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full length Albums,LP's : 'BORN TO FIGHT'

video singles : 'Mary's Song' (youtube)

EPs : 'DENIAL(of decay) EP'




Skygrounder, the promising power trio from London with their 21st century alternative rock amalgamation have set off to take the local scene by storm with their explosive performances.
The material for their first self financed album “BORN TO FIGHT” was written over a course of two and a half years. After choosing very carefully the nine best crafted tracks from literally more than seventy songs composed by the singer/ /songwriter Alex Blake, the album was born. Blake was the one that contacted old band mates Agelos Bitlis(bass) and Agelis Drums(drummer) with whom he shared the same passion for the creation of a new alternative rock sound. The newly formed band shot a self produced video for one of the tracks off the debut called “Mary’s Song”. Then came the decision to move from Greece to London to pursue their artistic career and vision in the heart of the music industry.
“The songs were just coming to me every day. I was writing at least a song a day and at one point I had to stop and evaluate all this material that was coming into existence” says Alex.All the songs have a good foundation in the 90s and 2000s rock format carefully arranged with Alex’s bassy and haunting vocals exploring weighty lyrical themes and the psychedelic bluesy lead guitars soaring on the top of the mixes. Elements like loops and pads have their place in the soundscape blending perfectly with Agelos’s heavy overdriven bass and Agelis’s technical and powerful drumming.
Although all the band members loved playing for fans in their hometown their creative drive invited them to London as the best choice for their career in the music industry. Plans for booking festivals, gigs and outdoor concerts are all on the agenda as the band are extremely enthusiastic about their live performances.”We just want to get out and play as many gigs as we possibly can and make a deep connection with the fans. We feel that constantly writing and performing our music is our destiny” says Alex.
“We view our music as an artform” says Agelis, ”And since the beginning of times man has had the need to communicate emotions and thoughts through art and music especially on a communal level”, “Exactly” agrees Alex, “And it is an act that once experienced one has the need to reproduce like a drug only this time life-giving and lifesaving!”.