Sky Cries Mary

Sky Cries Mary


Long time Seattle favorite, Sky Cries Mary rounds out the impulse of post psychedelic bands such as Pink Floyd with contemporary rock influences and sampling techniques to make a large intricate sound.


The roots of Sky Cries Mary were set when a University of Washington theatre student named Roderick decided to unite the energy of underground music with the mystique of avant guard theatre. The experiment worked. Sky Cries Mary quickly generated a massive underground following with their overpowering music, larger than life themes and extravagant multi-media performances.

By 1993 the artistic experimentation exploded into a musical phenomenon. The band boasted
several of Seattle’s best musicians, a signed deal with World Domination Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Records and their first full length album “Return to the Inner Experience” which received great acclaim.

Since Return the band has sold out countless shows in venues of all sizes, played on several continents and released 5 C.D.’s including 1997’s full length “Return to the Inner Experience” (Warner Bros.) and the 2005 live album “Here and Now” (HooDoo Music). Their new album “Small Town” is set to continue the phenomenon.


• Featured Musical Guests on the Conan O’Brien Show
• Featured Musical Guests on the John Stewart Show
• The song “Shipwrecked” featured on the cult classic film “Tank Girl”
• “The Elephant Song” featured in movie “The Harvest.”
• The song “Cornerman was featured on “Higher Learning”

About the New Album

Small Town builds on the SCM tradition of creating lush soundscapes, rich with an array of influences from rock to folk music and electronica. Fans that have been with Sky Cries Mary from the beginning will feel at home in the familiar components of the music while also being treated to new directions and departures.


1989 “Until the Grinder Cease” (New Rose)
1990 “Don’t Eat the Dirt” (New Rose)
1993 “Exit at the Axis” (World Domination) EP
1994 “ A Return to the Inner Experience” (World Domination)
1995 “This Timeless Turning” (World Domination”
1997 “Moon Bathing on Sleeping Leaves” (Warner Bros)
1999 “Seeds” EP (HooDoo Music)
2005 “Here and Now” Live Album (HooDoo)
2007 "Small Town" (HooDoo Music)

Set List

1. Small Town
2. Rainfall
3. You Are
4. Get Your
5. Find A Way
6. Hovering
7. Travel Light
8. Five Train
9. Heart Above
10. Land of All
11. I'm Always Home
12. Missing
13. Your Head

14. Walla Walla -H20
15. Cornerman
16. Shipwrecked
17. Bones-Scapegoat
18. MDMA
19. Iceberg
20. Fear Stops
21. Moonbathing
22. Elephant

23. Gliding
24. Gone

Set Length anything up to 2 hours.