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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | MAJOR

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | MAJOR
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Pop Rock




"Introducing Skyler"

I have recently been introduced to the pop rock sound created by the musician called Skyler. This guy from Boston may be new to me, but he is definitely not new to the world of music. His sound has been influenced by music legends including Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty. Over the past four years, he has attended Berkley College of Music and over that time he has released Long Gone EP (2010), Take you Away EP (2011) and the album Restless Heart (2013). Each release not only showcases his musical talent but it also shows the growth of his sound. Impressively, he has performed over 500 shows in venues of all sizes and has shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Band Perry, and Daughtry (to name a few). Wow, this guy has been busy but has still found the time to release his latest EP ‘One Voice’.

So, what are my thoughts of Skyler‘s new EP ‘One Voice’? Honestly, it is by far his best work. His previous releases sounded good but I always felt something was missing even though I could not put my finger on it. However, this EP feels complete and that Skyler has found the right balance with his overall sound. Each song has this infectious upbeat feel to its pop rock sound and his hooks are as catchy as ever. It seems that his song writing ability has become stronger including how he arranges his music to help showcase his lyrical talent. This is all delivered with his impressive vocals which have a great range and control that can be heard on the highlight track ‘Break my Fall’. If I had to choose one song to show off Skyler‘s musical talent, then I would have to say it would be my favourite track ‘Once in a Lifetime’. This song has everything I have been describing about his music and you can’t help sing along to the catchy track. Overall, this is an impressive EP that you need to hear and if you like it then buy it.

Personally, I can’t wait to hear more from Skyler and see if his sound will remain like this or if it will evolve more. This is a great thing about music, listening to it grow. To find out more about this musician, future releases and gigs then head over to his website at You can also find out more at his social media sites at Facebook and Twitter, go say hello as he’s cool to chat to.

As always, if there is a musician/band that you are a fan of then don’t forget to voice your support and hopefully this will include this talented musician. For me, I will be helping spread the word of Skyler‘s music and I hope you do to! - My Random Jukebox

"Skyler: Best Small venue Performer for 2014"

Skyler: Best Small venue Performer for 2014

Skyler is a new addition to the Reader's Choice Awards and a fairly fresh face in the Campus Activities market. He's a singer songwriter, available solo or in several other configurations depending on a school's venue space and audience size.

"There are so few white male singer/songwriters it might be kind of hard for me to explain the concept," he says jokingly. "I am from Boston but grew up in Maine. I started attending NACA conferences about 2 years ago and have really fallen in love with the college market."

Typically performing as a trio, the band includes Skyler on vocals and acoustic guitar as well as an electric fiddle player and bass. "We play a bit of pop music with some of our favorite country and rock songs thrown in. We play a lot of the hot songs on the charts the students want to hear and a lot of original music as well."

Skyler was pretty much cut from the musician's cloth. "I fell in love with music when I was three years old," he says. "My mom would drive around in the car with me, playing old Beatles records that she had transferred onto tape cassette. By the time I was in kindergarten I was trying to get bands together, my own version of The Beatles. By third grade I was auditioning people for my own boy band because I wanted to be like N'Sync (laughs). I had the bug. I just had to do it."

That bug is something that has stayed with Skyler into adulthood. Finding the college market was certainly a blessing for him. "I am super happy to be here playing all of these exciting shows for campus audiences." - Campus Activities Magazine

"Skyler-Long Gone-Album Review"

I think I just fell in love.

Maybe it’s like the chick flick genre of the music scene, but whatever it is, Skyler know what they’re doing. This five-track gem is fun, it’s poppy, it’s upbeat, and it says all the right things for a girl’s smitten heart.

“I love the way you look when you’re holding my hand,” the opening track, oh so aptly titled “Hold My Hand” has worked its way into my head. Um, I’m never even met this kid, but I’m pretty sure I would adore holding his hand right about now. This is fairytale storytelling through music and a focus on the little things in life.

