Skye Dyer

Skye Dyer

 Delray Beach, Florida, USA

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My Way

Written By: Skye Dyer

Verse 1:
So many times we've been down this road
and I don't wanna feel so all alone
I'm trying to get out of this mess
Its hard but I must confess
That now the time has come for me to just move on
I tried to make this work before,
but now I see only closed doors
It had to be this way, didn't baby
Don't you tell me you were right,
I have made up my own mind
And now I'm letting go, and doing it my way
Verse 2:
Too long I've stayed under your control
Feeling like my thoughts just weren't my own
You might have never meant me harm
but you knew how to break my heart
And now it's over and done, we need to just move on
All I wanted was your love,
but you would never know it was that simple
I thought you were the one for me
now it seems I was wrong, I was so wrong