Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Skybombers are about energy, they’re about melody, they’re about 4 A.M., they’re about being so drunk that you can’t stand still, so your only option is to dance. Most of all, they are about being young. Everyone can relate to that!


Youth. Energy. Rock and Roll. Since the 1960’s this combination has propelled thousands of youngsters into garages, with borrowed guitars, broken drums and a swiftly taught power chord.

The story for Skybombers is no different; it begins with the ejection of one member from his high school orchestra, as a result of some ‘living end’ style double bass standing. The word went out, guitars were borrowed, drumkits were dusted off and re-assembled. The first rehearsal began with silence; two boys, having hated each other since a fistfight in year eight, now found themselves sitting in awkward silence, waiting for the remaining two members to arrive. Four words were said: “How are you?” Good, how are you? Good.”

The lads wrote songs based on those of the bands they loved, 1960’s garage pop, 1970’s rock and roll, early punk, 1990’s grunge and Britpop. The Kinks, The Clash, You Am I, The Easybeats, Oasis, The Hives. The racket echoed outta the suburban garage and straight into another era. The youth and the energy still remained.


EP - Sirens
Single - Always Complaining
Single - If You Want To Be The One
Debut Album - Take Me To Town
Single - Love Me Like You Used To Do

Set List

Set lasts for approximately 45 minutes plus encore.