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Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Band R&B Funk


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"SkyHi turns Bluesboro into Funksboro"

Looking for a funky break from Murfreesboro's indie rock scene? Check out SkyHi.

SkyHi is a local funk band that mixes the music of Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, Outkast and Parliament to create fresh music new to the Middle Tennessee area.

Dee (lead vocals), Captain Fantabulous (drums), Ryan Sowder (keys), Tim Hawkins (bass), Ron Cook (lead guitar), Aaron Heffron (alto sax) and Nick Timmerman (tenor sax) are the seven funky members of SkyHi. All are seasoned musicians and great performers.

SkyHi's concert at Bluesboro last Thursday was a non-stop, energetic show that featured everything from the Meters' "Cissy Strut" to ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses."

Dee's performance of James Brown's "Sex Machine" was bold and sexy. Timmerman's rap solos were clear and innovative. Captain Fantabulous' and Hawkins' beats were raw and funky.

"Captain Friggum's Funk" is SkyHi's best original song and features amazing sax solos from Heffron and Timmerman.
- Sidelines - Murfreesboro, Tn

""Godfathers of Funk Strike Again (Ladies Beware: The Funkmasters are Addicted)""

SkyHi whipped up a mess of funky fresh music at Wallstreet on Friday, May 19.

"I'd have to say this was my favorite show I've ever played," says lead singer DeRobert Adams (known affectionately to fans, friends and bandmates as Dee) and SkyHi's lord of the alto sax, Aaron "funkanaut" Heffron, agrees.

"It was all about the jam." Heffron adds.

A few months ago SkyHi played a gig and in their haste forgot to plan a set list. The resulting show was more fun for all of them, and there hasn't been a set list in sight since. Friday nights show included original tunes like "Do It" "Press" and two versions of "NuFunk" as well as some funktastic covers of Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, James Brown and Price.

Who could have imagined six skinny white kids could emit so much funk backing the big man, Dee? Even on the tunes they do without the group's crown jewel, the Godiva-style hunk of soul, Dee, these fellas groove so smoothly you'd think Funkadelic's innovative brass section had invaded the close-knit funk back drop of Sharon Jones' Dap Kings.

Being a SkyHi fan isn't a casual sort of thing. It's an awfully personal gig. The guys announce birthdays, graduations, or just plain shout out to their fans at every show, since SkyHi is on a first name basis with about half of Murfreesboro. By the end of the set, SkyHi's stage is covered with funky souls, usually highly attractive women dancing their asses off and singing along with the band.

This show is no exception. For the grand finale an extended dance version of "Hot Potato" re energizes a crowd that's been dancing to SkyHi since 11p.m. "She's a One in a million, she'll make wanna go and cut some ceiling," Dee croons and loyal fans at least four rows thick cut whatever they can get their feet on.

"By the end of the night their were 20 beautiful ladies on stage dancing," Dee says with a mischievous smile. "We're not addicted to drugs, we're addicted to ladies. Watch out, we're addicted to you, too."

It's hard to watch SkyHi live and avoid falling in love with them all. Dee comes down to dance with the crowd during songs he doesn't sing, he pops cowboy hat on a fan's head and the whole group takes turns winking and smiling at the faces of their indomitable fans.

This show is one big give and take session of funky good times, punctuated with lots of love, the interpretive percussion of Captain Fantabulous, the thick bass grooves of Tim "Hot tub" Hawkins, the guitar stylings of Ron Cook, Heffron and Nicoli Voltron's perfect mix of Alto and tenor sax, Nic and Dee's rap/soul trade off vocals and Ryan Sowder's keys and backup vocals.

A quintet of Birmingham, Ala. locals, Looney Mill openethe May 19 show, warming up the crowd at Wallstreet with their gritty southern styled funk. Looney Mill performs in Murfreesboro a couple times a year, and, returning the favor, SkyHi occassioinally pays a funk-filled visit to Birmingham.

Watch for SkyHi's new CD, due out by the end of this summer, and their forthcoming DVD, a compilation of shows and fans. And whatever you do, don't miss the next show, your dancing shoes will thank you.

-Valerie Nutt
Murfreesboro Pulse
June 1, 2006
- Murfreesboro Pulse


2009 - The Business Kit
2006 - SkyHi LP
91.1 WRVU
102.9 WBUZ
2005 - On The Rocks EP
88.3 WMTS
90.3 WUTK
2003 - Cloud Nine LP



Sky Hi is a diverse group of musicians based in the Murfreesboro, TN area which specializes in quality funk, groove, and soul music. The band consists of drums, bass, guitar, lead and backing vocals, vintage keys and synths, and an alto and tenor horn section. Supplemental players can include percussion, turntables, additional horns, and other guests.

Sky Hi consists of skilled instrumentalists, vocalists, producers, writers, scholars of soul, and all around professional nice guys. The band regularly performs throughout the Southeast, laying down deep funky grooves for folks from the coast to the mountain tops.