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Unfaithful Lies

Written By: Skye Swinton

I was walking out far away,
For a chance to leave and say,
I thought you take my breathe away,
I thought I love you every day

You’re never going to come with me
This is my chance to be free
Don’t say we are more then love
Cause god gives me signs above

I now know how to give a chance,
But only for true romance,
I’m in the middle of my head,
My love is dropping dead…

You grabbed my hand and told me you have changed,
But the season can’t be rearranged,
I looked in your eyes and measured you,
You’re still a mystery out of the blue,
For an unfaithful guy like you,
Woops you thought I had no clue,
I’m sorry that you worry,
This aint a competition,
Here is our decision
Im not going to hesitate
But you made 3 dates,
That you have to recreate,
I think they know
Your flow’s dropped low…

I don’t think you’re going to win this time,
And please tears aint a sign,
I really think it doesn’t work,
For a 24/7 jerk

Think im out of my head?
Sorry you’re voted, already been said…

[Repeat Chorus]

Not my fault you broke my heart,
Not my fault you fell apart,
For my tears what makes me cry,
I believed you but you lie and lie,

The girls you take away,
You take 3 everyday,
What happens to the broken heart?
Were you like this from the start?

CHORUS [fades off]

The Music Plays

Written By: Skye Swinton

My friends and I always hanging out,
Welcome to the circle now just hang about,
No rules only games No backstab No Boys
Only Us Only Girls Too Old for Toys.
Don’t listen to them, just follow the Noise,
Pump the music up so loud,
Did you Mamma ever say?
That she so Proud

The music Plays,
I follow the laughter,
Dance my ways,
Dance even faster,
The music Plays x2

Follow my steps.

Walking to the door don’t want to be late,
My friends and I represent this state
Don’t mess with me ill be in your face
Dance to my step, Follow my Rep.