The SkylarHorn duo present beautifully dramatic and soulful original acoustic based tracks.


Tanner Horn and Neill Skylar are the two sexy vixens that front Tanner Horn and The Astronauts Before Breakfast (The A.B.B.) , a Los Angeles based "sexrok" band that creates up-tempo indie rock to make you shake your money maker! The band can be heard on LA's two biggest rock stations - 103.1 Indie and 106.7 KROQ, on Sunday nights when the stations showcase what they conisder the best LA bands. The SkylarHorn duo is the more intimate side of the A.B.B. Their acoustic based tracks display a vulnerability and longing for love, with concept songs like Manny and Betty. This track is the duet's take on a modern day version of Romeo & Juliet, being played out in the lovers' bedroom while the woman's husband-to-be waits at the alter for the lady he is expecting to marry. All the while, Betty has no intention of ever marrying him and intends to stay with Manny. A deep concept, but beatuifully told nevertheless. You can hear this song, along with many others, when the duet dubbed SkylarHorn bring their dramatic show to any one of the many L.A. clubs they play when they aren't rocking out the The A.B.B.


We are in a full band that get's played on the 2 biggest rock stations in Los Angeles. This is a side project-it is an acoustic duet.

Set List

1.You Keep Me Up All Night 2.Daddy Like It Like That 3. Slow Down 4. Manny & Betty 5. Problems 6. Honey, Don't be mean 7. {Cover Song} Anyone But You -"Juno Movie Theme Song"-