Sky Fi

Sky Fi


Trip-Rock done under the viel of artic glaciers, northern lights, and beautiful sirens. Sky-Fi has melded the Cocteau Twins with 70's psychedelic guitars evoking plate techtonics while under the stars.


The psychedelia-inspired Icelandic rock band Sky-Fi, with its Led Zepplin-meets-The Cranberries sound arrives as an innovator of a new sound... Karolina and guitarist/songwriter Jet Black, formed the band at the end of the '90s, meeting after one of Jet Black’s gigs, as the founding member and lead guitarist of the band Jet Black Joe. As a band, Sky-Fi didn't perform live, instead opting to spend their time in the studio writing and recording. Being one of Iceland’s top songwriters, including numerous top 10 singles, Jet Black saw a muse in Karolina. Having beautiful soft features and an alluring voice, this was to be the project that broke yet another Icelandic band for the world to hear. In keeping with the cosmic atmosphere that Icelanders bring to the musical arena, they added melody with a twist. With the addition of Edda on guitar, the band has taken the stage in Reykavik with a sonic boom. Playing tracks from their new album, Kill Your Idols.

Sky-Fi then collaborated with grammy-award winning producer Stuart Matthewman on, “Take Me Away” for his Cottonbelly remix album, X Amounts of Niceness. The remix proves the universal appeal of sound with this Sky-Fi clash.


Kill Your Idol (LP) - Wrong Records
'Take Me Away' (remix featured Manjit) - Cottonbelly

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