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Skyler Stone is an actor/writer/producer who is taking Hollywood by storm with his illustrious work. He first garnered fame by starring in his own Comedy Central series called CON that he created, executive produced and starred in. The concept of the show was Skyler taking the viewer on a ride into his daily life where he conned anyone and everyone he met. He would con anything from a free cheeseburger to VIP passes into the Playboy Mansion without actually being “somebody”. Due to legal reasons, only 6 of the 9 episodes aired, but the show lives on in international reruns and has attained dorm room cult status.

After CON, Stone had supporting roles in several feature films. He was one of the cooks with Dane Cook and Luis Guzman in Waiting (he was the guy who shook his dandruff onto the lady’s steak who bitched too much about her food). He was in Accepted with Jonah Hill and Justin Long, which was directed by Steve Pink (writer of High Fidelity and Gross Pointe Blank). After seeing an episode of CON, director Christopher Guest cast Skyler in his feature For Your Consideration. Skyler played a cheesy morning radio host in a scene with Parker Posey. Skyler also worked with Matt Damon and the Farrelly Brothers in the movie Stuck On You and played Scarlett Johannsen’s husband in The Island. His first film role was a scene deemed too nasty for the final cut in Roger Avary’s Rules Of Attraction. The scene was with Adam Brody and James Vanderbeek and would have made the film rated NC-17 had it been left in.

Skyler is a successful stand-up comedian who has headlined in forty plus cities. He got his start opening for Jay Mohr and honed his craft hosting College Night at the Laugh Factory for over a year. College Night was the hottest night of stand-up in Hollywood that you could get stage time on the year he hosted it. He even hosted MTV’s 25th anniversary party on his night, bringing to the stage MTV stars of past and present (Steve-O, cast of Wild ‘n’ Out, BJ Novak to name a few). Skyler is well known across the nation for his dead-on impressions of Michael Douglas, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Bruce Willis and many more. He even screen tested for Lorne Michaels and the Saturday Night Live writers in 2005. He has appeared on Comics Unleashed, Premium Blend and The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson.

Skyler has sold three television pilots. First was CON, and then last year he sold a show starring himself called Skyler’s Revolution. It was a pilot executive produced by himself, Trip Taylor (Jackass) and famed director McG (The OC, Charlie’s Angels). The show had Skyler and his Robin Hood-like crew of pranksters finding people who hated their lives (ala Office Space) and then forcing themselves into their lives changing their perspectives forever (think Dr. Phil for the Myspace generation). In the pilot, Stone pulled really edgy pranks, so edgy the network thought the show would cause too much controversy – so it was not picked up. It has become an underground sensation, popping up on the internet here and there. It even features Stone calling the Governor of California (Arnold!) as Michael Douglas! His impression was so dead-on that Mr. Schwarzenegger bought the whole conversation.

Skyler has a huge viral following thanks to the many short films he has participated in. He has his own sketch troupe with his best friend Zach Johnson and Greg Studley called THE VELCRO TROUPE. In fact, their troupe sold a sketch show to FOX and it will serve as the third television pilot that Stone has sold. It starts production as soon as the writer’s strike ends. Stone will again serve as the creator, executive producer and co-star of the series. It is being described as the first sketch and prank show to hit the TV. Skyler has described it as “SNL Digital Shorts meets Jackass”. Stone also appeared in a short film called Equal Opportunity that was featured in the Aspen Comedy Festival and won an NBC contest online. Last year, Stone was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Short Film after he entered a contest produced by legendary TV producer Mark Burnett and Yahoo!. The short was called Quentin Tarantino’s Little Miss Squirtgun, and was a spoof of 300, Little Miss Sunshine and Grindhouse.

In the summer of 2006, Stone was cast in his first lead role in a feature film called No Place Like Home. In it, Stone stars as Quinn Cathkart, a loveable loser who can’t seem to get his life together. He and his brother Eliot (Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars) still live at home with their parents and have never gotten jobs or gone to college. When their father (Danny Devito) decides it is time for them to move out, he kidnaps his reluctant wife (played by Married With Children’s Katey Segal) and leaves them to fend for themselves as they hunt for jobs, get girlfriends, and learn what it means to grow up. Accdording to test screenings, the film has the raunchiness of Superbad, the sharp wit of Office Space and the heart of Planes, T