Sky Run

Sky Run

 Richmond, Virginia, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Sky Run is a group of stellar musicians and experienced entertainers that perform a mix of acoustic rock, classic rock, contemporary country, pop and some originals either as an acoustic 3,4 or 5-piece band.


After years of performing in various bands, Marna, Jody and Chris decided to put a trio together that was a little different -- one that challenged every member musically, played some unexpected songs or arrangements and had some FUN. Marna had never played drums but agreed when Jody brought home a cajon and a djembe and showed her a few beats. Jody had just started playing guitar in public and was willing to try soloing. Chris had always been a lead vocalist and wanted to work on learning and finessing vocal harmonies. This combination of talent and discovery worked! Sky Run Trio is never too serious for a "do-over" or to try a song request. They eagerly welcome special musical guests to sit in on a song or two, and their on-stage banter is undeniably entertaining (at least to them).


Praying For Rain

Written By: Marna Bales, Jody Boyd, Melanie Cox, Cherryl Whitely

Out on the edge of Wilson
Is our little farmin’ town
I’m standin’ on my front porch
Just starin’ the fields down
Ain’t no hands on the plow
This ground’s too hard anyhow
Feels like the drought of ‘88
When the river dried and folks drove away

But I swear I feel a change
The clouds are dark and low
Is this heaven’s way
To answer those below?

CHORUS: Somebody’s prayin’ for rain
They know just what to say
Despite my lack of faith
I believe it here today
Somebody’s prayin’ for rain

On the front porch of my heart
On the outside lookin’ in
I still see the day you left
And I feel the pain again
Our love raged like thunder will,
Our stubborn pride stormed until
There was nothing left of us
And you drove away in a cloud of dust

And I stood there like a stone
Never let my feelings show
Now tears like rain they flow
Washin’ out my soul


Every dry spell
Will come to an end
If I can just hold on
Hold on ‘til then

CHORUS Somebody’s prayin’ for rain (prayin’ for rain)
‘Cause it’s finally coming down (comin’ down)
It starts with just a drop
And you hope that it won’t stop
‘Til it’s soaked this thirsty ground (prayin’ for rain)
Now I’m down on my knees (on my knees)
Please tell me what to say (what to say)
‘Cause despite my lack of faith
I believe it here today
Somebody’s prayin’ for rain (prayin’ for rain)
I said despite my lack of faith
I believe it here today
‘Cause I’m prayin’ for rain


Marna Bales Discography:
All Grown Up - released May 2004
On This Christmas Day - 3 Song EP released Dec. 2004
Boys Will Be Boys - released July 2006

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