Sky Island

Sky Island

 Mystic, Connecticut, USA

Subtle conscious/spiritual lyrical flow over Samba-Reggae rythyms


Sky Island brings the world to it's listeners. We have toured Asia, Europe and the Americas for 15 years studying and absorbing the sounds and vibrations of these places. Our mission is to bring high vibrational, consciousness raising sound energy to groups of people who want to dance and revel in this existence. We believe that all who live on this planet are citizens of the world who deserve to reach ecstatic transcendence and hear quality music as often as desired. In a media culture where product is driven by profit we remain idealistic and strive to serve our listeners by providing them with quality music that is both powerful and gentle, deep and pure. This music is safe for people of all ages and has no harmful side effects! In the tradition of Airto Moreira and Manu Chao, we sing our songs in a mix of English, Spanish, Nepali, Shipibo, Quechua, Sanskrit and Japanese. We have played together for about 15 years in differnt formations and lineups under a variety of names including but not limited to Spontane, Rogue State, Multipass, Ether, The New London Beat Collective and the Apocalypse House Band. Mason (vox/guit), Noah (bass) and Jason (drums) are old friends from school. Jed (keys) is also a founding member of the current incarnation of the group. Sammy (flute/sax) joined the group via electronic correspondence recording on Chain Lightning (2009). Cailen (violin) also joined the group in 2009 durring an acoustic tour of the southeastern US. Daniel (vox/keys/guitar) joined the group on the band's 2009 tour of Japan. Our primary influences are Airto Moreira, Bob Marley, Alice Coletrane, The Police, Roni Size and Agustus Pablo. We pride ourselves on having solid chops and a nice rapport with audiences.


Pacha Mama Singya

Written By: Mason Lucas

Pacha Mama Singya
Lyrics by Mason Lucas

Pacha Mama you're the greatest
I love it when the summer rain hits
Fills the resevoir when we drain it
That's why your shores are so famous
Created us for that I thank you mother earth
This world's my heritage so I don't need another birth
Prioritize cause I know what my lover's worth
Opened my eyes when I discovered her
Pacha Mama I sing your praises
Don't care what the new craze is
Impermanence goes down in blazes
And everyday life will display this
Pacha Mama you're so lovely
Ocean below sky above me
Humbly I will walk softly
Meditation to keep my mind lofty

I have limitless love that I share through the air on the wings of a dove
To the eagles and the condors floating above on the breeze so free cause I know that's enough
And I have the time I need every moment that is opened is a planted seed
Blooming in the open or candidly we're indivisible family
Come dance with me and the crew and if you know the words you can sing along too
Because we've got a lot of work to do but it's filled with joy you'll find that's true
And I get tremendous benefit Mama knows that it feels so relevant
This music brings all the elements and it's blooming in the luminous filiments
I move to the best of my ability heart wisdom strength and agility
Move like the puma with feline filigree flexible strategies and the virility
The Gaian mind knows the time work overtime cause soul is mine
The rest is a gift but it fits fine crystaline in bliss sublime

May all beings know that love will flow
May all living things learn and grow
May friends and enemies learn to cope
May all of our children be filled with hope

Beacuse we're cleaning up a world of pollution
From corporations all in collusion
They told a story we make a new one
And rectify the devils' illusion
Dance the people out of dellusion
Community compassion is soothing
We heal society of their mass confusion
Cause only love can rule the humans

I know ideas are the catalyst
Peaceful warriors passionate activists
Unite tonight I'm rappin this
Utilizing my tantric practices
Life is a beautiful flame
Made everytime we're new to the game
Many varieties do it the same
Incarnating frame by frame
People are waking up all over the world
Under the banner of love unfurled
And the vapors of the positive dream will swirl
And illuminate the minds of the boys and the girls
I konw this could be the model
Control the burn with a golden throttle
Lao Tsu and Aristotle
Flying through the sky with Quetzalcoatl
Life is born in dreams
Healing vapors revealing scenes
Travel to unravel what it all might mean
Turquoise emerald tourmaline
Love is a dazzling fire
Inside it's felt ouside admired
Poets painters pause inspired
Surfers sufis sow saphire
Music opens all my meridians
Small amphibians call on Gideon
Phrygian dorian and the mixolydian
Diamonds indigo quartz and obsidian
Vibrational energy is my home
Bigger than the pyramids and golden domes
Quicker than mercury quicker than chrome
Rubies amethyst and bloodstone

May all beings know that love will flow
May all of our children be filled with hope


People of the Earth-LP-2008
Chain Lightning-LP-2009

Set List

We play long electric sets that morph one song into the next. Our approach to live music is heavily influenced from our appreciation of electronic music. We border on being a jam band but the focus is on elevating the vibrations and working the dancing into a frenzy and not so much on gratuitous playing.

We often play acoustic sets that blend our tunes with traditional folkloric Andean/Amazonian music that sounds very bossa nova. And on rare occasions, when the sound is just right Mason breaks out the sitar and we make a Himalayan rave remix. Coming from the folk rock tradition of our roots we have sets of 60's cover tunes that we break out on rare occasions like weddings and bar mitzvahs.