Flip over to “Stephanie” for desires of roadtripping to Mexico and swimming the Rio Grande. The track is a little bit slower and a little more country (Is that a fiddle I hear in the background?), but provides a perfect complement to the faster-paced openers.

Starting up in third grade most certainly provides this five-piece band with more than enough practice. What were you doing in third grade? Playing hopscotch? Maybe trading Pokemon cards or walking the dog with your yo-yo? Simply put, these guys have the experience and they know what they’re doing.

Let’s say this is Taylor Swift in guy form. Hell yes, this is so sweet that I feel I may need to shelter Long Gone from the inevitable Disney-oriented audiences that are going to swarm this EP. Skyler’s got guilty pleasure written all over them in all the best of ways.

Vocals 9.25
Musicianship 8.75
Lyrics 9
Production 9.25
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 8.75
Reviewer Tilt 9.5
Final Verdict: 90% - Absolute Punk

"Skyler-Long Gone Review"

Skyler - Long Gone
2010, SkyHi Records
Rating: 5/5

In a day and age where celebrity seems to be the most desirable goal for many, the world abounds with self-proclaimed prodigies. Nevertheless you'll occasionally come across a young artist who doesn't need the label. York, Maine's Skyler is a prime example; as early as third grade kids were clamoring in the playground to hear Skyler play. By 6th grade he'd mastered multiple instruments and a year later the recording studio in his bedroom reduced Skyler to sleeping on the couch. Four albums, twenty professional and repertory theatre productions and several hundred gigs later, Skyler has a year at Berklee College of Music under his belt and a loyal following that's admirable. With the release of his fifth album/EP, Long Gone, Skyler brings together the distinctive pop sensibility that's been drawing crowds since grammar school with a highly refined but non-constricting polish that's rare.

Long Gone opens with "Hold My Hand", an incredibly catchy pop/rock number in the style of Elvis Costello. "Hold My Hand" has the sort of melody that lives in your brain for years and continues to surface long after you've forgotten where it came from. This tune has hit written all over it. "This Dream (Nashville)" is irresistibly danceable rock n roll about coming home to his baby after time on the road. Most any musician whose spent time on the road with a love at home has written some form of this song, but few have done it as well as Skyler has here. "Stephanie" is a song of infatuation that's cute and catchy with serious vocal harmonies. The acoustic country arrangement is a pleasant listen, but electrify it and polish it up and it's as close to a sure-fire hit as you can get. "Any Stupid Thing" is a catchy love song, brilliant as in Beatles brilliant. By the way, it's probably the weakest overall song on the EP. Long Gone closes with "It's Just The Night", a true rock n roll 'wow' moment. You'll have a hard time remembering the last time an album or EP was this much pure joy to listen to.

Skyler practices the KISS principle as a songwriter, keeping the constructions simple with amazing melodies, strong harmonies, dynamic vocals and an ingenious pop sensibility. In a perfect world Skyler would already own the pop charts. In the real world, if there is one artist you need to turn your attention to in 2010, it's Skyler. Long Gone is pure pop/rock that's not snarky, contrived or cynical in any way. Skyler appears to be making music for the simple joy of it, and that energy is abundantly contagious on Long Gone. If there is any justice in the world of music, Skyler will be the breakout artist of 2010/2011. Long Gone is a Wildy’s World Certified Desert Island Disc. Don't miss it. - Wildy's World

"Sky High"

By the time he graduated from York High School in 2009, Skyler Clark-Hamel had already recorded five CDs and played upwards of 200 gigs. But his EP “Long Gone,” released in May, brought Skyler’s music to a new echelon.

“It’s definitely the most polished piece of work that I’ve done. The songwriters that I work with now are just miles above what I did in high school,” Skyler said, referring to brothers Adam and Michael Scharff. “When the three of us get in a room together, it takes my music to a completely different level.”

Skyler first introduced “Long Gone” with a CD release show at the Dover Brick House in May. He’ll return to the Brick House for an upcoming show on Monday, Dec. 27, following gigs at Rochester Middle School on Wednesday, Dec. 22, and Dover High School on Thursday, Dec. 23.

