Sky Came Burning

Sky Came Burning

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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Sky Came Burning

Written By: Sky Came Burning


Dying for the fallen
We will not go in vain
They keep on calling
For us to make a change

Bless this day, for it has been
Well awaited, you will not forget
Sacrifice it takes to turn this around
Screams that reach the mouth
The injured lung pushing along
These five souls have been singing this song
Final descent to what keeps this will strong
With these broken legs, we walk the line

Faced with these fears, We won't run away
Tears aren't enough, Embracing the crippling pain
Please don't forgive us, For weak cries in vain
Were still providing, Power of a sky came burning

This night promised us everything
In the end we fail
Hope is just a word it came to me
Seals the coffin with nails

To be caged like a rat
With the mark of the beast
As these words still burn
Seek strength from the sky

Will we give up so easy?


Behold the epic beliefs



Forever these memories will be bottled up inside, I can't face the facts that all that was lost is for them.
Blessings are a mere waste of time for nothing will ever show.
We lead a nation of a new breed, so fuck everything

I Once Fought Chuck Norris

Written By: Sky Came Burning


As I begin to explore, what you are, I can't believe it
Forget about it
How I've tried what I've done to make it through this
But you're the best of fighting fists, fighting for whats best
Caught in this mess, I throw first, big mistake, now my face hits the pavement

Pardon me while I fuck up
Its not my fault
This is a fight I'll never win
Not at all
As the blood and tears run, down this blacktop

To one knee, I gather thoughts
Technique critical, Delivered with blunt force



I'll never wait
All the ways I find the time to fall behind
Darker days, the never shine, It's almost time!

Pardon me while you drop hard
Temple shot was sweet
Smiling from all your missing teeth
As I walk away

This was worth the wait to put you in check.
Hows defeat feel? Mother Fucker


Written By: Sky Came Burning

In this mirror I still see, a man haunting me
To speak his dead name is, the worst form of blasphemy
These ideas I have to reform
A person that still has a meaning
Not me

The horror won't seize, killing me
Underneath this concrete slab, his body still lays
Never forget, the fear in his eyes
Right before the gunshot heard, that took his innocent life

The last words that he said
Will take me to an unrevealing grave.



These burning whispers are heard no more
Now shut your mouth
Stitched up lips you talk them out
Theres no more words to be said
Your catacombs spells the end
Enjoy your god damned eternity


Retribution is what was said
Conversation of a ghosts past

Man of My Word

Written By: Sky Came Burning

I am a man of my word

Lies becoming, part of you
What's the real truth, you fucking snake
Mouth still yapping, I'll shut you up
Elbow moving, at your face

Your cries for help can't stop the way this action forced me
Add it up and your a self-indulging piece of shit
Over the bright moon light guides me to remembered dreams
Bagged and ready for the forget process to begin

I will not regret any of this
The path, the promise I made myself
Caught in a viscous moment
I hope no one else every sees
Blessed by the growing torment
Making me the man I need to be

Begged to end this, I looked away
Being settled, of how its done
Hand was forced, to carry out
An oath so deep, I can't resist

Thats when I return to the afterlife death surely waits
Undisputed means of reality gets in the way
Tearing away at the seams make it hard
Push the line of destiny, Bad habits die hard

As I look to the skies for answers, that I'll never find
It's the emotion called madness, that my heart always finds
My beliefs held so firm, but I am a man of my word
I will not sway from these means, Should have never fucked with me


So what if I'm brutal when I hate the morals of someone
The cause is short and sweet, in the end it will say
Reassure that I'm never pushed around
The lesson taught right here I stand my ground.

How We Live

Written By: Sky Came Burning

As you sit there with your suit and tie
You judge how we live

Broken hearts, full of rage
These streets, of war
This time, feel our reign
Your rotten, to the core
Trying to corrupt us
Only human, God save us

This is how we live our lives
Hate filled, flooded paradise
No more, our ears deaf to you
Crossing lines, the cause is true

This is who we are
Raised on the twisted thoughts of passion
Beat down, the reaching hand
Come with me to the edge of darkness
Fuck it, Bring it on
Not scared of a goddamn thing
White knuckles, showing strong
This is how we live our lives

Give up

These spirals, that build up, that push through
until they explode into the sky
Unforgiving for what we've done
To do the best that we can do
Standing firm, attitude cut throat
Living our lives