Skye Delamey

Skye Delamey

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Exciting, larger than life, powerful vocals and songs about the art of being human. Female fronted, excellent songs with intriguing hooks, and performance. Over the top, fun and engaging stage show! Unique and captivating stage presence and deliverance. Must see live show!


Skye Delamey is a singer-songwriter, musician, and performer like no other. SkyeDelamey’s musical capabilities include a classically trained voice, a four octave range, with an ability to sing in any style, or write music (lyrics and composition) in any style for that matter! As a versatile songwriter, Skye Delamey's songwriting abilities touch upon various subjects. Skye Delamey is the owner of a diverse catalog of music, all her own compositions, both music and lyrics. She is a skilled piano player, and songwriter who breaks down many barriers in the world of composition and music creation.

As an artist, Skye Delamey has graced many stages. From private functions, to the stages of the Roxy, Key Club, Viper Room, to various festivals, benefits, and special events, including the "Sunset Strip Music Festival", Namm Jam 2011 in Anaheim, Ca., "Save A Life" animal foundation and many more.

Winner of the "Best Female Solo Artist of the Year" award from Rock City News, Skye Delamey's music has often been contributed to special causes. Whether it is a song such as "Dungeons," written for (to prevent child abuse), or the chilling "Francis Farmer, for, and also dedicated to the actress by the same name. In the midst of these songs, there is also love inspired ballads, a haunting tale of seduction in ("Devil in an Evening Dress"), an empowering rock-pop tune about space girls who come to earth, in "The Girls," as well as the powerful and guitar driven "Heroics."

Skye Delamey gives each performance her absolute all, every time. The audience is definitely in for a treat. On stage, Skye Delamey entices the crowd, entertains, and moves them. She is charismatic, and the performance is filled with thrills and frills. Always a must see! Skye Delamey is sponsored by Daisy Rock girl guitars.
Artist contact/inquiries: 310.413.6868


Skye's Explosion
Songstress Secrets
Best of Skye Delamey
Skye's Wonderland (coming spring/summer 2012)

Recent album review:
Skye Delamey's "Songstress Secrets" album review:

Skye Delamey's "Songstress Secrets" album-consists of confessions of the soul. The raw, the uninhibited, often sensual, excitting, bold, yet sensitive tales of being human, and a human spirit, or "a foreighner to the world," as sung in "Rennassance Past." The subject matter is varied, as are the songs, the vocal range, key changes, and complexity of song writing structure. There is a lot going on in the album, and the listener is in for a treat that intrigues the senses. The album consists of songs such as "Thor", an ode to the God of thunder, "In the wind," a tale of love, an ode to the "Lizard King, " as well as "Vampires," about the nocturnal patrons of the Hollywood music scene. The energy is classy, elegant, and beautiful, yet at the same time, heartfelt, and haunting. This album breaks down barriers and molds in performance and deliverance, as well as in songwriting. "Songstress Secrets," is made up of an intrigueing collection of songs that are provocative, entertaining, and purley fascinating. This is indeed a daring and honest album, made up of confessions and secrets straight from the soul of the Songstress, herself, Skye Delamey. Whether it's about "L.A.'s biggest thunderstorm" in "Thor," or the steady bass riff in Renasissance Past, or the ethearal "I see you there," or "another chapter," about after life. Skye Delamey belts out her lyrics, and plays the piano like it is an entire symphony of sound come to life.
The album comes with an artistic black and white photograph of Skye Delamey in a nude sillhoutte, which only enhances the product.

-Cody Lewis
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Set List

francis farmer
lizard king
renaissance past
the girls
black hole
devil in an evening dress

..and much more depending on the performance length.