He also has shows lined up after the New Year, including gigs at Higher Ground in Burlington, Vt., on Sunday, Jan. 9; the Cooperative Middle School in Stratham on Friday, Jan. 21; and Exeter High School on Saturday, Feb. 19.

Now 19, Skyler has grown accustomed to playing in front of large crowds. Also an actor who has performed in 20 professional and repertory theater productions, he has long relished the spotlight.

“I’ve always really liked performing,” Skyler said. “Now it’s very natural, but it took a couple years of being in front of an audience all the time to sort of come into my own.”

The York native was in third grade when he wrote his first song, a bubblegum pop tune inspired by ’N Sync and the Backstreet Boys. From then on, music would consume much of his life. He learned to play several instruments, including guitar, bass, drums and piano, and transformed his bedroom into a recording studio.
Skyler’s first musical performance in front of a live audience occurred when he was in sixth grade. He’d only been playing guitar for a couple of months and hastily threw together a band for a talent show at York Middle School. They performed a cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.”

Skyler recorded his first full-length CD of original songs during his freshman year of high school and went on to record four others before graduating. He also acted in and wrote scores for several theater productions. His artistic pursuits left little time for schoolwork, which was just fine with him.

“It was either, ‘Do your homework or write the score to a play,’ and I was like, ‘I think I’ll write the score to a play,’” he said.

After graduating, Skyler spent a year at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The experience helped him grow as a musician, but not in the ways you might expect. When he started searching for band mates to back him at live shows, he found that most of them either showed up late or flaked out completely.

“It taught me how rare reliable musicians are,” he said. “It also really helped me with my work ethic. You really just have to constantly be working at whatever you’re doing, whether it’s the performance aspect or the writing aspect or the recording aspect.”

When it came time to form a professional band, Skyler turned to musicians he knew he could trust. He had taken music lessons from accomplished local musician Adam Scharff since he was 11 years old and had sat in with The Scharff Brothers on several occasions, mostly playing drums. Occasionally, Skyler would front the band as a lead vocalist with Adam taking over the drum kit.

To round out his own band, Skyler recruited fellow Berklee student John Mullett, a multi-instrumentalist who plays fiddle, keyboards and more.

“He was the first guy I met (at Berklee),” Skyler said. “We bonded over the fact that we were the only two guys at Berklee that really liked Taylor Swift.”

The new quartet, with Adam Scharff on lead guitar and Michael Scharff on bass, adopted Skyler’s name. They provide the core of the music on “Long Gone,” along with guests Matt Sokol on drums and Karl Anderson on Hammond B3 and Fender Rhodes. The group has since added permanent drummer Mark Davenport.

The music is solid pop-rock fizzing with teen romance. Skyler’s voice is smooth and confident, rising in pitch when appropriate but mostly sticking to a steady cool. Mullett and the Scharff brothers add impeccable musicianship, resulting in a CD that makes Skyler sound like he’s been at it for decades.

All five songs on the EP revolve around the lyrical themes of girls, love and relationships, from the youthful innocence of “Hold My Hand” to the brash whimsicality of “Stephanie.” “And I don’t care what your boyfriend would say, or what my girlfriend thinks,” he sings in the latter (Skyler does, by the way, have a gal).
Although he’s recently developed a taste for country acts like Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, Skyler said his biggest influences are classics like The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Tom Petty. Those influences come through on “Long Gone,” as you can easily imagine Petty singing lead vocals on “It’s Just th - The Wire

"Concert for the Ages: Skyler is Back in Town"

By Samantha Doucette

Local York artist Skyler Clark-Hamel and band will be playing an all-ages concert for his hometown later this month.

"It's always fun to play a show in the town you grew up," Skyler said, "Which is why we're going to do an all-ages show in York in November."

Showtime is 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 14, at the American Legion Post 56.

