Los Angeles, California, USA

Skygazers is an electro-jazz band featuring Marc Golding"s original jazz compositions and Fedra Barrientos lyrics and vocals. exciting drum-beats, funky bass lines, magnetic guitar riffs , cosmic synth-strings, and a soaring alto saxophone that will get your body moving and your vibe grooving!


Formerly known as Umaniti, this band founders had a vision of making Jazz danceable again, blending music from their countries, Haiti and Peru with Jazz, Funk and Electronica. Their repertoire offers instrumental songs featuring Marc Golding in the alto saxophone, as well as vocal songs featuring Fedra Barrientos from Peru. Every song is fresh, exciting, uplifting and danceable, the music of Skygazers is that "something new" you were waiting for.


" Light of Day" 2009
" Macroscope" 2010
" This world is incredible" 2011

SIngles have been played in college radio, and in swiss radio stations.