Skyline Citizen

Skyline Citizen


Stemming from a cappella roots, Skyline Citizen is a group that combines three part harmony with differing rock textures. Incorporating everything from vocal percussion to electronic backbeats, "Anyone Else Just Isn't You" covers a diverse range of sounds from upbeat pop-rock to acoustic ballads.


Influenced by artists ranging from the Beach Boys to The Plain White T's & Weezer, Skyline Citizen encompasses a wide range of sound on their newest record, "Anyone Else Just Isn't You." Originally an a cappella group that formed in high school, Skyline Citizen has evolved into a three-piece rock ensemble that isn't afraid to sing. Three part harmony is standard in all their work and the group thrives on vocal breakdowns. Currently studying at Hamline University, Skyline Citizen hits the college music scene with catchy pop-rock tunes and reflective acoustic ballads.


Give It Away

Written By: Stephen Bruce Helvig

How ya feelin’ tonight? Cause the moment is right and the stars shine just for us. You look so good tonight and your big smile just might have to come back home with me.
And your eyes they seem to be wondering if I will take you there, but before we go I just need to know one thing…
What would you say if they took it all away? If it’s just me and you with nothing to do would we run out of things to say. Cause baby today let’s give it all away and get back to the time singing music for the rhythm letting love live everyday.
Let’s pack our bags and leave, if it’s you and me we won’t even need a map. Cause anywhere we go, roll the windows low and sing songs to the radio. And we won’t even know just where we’ll go as the days pass us by. And soon we’ll see how clear it can be when there’s nothing left to hide.
We’ll talk all night ‘til the day hits the light and the coffee’s been sucked dry. And morning seems like one long dream cause we didn’t sleep last night.


Written By: Nicholas Fett & Stephen Helvig

I listen to your airwaves quietly filling my head with todays and yesterdays and I'm wishing you were here with me. You left when the summer sun was shining, our favorite time of year. I'll be right here, arms wide open, waiting anxiously.
Oh, if I could see your smile today I'd keep you here with me and never let you go away. I want to hold you in my arms again. My body holds still and my heart skips a beat, I wouldn't spend another moment asleep.
Can you hear me when I sing to you? Quietly humming melodies and strumming love songs that we share, I'll never stop if you will love me true. Do we share the same sun? Do the stars we wish upon share the same light? 'Cause I wanna share this night with you.
So close your eyes, fill your lungs, and remember what it feels like when we touch. And know that we are so young with so many days ahead to share our love.
I listen to your airwaves quietly filling my head with todays and yesterdays, and I'm wishing you were here with me...

Hey You

Written By: Stephen Bruce Helvig

Hey you, are you listening? Cause you’re gone and I’m missing your love and now I’m thinking how I need you.
Hey you, are you listening to my words? Cause I’m screaming out loud and now I’m dreaming to be with you.
I can’t let go cause I don’t feel whole. And I just think of the words she said, and now regret is the only thing to fill my head.
Hey you, are you listening? I’m still here and now I’m tasting sweet regret…how I loved wasting my time with you.
Hey you, are you listening? I don’t want to be convincing you to love me but I’m lost when I’m without you.
I can still taste the tears falling from your face. I held you close and I stole your faith. We are broken, we are broken.
Hey you, are you listening? Cause here I am and I’m confessing what was wrong, I couldn’t love then, so I left you.
Hey you, are you listening? Cause here I am and I’m confessing what was wrong, I couldn’t face it, so I left you.


Fourward (2005)
Anyone Else Just Isn't You (2007)

Our latest album is currently being played on over 125 college radio stations across the country. Hey You, Airwaves, Give It Away, and Can't You See are all being played off the new album.

Set List

Typical Set Time: Anywhere from 20-60 minutes

Typical set list (changes from month to month and show to show)

Original material:
With You
Hey You
Middle of the Night
Hold On
Can't You See
Just For You
Give It Away
Be Your Everything
First Day
Beautiful Rain
Think of Me
Heavy Heart
The Only Thing

My Girl
Lean on Me
Eight Days a Week
My Humps
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Hey Ya
Ob La Di Ob La Da
What I Like About You
Surfin Safari
Surfing U.S.A.