He will also be visiting York area schools to promote the upcoming concert. According to his Facebook page, he will visit York High School on Friday and again Wednesday, York Middle School on Tuesday and Wednesday, andMarshwood Middle School on Friday, Nov. 12.

Skyler, 19, an upcoming rock/pop songwriter and performer, grew up in York and is a 2009 graduate from York High School. He attended Berklee College of Music for a year, and now resides in York.

Before his graduation in 2009, Skyler had released four original CDs, participated in 20 professional and repertory theater productions and has played more than 250 gigs.

He said his biggest influences when he was young was the Beatles.

"I completely fell in love with them," he said. "They had a profound effect on me."

He also said that Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty are long-time favorites, and that recently Taylor Swift and Keith Urban have been inspiring him to write.

His band members includes John Mullet, brothers Adam and Michael Scharff, and Mark Davenport.

"My band and I had a very successful CD release party at the Dover Brickhouse in May," said Skyler. "We played the Stratham Fair and were asked to headline next year."

The release party that took place May 16 was the release of the EP, "Long Gone."

Skyler and his band also showcased in New York for 20-plus music industry representatives, and played at CMJ Music Festival in New York in October.

"It has been a bit of a whirlwind playing all of the shows," said Skyler. "It has been a lot of fun, and a bit crazy." - Seacoast Online

"Long Gone EP Review"

ARTIST: Skyler
ALBUM: Skyler (EP)

Let me preface this with a statement; this is neither my choice of genre, nor my forte.

Going into this, all I knew was a good friend wanted me to review and publicize this album. I’m more into punk, hardcore, and things of that sort so stepping into this area is taking a big leap for me. I have to say, I’m glad I did and I’m quite impressed with this album!

Skyler has a southern feel with a nice little pop-touch to it that is catchy and makes me want to bop my head along. Even possibly dance. From track to track on this EP, Skyler breaks onto the scene with an upbeat tempo and cute lyrics that will make any girl swoon. But it isn’t just the lyrics or the beat that caught my eye on this album. Skyler’s vocals are what instantly drew me in. He has that country twang I have a special place in my heart for and I love the range he shows on this album. The guitars show talent left and right, which is highly lacking in this genre, and I love the drumming. It’s not overshadowing like some tend to be on their first EPs and I can fully appreciate that! But he doesn’t use only conventional instruments. For an EP, that alone is shocking to hear. He has things like violins and even hints of bells/triangles in the background of the track Stephinie.

However what I think I love most about Skyler is the fact that while he still has his experimental factors, he stays true to his roots and you can hear where those are from. With talks of love, dreams, and everything in between Skyler is just the right formula to get anyone addicted, whether you’re a fan of this genre or not. I would HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone. It’s a good one to have in your collection. - All My Friends Are In Bands

"Profiled Artist: Skyler"

By: Kat Acott

Skyler is an unsigned artist whose music really portrays his passion and determination. From as early as elementary school, the star from York, ME, was performing in the playground to his classmates on a makeshift stage. His bedroom was quickly transformed into a recording studio and by the time High School had ended the multi-instrumentalist had released his first full-length CD. Skyler’s music became a vital part of his life. Pursuing his dream, he spent a year at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. After 20 professional theatre productions and over 250 gigs, the result is a sound you can’t help but love!

Putting acoustic/pop sounds in a fresh perspective, his sound is hard to compare to any artist before him. However, his new EP, Long Gone, has taken more of a rock vibe. Skyler is gaining fans with every show he performs, and I for one, am definitely hooked! Currently, he’s performing all around the US, so if you want a slice of playground jam you can check out his full list of upcoming shows on his MySpace.

