Skylite Descent

Skylite Descent


From humble beginnings as a high school project, Skylite Descent quickly transformed into a hard rock group with a desire for a positive message. The band takes thoughtful lyrics combined with heavy rythms and driving guitars to produce passionate melodies that grab attention.


With its hard rock edge and high energy shows, Skylite Descent grabs attention without letting up. Their new record For Now showcases the band's talent for crafting memorable songs that only this five-some can create. For Now sets the pace with the self-titled song and gains momentum throughout the disk, leaving off on a high note with The Tempted. New ideas were brought to the table on this record, and people to man the controls as well. Producer John Paul Peters of Comeback Kid and The Waking Eyes fame recorded a modified cell phone ring found in the title track when a phone accidently went off, and happened to be .. to the song. Troy Glessner of Underoath fame also polished off the tracks to the disk. For Now contains unchallanged artistry that combines sharp hooks, heavy rhythms, sing-a-long choruses, and thoughtful lyrics while paying attention to the smallest of details. All of Skylite Descent's songs contain unique sounds that pay tribute to a variety of styles. "Some of us listen to alternative music most, some to punk, and some to classic rock, but when we come together it comes out as the distinctive sound that it is," says front man Steve Elias. The five member group consists of vocalist Steve, guitarists Derek and Darren, bassist Craig, and drummer Cory who all put in their own contributions to the writing process. Lyrics are one thing that the band is especially passionate about, and they hope to gain a special interest from listeners. "Our focus in this band is to bring people a positive message and show them the hope that is found in Jesus Christ," says Darren. "Everyone who listens should realize our passion for this cause." With another passion being for live shows, Skylite Descent also puts great effort into being the act sure to be the crowd favorite. Their dedication has allowed them to achieve opening spots for acts such as Seventh Day Slumber, Decipher Down, The Undecided, and Manic Drive, despite their recent formation. Skylite Descent continues to impress with their creativity and the fan base continues to grow as they put more concerts and another record under their belt. The band stands out in the music scene and will continue to with energetic music and positive stance that will grab your attention. ..


7 song EP- Titled "For Now"
3 song EP- No Title

The tracks called The Tempted, Epidemic, and Beautiful have regular radio airplay on The Intro Radio ( These songs, along with My Last Hope, are also streaming on our site at

Set List

Usual sets are 40 minutes in length, one set in total. This uses eight original songs which often consist of the ones called:
Price for Perfection
The Tempted
My Last Hope
Pride and Prejudice
For Now
For My Pendant