Skyler Stonestreet

Skyler Stonestreet


Piano driven pop mixed with an acoustic style, she can play with a band, but is not afraid to create the personal environment of just the piano and her.


Singer-songwriter Skyler Stonestreet began playing classical piano at the age of seven, and within a few years found a sound and writing style that branched out from her classical roots, and became a sound all her own. Growing up in Santa Barbara, Ca., with influences such as Carole King, James Taylor, Rickie Lee Jones and many more great artists, this young girl with and old soul found a knack for writing captivating and truthful music and began playing local shows which soon brought her to famous clubs such as, The Key Club, The Cat Club, BB King’s , Universal Bar and Grill, El Rey Theater, and many more clubs and coffee houses that allowed her audience to see that every song she wrote and played came from her inspiration and experience. Her song “Always was nominated by the LA music awards for the best female singer/songwriter of the year and her songs have also been in the BMI sampler for the Sundance Film Festival 2007 and on XM radio. Skyler’s songs have been featured on MTV’s “Laguna Beach” and on Lifetime’s new reality show “Spotlight 25,” and she is currently writing and playing shows.



Written By: Skyler Stonestreet, Dan Hannon

You fill the space and all of my days are whole
Hold on to it all
You name the place, and I'll come away and be gone
If you only asked me
To come away, I'd be free to go

Take me I'm here, always
Have all of me, always
Take me I'm here, always
I hope you'll be, always mine

I'm standing still, because you make me feel at home
Right here all along
And I'll wait until, the time's right and we'll both be gone
If you only asked me
To come away, I'd be free to go


Always mine

Set List

The set list is usually 7-8 songs depending on the night, and I change the order sometimes, but this is usually how it goes!
1. Here I Go Again
2. The Victim
3. Suddenly
4. Slowly Under
5. Tell Me Anything
6. Where Did You Go
7. Always
8. What's a Girl to Do