His brand new Long Gone EP was recorded and produced by Jonathan Wyman (Halo Studios) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Gateway Mastering), and is available to listen to on MySpace and can be downloaded on iTunes. If you haven’t already, be one of the first to check this up-and-coming artist out! I predict it won’t be long until everyone has heard his unique sound. - The Sound Alarm

"Playing for a Cause"

By Ruth Maron
May 27, 2009 6:00 AM
York High School senior Skyler is "Playing for a Cause." On Saturday, June 6, he will perform a concert to benefit the York Food Pantry and Habitat for Humanity's "York Build" project. Skyler Clark-Hamel describes the benefit as a way to thank the community before heading off to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

A gifted musician who loves entertaining, Skyler plays guitar, bass, piano and drums, along with some hand-percussion instruments and harmonica. Like other "one-name-stars," he is known professionally simply as "Skyler."

For more information about York Build, visit the website at
The idea to stage a benefit concert came to him last February. "The concert will raise money and collect food for those who need it most," Skyler said. "That's why we selected York Food Pantry, which is very popular here, along with Habitat for Humanity."

The York Chapter of Habitat for Humanity builds one home in the county each year.

Lori Barrett, project coordinator, explains that the home being built by the community on Hemlock Drive is the first in 10 years for the town of York.

"We rely heavily on community support," Barrett said. "Skyler approached us about doing a benefit for York Build. It really shows the value of young people and what they can give to the community by paying it forward. It speaks volumes about the type of person he is."

Skyler assembled a band of professional musicians from the Seacoast to join him in "Playing for a Cause." They are Adam Scharff on guitar, Michael Scharff on bass, Jamie Decato on drums and York High senior Andrew Hirst playing piano. Skyler will sing, play guitar and bass.

Skyler describes the music they play as acoustic-infused retro rock. "It is music with broad appeal and includes songs by The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty," he explains.

The 17-year-old musician has been playing solo dates throughout the Seacoast area, as well as in Greater Boston. This summer he will be performing as a solo act at the Post Road Tavern in Ogunquit. "Whether it's a half-time show at a basketball game, or a benefit for the rainforest, it's all about the music," he said. "A high point for me was when I played with Neil Sedaka last summer at The Ogunquit Playhouse."

In addition to playing an array of instruments, Skyler is also an accomplished composer. He has scored and composed the music for three plays at the West End Theater in Portsmouth, N.H., and produces his own CDs.

"I have had a recording studio in my bedroom since eighth grade," he adds.

Skyler comes from a musical family that has encouraged him to pursue his craft.

"I have been interested in music since forever," he said. "I remember hearing my mother play the Beatles when I was age 3 or 4. I knew that was what I wanted to do."

Skyler plans to study music production and engineering at Berklee College. A born entertainer, his dream is to someday perform at Madison Square Garden in New York.

"Concert for a Cause" takes place on June 6 at York High School Auditorium. Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission to the concert is $5 with $1 off for every two non-perishable food items donated to the York Food Pantry. Additional donations of cash or food are welcome.

For information about York Build, visit the Web site at - York Weekly

"Skyler (the band) Presents Its New EP on May 16"

By Jeanné McCartin
May 08, 2010 2:00 AM
Skyler is 18, a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, who plays guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and sings. But more telling is that two highly respected, decidedly non-teen music vets back his band — Skyler.

So how does an 18-year-old land the Adam and Michael Scharff as band members? In a word, according to Adam, talent.

"It's very, very hard to quantify his talent," says Adam Scharff, who met Skyler, (Skyler Clark-Hamel), at age 11 when he first started studying with him. "In any of (his musical roles) he'd be a solid addition whatever the project is. ...; In any of those roles you'd go 'wow that's great.' But there's something about Skyler as an artist that's very unique and hard to put into words.

"The best way to define Skyler's 'good' is, well, have you ever been somewhere when someone walks in the room, and everyone stops, turns, and says 'who is that." That's what he's like on stage fronting a band.'

Skyler — the band — will debut "Long Gone" its freshman EP, May 16 with its usual line-up: Skyler, vocals and rhythm guitar, Adam Scharff, lead guitar and background vocals; Michael Scharff, bass and background vocals and John Mullett, keyboard, fiddle, guitar, vocals "and whatever else we ask him to do," says Skyler.

