Yonas, mc chris, David Dallas and the list goes on! He has also worked with clothing companies through sponsorship such as: Tilteed, Acropolis and Fresh Toast Clothing. He is currently working with: Bitmap'd Video Game Tees and Mayamada.

SkyBlew is destined for great things. His exposure is growing exponentially on the regional, national, and international levels. With over 1M (million) views on MySpace and a rapidly growing Facebook page, he is painting the sky an elevated shade of BLEW! His last 3 albums, which were released under Mega Ran's imprint - RandomBeats Music, debuted on the Bandcamp front page as BEST SELLERS, in the Hip-Hop category! SkyBlew was also nominated for the NCUMAS (North Carolina Underground Music Awards) 2012 Lyricist Award! His powerful music video/short film "Running in Place" won Best Music Video at the Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival, Great Lakes International Film Festival and more! He released multiple albums in South Korea that made it to their TOP 10 CHARTS! Also, he has a song on the album, "In Ya Mellow Tone 10 Anniversary Best", that made it to #1 ON JAPAN ITUNES CHARTS!!! The nominations continue to soar! Legendary performances are in the making... Appointed times appear, and with the state of Hip-Hop today, we need more from SkyBlew. This ColorfulDreamer lives by the slogan, "I DON'T Rap, I Paint The Sky,Blew!!!"

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