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The best kept secret in music


"Skywriter: Where Both Worlds Never Meet"

What first struck me when i heard this album was the wonderfull diversity of it and still a straight expression throughout. Full of expectation I pressed Play once again, grappd the booklet to read the lyrics.

The debut album “Where both worlds never meet” by Skywriter is a very strong album indeed. The feel is perfect in every song along with the amazing lyrics and it sounds like the band has played together for ages. The charismatic voice of leadsinger and guitarist Jakob Dahn fits spotless and contributes quite unique to the music.

With “Were both worlds never meet” it’s hard to determine it’s specific genre in a whole because it contains both rock, pop and what you easily could call singer/song-writer tunes, and the fantastic Raymond Carver-like story that is told in “Dead end street” has a David Lynch feel, musically. The potential for finding your new all-time favorite songs on this album is enormous. Highly recommended. - DoCopenhagen.blogspot

"Skywriter – Where Both Worlds Never Meet"

In general, I have respect for any band brave enough to print their lyrics on the cover. It shows two things: first of all, they have something important to say, something so important, that they want you to read it. Second, it means they are confident – and that in itself is part of what makes a good band. Skywriter is a new band from Copenhagen, and thought this is their debut album, it sounds very well produced.
Part of that probably comes from the fact that it was produced by Jonas Struck, but the band sounds very good together.

Lead vocalist Jokab Dahn sounds like a dusty union between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen – a Danish version of Morrissey (shutter).
Fueled by the usual guitar flare, the vocals and music supplement each other, without interupting. The vocals are fantastic, but you give out a sigh of relief when the guitars set in – simply because its so intense. Urban landscapes at night – what more can you ask for. Now all I need is a car to listen to this in, while cruising down a deserted main street. These guys are going to make it big.

If you dig: Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Nick Cave

- Lowcut Magazine

"Skywriter - Where both worlds never meet (Iceberg Records)"

Copenhagen's Skywriter come seemingly out of nowhere to deliver a remarkably strong debut record. Though the sound is completely their own, it's got shades of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, and (as fearless leader Avi tells us) early Madrugada.

The record is also reminiscent of Interpol in how successfully it sets an urban nighttime mood and sees it through to the end. The singer's got a beautiful clear voice, the guitars serve mainly to create atmosphere, and sultry bass lines propel many of the songs.

The sound is dark, melancholic, uplifting, deep, and poignant. Lyrically it's a cut above most ("you drag me off my cloud/you walk along with me/the road follows my eye/as far as I can see"). There's not a weak song on here.

My only complaints are that my favorite (this week), "This thing never sleeps," isn't even 3 minutes long when I wish it were 4 or 5, and at 37 minutes total, the whole album ends so soon one has to hit replay immediately. Easily my favorite release so far in 2006. - Itsatrap

"Album Of The Day - Skywriter"

”Where Both Worlds Never Meet” is an successful debut with a competent sense of style from the Copenhagen based band Skywriter. The band guarantees velvet dark rock like Interpol.
The music contains references to Nick Cave, some Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen as well as atmospheric sound images that point towards claustrophobic settings of David Lynch. - Kultunaut/Metroxpress


Single: "This thing never sleeps" 2003
Single: "The Hour is Late" 2006
Album: " Where Both Worlds Never Meet 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 2000 singer and songwriter Jakob Dahn moved to Copenhagen, with the intention to make a rock band with depth, and with an international sound.
He hooked up with Soren Jensen and later Morten Dalhoff, - an all-round drummer and a world music bassist with a punk edge, and the band tried various guitarists. After a few concerts as a trio and recordings of a promotion CD, Jakob D. came home from a night on town with a note saying “I’m on” and a phone number, and guitarist Thomas Strate joined the band called Dahn.

Concerts all around the country in the next few years in smaller and well-established clubs was gasoline to the ambition and Jakob D. made a solo concert at CBGBs´ Gallery in New York in 2003.

The band started cooperation with guitarist Jonas Struck (Swan Lee) who produced the single “This thing never sleeps” in the fall of 2003, recorded at Granny Studio.

In 2004 the started the recordings for the debut album, produced by the well known Swedish sound wizard Mattias Glavå, who had previously produced Hakan Hellstrom, Broder Daniel, Dungen and Granada. The band changed its name to Skywriter.
Additional vocals by Anna Jarvinen (Granada) on Passengers and Ghosts behind our wheel were recorded in her bedroom in Stockholm.
All recordings and mixing were finished in January 2005.

Since then Skywriter has performed at the established Copenhagen clubs Loppen, Stengade and Rust and the Mymusic showcase mm3 in Basement. Skywriter has been band of the week on the music site and was chosen to the Mymusic competition Optour.

Skywriter made a cooperation deal with Iceberg Records one hot hangover afternoon at Roskilde Festival 2005.

The single The Hour Is Late was released in January on Wild Mood Records in cooperation with Iceberg Records.
The album Where Both Worlds Never Meet will be out in March 2006 on Wild Mood Records in cooperation with Iceberg Records.

Skywriter is on US online label Parasol Records and will be soon be promoted by the German Promotion and booking company Brainstorm.

A large article about the band in The Danish newspaper Information – December 2003.

TV & Film:
Several features in Kanal Copenhagen from a concert at Sofiekaelderen, - August 2004
TV- Lorry feature from the Varispeed Recording sessions, and an interview, – September 2004.
The song “A little of you” used in Danish poet Janus Kodahl´s short film “60 Seconds”. – September 2004
Passengers and Ghosts behind our wheel used as background music at the video recordings from Roskilde Festival on the festival site. – July 2005

“When You Walk Away” – 2001 on the Danish national radio DR P3
“This thing never sleeps” – 2003 on DR P4 and the Swedish national radio SR P3.
“ The Hour is late” - 2006 DR P4.
Interview on national Radiostation DR P4
New york added palyliston national station DR P3

Album in 2006 Top Ten at Parasol Records (JIM)
Album in 2006 Top Ten at - Staffpicks (nr. 2)