Sky Malone

Sky Malone


All original Texas rocking blues band with a country gospel flavor


My music is the product of all the influences I experienced as i was growing up, like everyone elses..gospel had the most effect on me as did the "long hair" to the mix Elvis, the Beatles, the Stones and of course the blues, my first a little boy my father had bluegrass jams at home and my two older sisters were classically trained on the piano but I loved the guitar and the coronet and all the big bands, but soul music,motown and the blues were my dad loved the old country guys and anything with harmony..he had the most incredible bass voice that you could feel if you stood next to him when he sang..there was always music in our home and I loved to sing, still do..I currently work a day job as an aircraft mechanic to support my music, but i get a personal satisfaction knowing that what I do saves lives and keeps the families that use air travel safe just because I take pride in what I do and I love the work..airplanes and music, both make me fly


Texas Boy..released Dec of2000 featuring Double Troubles Chris Layton And Tommy Shannon and Storyville's David Grissom on guitar and Riley Osbourn on latest "Heroes in the Zone" was inspired by the men and women I served with in Iraq in 08 and 09..they are the true heroes and I was honored to have served my country with them..I thank God I came home to the greatest nation on earth with all my parts still attached

Set List

I do all originals with very few covers..only a couple like Willin by Little Feat, Life by the Drop by Doyle Bramhall and House of the Rising Sun