Sky Carnival

Sky Carnival


We are a high energy band with tribal tendencies, ie. drum circle beats and other experimental elements. Its all about feelin' good.


The members of Sky Carnival came together in Lawrence, Kansas. Most of our music is freeform, and semi-improvisational with emphasis on hand percussion and acoustic strings.


Story About a Bullfrog

Written By: Vanessa Preston

the story about a bullfrog begins with a ribbit
the story about a bullfrog begins with a ribbit
he was sitting on a leaf in a pond
started all with a green little thing that he was so fond of
said hey you would you like a crumpet or two
he said i lilke mine with butter and some jam
i was wondering do you too?
yes i do
and i was wondering hey we should get to know eachother better
i was wondering do you like it dryer or wetter
ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbit
its time for me to leave you now you bullfrog
i'm gonna sit over here on my own damn log
it started with a ribbit

Good Morning

Written By: Paul Coleman

Good Morning
Who's making coffee?
Who's making breakfast?
I'll make coffee
I'll make the breakfast
How was your night dear?
What did you dream my love?
Tell me about it
Won't you tell me about it?
What are you doing today?
Will you be thinking of me?
I've written a song about you
Would you like to hear it?

Let's do something new today
Something exciting and fun
Is there anything you'd like to do?
I really just want to be with you
We could go downtown today
Maybe we'll make a new friend
We could play frisbee today
Or we could just lay in the sun
What a beautiful day
Tell birds are all singing a tune
I'm glad that you're with me today
Otherwise I could not explain it