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Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania | INDIE

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania | INDIE
Band Rock Folk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Finally the things are as they should be!"

I haven't experienced in years this kind of pleasure of watching and listening to a Lithuanian band. The view, the sound, the music and the performance - finally the things are as they should be.

Musicologist Darius Užkuraitis
- Via Artis


Broliai (Audio CD)

Sapnu trofejai (Audio CD)
Koncertas Sv. Kotrynos baznycioje (DVD)
Dvieju dainu demonstracinis leidinys (Audio CD, Single)
Karalaite Garbanele (Book with audio CD)

Lukiskiu pieva (Audio CD)
recorded: 1996
realeased: 2008

Povandenines kronikos (Audio CD)
Povandenines kronikos (DVD)

Jurate ir Kastytis (Audio CD)
Jurate ir Kastytis (DVD)

Vilniaus Legendos (Audio CD)

Babilonas (Audio CD)
Babilonas (Audio Cassette)

Zmogus ir Ausrine (Audio CD)
Zmogus ir Ausrine (Audio Cassette)

Geriausios dainos 1991-1997 (Audio CD)

Sv. Stepono 7 (Audio Cassette)
Lukiskiu pieva (Audio Cassette)
Saules kelione (Audio Cassette)

1 + 1 = 1 (Audio Cassette)

Kubaturine radiacija (Audio Cassette)
Perikliu giesmes (Audio Cassette)

Zydinciu moteru dziaugsmas (Audio Cassette)



The band SKYLE is the creative gathering which originated in Vilnius in 1991, during the Lithuanian historical turning point when the Soviet Union collapsed. The main principles formulated in the outset of the band – the dispersion of alternative musical and poetic thought which is based on philosophy, mythology and history – have not changed until nowadays. There are 13 albums in the “luggage” of the band which also include the music for events-performances. It is hard to define the stylistics of the band – from the start, in the beginning without the charismatic Aiste Smilgeviciute, the team created their distinctive poetical-musical elixir. The basis of rock music was replenished by the elements of neofolk, bard, punk, art rock and other musical styles. When the main singer Aiste joined the band in 1997, the spontaneous Baltic line became more apparent in the fabric of music and text. Instrumentation is constantly colored by the acoustic instruments, such as violin, accordion, flute, cello, Lithuanian string instrument kankles and Jaw’s harp. The leader of the band Rokas Radzevicius has widened the activities of SKYLË to the cooperation in creation of theatre performances and rock operas. His ability to inspire others convinced and attracted a few talented individuals to create together.

Biography: "Skyle" was found in autumn of 1991. It started as a student rock group playing it's own original music which was a mixture of different styles ranging from punk to folk to art-rock. It received a very warm welcome during the first concerts in student festivals. However, the five people playing guitar, bass, keyboards, violin and drums didn't want to confine themselves within the narrow frame of a rock group. "Skyle" turned into a circle of open-minded people. They started to organize underground art exhibitions and festivals, like "Free Tibet" in 1995, involving a lot of young people with different talents. During the period of 1994-1995 four issues of a zine "Balsas is rusio" ("Voice from the Cellar") and an almanac of alternative art and poetry "Plysys" ("Cleft") came out.

In 1995 "Skyle" started to work with a "fire, music and puppets" theater "Miraklis". Rokas Radzevicius, the leader of "Skyle", composed music for two plays of "Miraklis". "Skyle" recorded the music and then all seven members of the band tried themselves as actors in performance of "Sv. Stepono 7 pro memoria" ("In the memory of St. Stephen's street 7") dedicated to the story of one destroyed building of Vilnius old town.

In 1996 a very talented singer Aiste Smilgeviciute joined "Skyle". The girl with a very specific strong voice later represented Lithuania in the international TV song contest Eurovision ’99).

In 1998 "Skyle" was officially recognized as a center of creative initiatives. In 1998 and 1999 two impressive pacifistic festivals "Geliu naktis" ("The Night of Flowers") were organized paying tribute to the ideas of peace and love of the 70's.
In summer of 1998 "Skyle" played in World Youth Festival in Portugal. In 1999 the end of summer and the beginning of autumn "Skyle" spent in Germany. It took part in international music and theatre project against racism "Dialog - This is a Lock". The same year leader of "Skyle" Rokas Radzevicius created and recorded with "Skyle" music for another "Miraklis" show "Zmogus ir Ausrine" ("The Man and Ausrine") dedicated for the celebration of the New Year 2000. Soon after, the soundtrack of this performance was released.

In the very beginning of 2000, "Skyle" together with Aiste Smilgeviciute released one of the most successful album - "Babilonas" ("Babylon"). In summer 2000 "Skyle" initiated and organized international youth creative camp in Lithuania. During 2,5 weeks young people from 10 different countries of Europe created and performed musical "Uniforms". Musical was very successful and was repeated at the end of the year as a video conference the same time in Lithuania (Vilnius) and Germany (Magdeburg).
Beside all other activities the main thing in life of "Skyle" always was and still remains creating and performing music.

In 2007, "Skyle" together with Aiste Smilgeviciute released the most successful album up till now - album was named "Povandenines Kronikos" ("The Underwater Chronicles"). "I haven't experienced in years this kind of pleasure of watching and listening to a Lithuanian band. The view, the sound, the music and the performance - finally the things are as they should be" - said musicologist Darius Uzkuraitis about "Skyle" album "Povandenines kronikos" presentation Live concert. The album was very welcomed by critics and fans, many awards was taken afterwards:

• “Most Popular Song Of The Year 2008” - song “Baltas Brolis” from “Skyle” album "Povandenines Kronikos" (elected by the Lithuanian National Radio listeners)
• The song “Auksinis ruduo“ (“Golden Autumn”) won in Agency of Lithuanian copyright protection association song contest 2008
•“Fresh So