Sky Sunlight Saxon & The Seeds

Sky Sunlight Saxon & The Seeds


This is the music of the Seeds with the original lead singer, Sky Sunlight Saxon. Sky has put together a band that will bring the sounds of the Seeds into the 21st century. Fans have been begging him to get back to his roots of the Seeds sound and this is it!! Must see band and must hear sounds!


During the mid 60s, suburban garages across America rocked to the fuzz-drenched frenzy created by kids hoping to emulate The Seeds who were one of the biggest and best bands to emerge from this garage-band phenomenon.

Their style was undeniably simple but nonetheless brilliantly original. Muddy Waters once called The Seeds “America’s own Rolling Stones.”

Sky has formed many bands over the years of his career including re-formed Seeds bands. His latest CD was done in Greece with a band called Atlantic Rising.

Recently, the new Seeds have been formed including the members of a Portland-based band, Benjamin Sunshine as well as two additional guitarists to bring the sound of the Seeds into the 21st Century.

Sky has been a vegetarian for over 40 years and is a strong advocate of peace across the world, Mother Goddess Earth, and all the animals of the world especially dogs and wolves. He has written many anti-war songs lately and is anxious to share them with the world.

Set List

ORIGINAL HITS such as Can't Seem To Make You Mine, Pushin' Too Hard, Mr. Farmer as well as many others, old and new. New ones include: IMPEACHMENT, SOS Radio, Golden Fleece, among others. Rarely do covers. Many people do cover my songs though.