The band formation was organic, born of a respectful student/instructor relationship and the Scharffs' (plural) and Skyler's writing collaboration.

The writing came first, initially part of the student/instructor relationship."

Adam was basically helping me be a better writer, pointing things out. The switch? Maybe I was 16-ish," says Skyler. "Rather than a teacher helping, we started writing together. Then after six months of that Michael started writing. ...; It's become a really strong writing partnership."

The three initially performed publicly as the Scharffs, Skyler sitting in when they needed a drummer.

"Mike and I thought 'wow, this is great, and he became a regular," says Adam Scharff. "We started hanging out with him more; it felt like we were hanging with someone in a band rather than a student."

"Performing wise I think that's when we shifted to equal," says Skyler. "Writing (as a peer) came a little before that — Adam would be best to ask about that. But I think it went from him helping me to us writing them together, when he had songs he was writing and I would have input on it and it would turn into a collaboration."

Scharff concurs.

When it came time for Skyler to step out with the music written for his band, it only made sense the brothers be part of it. Neither project with the Scharffs was Skyler's first. He'd been in bands throughout high school, busked and worked some clubs.

But he'd known music was his direction long before.

"The Beatles got me hooked. I was probably 4 or 5 years old, I went though my parents' record collection, LPs," says Skyler.

He'd wrote his first song in the third grade, "(the same thing I've written about for the last 10 years, girls, love and relationships)."

"Then I learned to play guitar and added music to the lyrics," he says.

Lyrics, melody and harmony are the constant thread to his music, he says.

Skyler — the band — is most easily described as rock pop, says the man behind the moniker. "The hardest (description) is because it's rock 'n' roll you have elements of blues, country, folk, a little bit of everything in there. People have mentioned to me — they hear Hank Williams in there. I've never even listened to Hank. Or they'll say Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen. ...; It's rock 'n' roll."

These days Skyler feels the "peer" in the relationship with the brothers, though the profound admiration continues.

"I do consider myself very, very lucky to have found the Scharff brothers and become such good friends with them. ...; Today I'm totally, 100 percent in my element with these two guys. I don't think I could ever be more comfortable with two people.

"If he's able to stay in school — no explanation given for the comment — Skyler says he will do so. In theory he'll work the grades and the band. This summer the band plans to support the CD throughout the Northeast.

"I think you'll be seeing lots of him," says Adam Scharff. - Portsmouth Herald


One Voice EP - December 2014
Restless Heart LP - December 2013
Take You Away EP - May 2011
Long Gone EP - May 2010



Skyler never seems to stop working. In the past four years, he has attended Berklee College of Music, released one album and two EPs, and was voted 2014's "Best Small Venue Artist" by Campus Activities Magazine. Whether solo or with some variation of his exciting live band, Skyler has performed over 500 shows in venues of all sizes and has shared the stage with the Goo Goo Dolls, Band Perry, Matt Nathanson and Daughtry (to name a few). In 2012, he appeared on the X Factor, was the national spokesperson for Safe Teen Driving for the AllState Foundation, and had his song, "Stephanie," used in a Supercuts commercial. Of course, as with any good artist, it begins and ends with the song. When he's not performing, he's writing or recording in the studio in LA or Nashville. Although he calls Boston home, keep an eye out for Skyler anywhere across the country!

Recent Highlights:

2016 Millenium Music Conference showcasing act

2015 Indie Week Canada showcasing act

2015 NACA Mid America, Northeast, and West showcasing act

2015 International Pop Overthrow Festival performer

2015 Songwriter Universe-"Break My Fall"-Top 5 Songs of September

2015 Eventide Songwriting Contest-"Break My Fall"-Best Pop/Rock Song

2015 Unsigned Only Music Competition-"Break My Fall"-Honorable Mention

2015 West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest-"Break My Fall"-Honorable Mention

2014 NACA Mid Atlantic showcasing act

2014 Best Small Venue Artist (Campus Activities Magazine Readers Choice Awards)

Band Members