Omaha, Nebraska, USA

A power-pop band from Omaha with rock & roll AND classical influences fronted by handsome identicle twin brothers. Add a wiley guitarist, a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, and a half-mexican drummer into the mix and you have a group of boys who can show you a thing or two about lovin' your girl.


Reinvention could be considered a dirty word in the paradigm of popular music- but to the band Skypiper, nothing could be further from it. 

After self-releasing two LPs and a "visual acoustic EP", Skypiper's sound has undeniably changed. However, one aspect of the band hasn't: It's never stopped being "Skypiper".

Formed in 2007 by twin brothers Gabriel and Graham Burkum, Skypiper has built its reputation on solid, catchy songs and a whimsical live show to boot. An unrelenting passion to create memorable songs is what has pushed Skypiper from their folk-influenced 2008 debut 'Lay Low and Pretty', to their folk/rock self-titled follow up album in 2011.

Skypiper has fun. This has never been more evident than on the band's 2013 release, 'TROUBLEDOER'. Constructed from catchy hooks, and lyrics that beg you to sing or shout along. 'TROUBLEDOER' isn't just a change of style for Skypiper, or a change in direction- it's a change of heart. The four song EP makes it clear that they're not taking things slow.

With a mixture of finesse and punch, their live show ranges from the joyously symphonic, to the wild, jangly ruckus. Skypiper demands movement; whether it's from the brute force of their powerful timbre or by the hypnotizing groove carried throughout their songs.



  1. Five Years Of Copper
  2. Even If
  3. Free Spirit Woman
  4. Psalm for the Modern Troubadour

SKYPIPER (Sophomore LP) - 2011

  1. Heartstrings
  2. Clever Old Devil
  3. Framer
  4. You're Gonna Be OK
  5. Honey, I Think I'm Ready
  6. Smithereens
  7. Anything Boy
  8. Earthworm
  9. Intermission
  10. Givers Grow
  11. How I Want (WHEN I WANT)
  12. Wet Feet
  13. Something Better

Down In Our Song (Visual EP) - 2010

  1. Tango
  2. Lay Low and Pretty
  3. She Wouldn't See
  4. Sirens
  5. Something Better
  6. Lovers Hymn
  7. Smithereens
Lay Low and Pretty (Debut LP) - 2008
  1. I Let My Sun Go Down
  2. Lay Low and Pretty
  3. Doubts
  4. Be There
  5. Nick Of Time
  6. The Devil Is Real, Ladies and Gentlemen
  7. She Wouldn't See
  8. Sirens
  9. Lovers Hymn
  10. Time Of Day
  11. Don't Let Your Sun Go Down

Set List

1. Five Years Of Copper
2. Even If
3. Earthworm
4. Hon, I think I'm ready
5. Wet Feet
6. Clever Old Devil
7. How I Want (WHEN I WANT)
8. Something Better
9. Framer
10. Heartstrings
11. The Devil is REAL, Ladies and Gentlemen
12. Troubadour