We play an original catalogue of music, mixing elements of alternative rock, hardcore and metal. Through consistent and rigorous practicing and the highest standards for musical substance, we strive to push the boundaries and be the best.


Within only 4 months of reforming our lineup, Skycab has been Featured Artist of the Week for 94.1 WJJO, advanced to an upcoming battle of the bands finals round, self-produced recordings, written a completely original song catalogue, and blown away the people that give us a chance.

Our influences scatter over a wide musical spectrum, ranging from bands like The Devil Wears Prada and Every Time I Die, to bands like Born of Osiris and Gojira, to bands like Thursday and Trophy Scars, even to Guns n' Roses and Jimi Hendrix.

Each of us are skilled, experienced musicians that keep the music as our number one priority. We use our influences as experiences and feeling, rather than templates for our own music.

What sets Skycab apart from other bands is that we are a total package. We have the desire, we display our work ethic day in and day out, we work to deliver an enthralling live show, and we have a true passion for music. We even have infectious charisma and a marketable image, and we're all following our dreams with this band.



Written By: Peter Striegel

Where, oh where, am I now, when my head's caving in,
I should've seen this scene, coming from the other side of me,
I can't let go, though it's my own arm at my throat,
I yearn to break this consciousness.

Lay myself to rest, awake with different hands (a different man), a darkened heart, through icy eyes I exercise the knife hand,
Oh can't you see, what this does to me,
Through my eyes to minds right here in front of me.

Stand up for yourself and fight,
(You won't make it through the night)
Is it so much to ask for my life,
When will this nightmare end,
(I'm right here inside your head)
I can't surrender.

Wreckage from the night before, are these my last days to sail,
The wind I beckoned now doth fail,
Oh can't you see, what this does to me,
(You're going down)

Here we are, this is it,
If I awake from this,
(Awake from now)
I'll take my life back,
Now get out.

Stand up for yourself now,
(You won't make it, through this night)
(Will you surrender)

Awake In Our Revenge

Written By: Peter Striegel

Rays break through from an unforgiving sun,
My inner thoughts, once they're said and done,
Will only grace my epitaph, forgotten, better lost,
The cost of my shame.

So tell me now, how am I supposed to live this way,
Without my faith in you,
The desert sands are cold, my bare hands I have shown,
A will to sustain, a will to remain,
As I walk these plains.

(chorus)The day to wake the renegade, time to shake the senseless pain,
As I rise from the ashes of my fate,
Move on, (from the center of) from this hell,
Unleash me.

The one they knew by his frozen tongue,
No one tries to overthrow the chosen one,
The fallen trudges by his future grave,
The life is gone, from the dreams that gave.

So tell me now, why should I go and forgive your ways, I've got no faith in you,
The barren lands aren't gold, from the years you have sown,
A will to sustain, a will to remain,
As I walk these plains.


A chance to rise, released from the judgement by somebody's eyes,
A will so strong,
Why can't they realize?

Unleash me.
Unleash me.


We have two singles, "Awake In Our Revenge" and "Blackout". We are also self-producing an EP currently. Both tracks have radio airplay on the 94.1 WJJO Local Stage as well as Mediumrareradio and 88.1 WUWM and soon to be on 102.1 FM The Scene,

Set List

Our typical set runs approximately 40-45 minutes.

Ashes to Ashes
Awake In Our Revenge
Busy Bee
Mess With Texas
The Faded Crest
Not Heaven's Light
Will Of The Wind
Pardon Our Suspension