Alternative rock - between Nick cave, Madrugada, Interpol, Cohen. Rock´n´roll and croon.


In 2001 singer, guitarist and songwriter Jakob Dahn, formed a trio with drummer Soren Jensen and bass player Morten Dalhoff. After auditions with several guitarists Jakob Dahn came home from a bar with a note saying “I am on” and the band Skywriter with Thomas Strate on guitar and keys was a reality.

Since then the band performed at established clubs all over Denmark, and the band found its own sound.
The debutalbum Where Both Worlds Never Meet was recorded and produced by the well known Swedish sound wizard Mattias Glavå, who had previously produced Hakan Hellstrom, Broder Daniel and Granada.
Additional vocals by Anna Järvinen on ‘Passengers’ and ‘Ghosts behind our wheel’ were recorded in her bedroom in Stockholm.

Iceberg Records made a record deal with Skywriter one hot afternoon at Roskilde Festival 2005.
The album was released in March 2006 on the label Wild Mood Records a subsidiary to Iceberg Records.
The album was mentioned as one the most interesting 15 releases in spring 2006, on the website of the Danish national radio broadcasting, and it gained lots of stars and great Danish and American reviews.

Skywriter´s sound has a touch of Nick Cave, Interpol and Madrugada, but again with a distinct expression of their own.
A lot of people in the music business in USA, England and Germany have shown interest in Skywriter.
The band made 13 concerts in Germany and Switzerland in 2007.
The album is on sale on US online label Parasol Records, and will be released in Germany in October 2008 followed by a German tour, and radiointerviews.

Jakob Dahn being the calm guy offstage turns into a charismatic singer on stage, with the ability to get the audience’s full attention with his deep voice and rock´n´roll attitude.
Thomas Strate is the wild man of the band, who plays the piano as well as the guitar. Always ready for a fight with Soren.
Morten Dalhoff is the youngest member, the intellectual with a taste for old school rock as “The Clash”, “the Band” and krautrock, delivering stunning hooklines on his bass. Likes to talk about Russia.
Soren Jensen: A competent drummer with a wide range of drum-styles. Funnier than any Danish stand-up show, - a straight guy with a hint of Mr. Hyde. Always ready for a fight with Thomas.

The album “Where both Worlds Never Meet”:
Top Ten favourite album releases 2006 - Parasol (JIM) –
Top Ten staff pick 2006 – (Nancy Baym) – American site about Scandinavian Music.
Top Ten album chart 2007 on the German site (Nathalie Martin)


Craving Utopia

Written By: Jakob Dahn

1. Travelling in your eyes.
You’re saddling for better times
And you have a bullet with my name on
Somehow I deserve a trial
Somehow I’m deadly tired
I’m out of led and I’ve laid down my guns.

Oh my, can’t even hold your shaking hand
Some trying is out of place

We’re craving Utopia, and dawn’s never breaking
The darkness we breathe tonight goes on and on

You measure in razorblades
My timing seen better days
We’re afraid to crash, afraid to speak.
Our sheets are clean and cold
No dust around these floors
And no more stories to be told

Oh my can’t even trace the glimpse you had
Some light just never breaks

Chorus: We’re craving Utopia, and dawn’s never breaking
The darkness we breathe tonight goes on and on

Flies circling, a flickering lamp
We can’t move on, can’t find back
The bullet’s in the chamber now
Your silence is taking shapes
It’s rising in my veins
Winds are settling outside our door

New York

Written By: Jakob Dahn

I grabbed my dream one transparent New York noon.
As i strolled 6th avenue into the blue
All these black chicks, hispanics grooving in glass and stonet seems we missed a century back home.

I walked the path of legends yesterday
Every corner that I turned lead to this place
I´ve got worn out shoes, I´ve got bleeding feet, yeah
And I faced my destiny at Bowery.

I want you on these streets, want you to feel this beat.

Finally my senses ´re coming back
NYC got me back on track
And this city speaks, and this city speaks to me
I´ll be coming back to lay you at my feet.

One day we´ll take these streets. One day uou´ll feel the beat.


Album: "Where Both Worlds Never Meet" released in Denmark 2006 and Germany 2008
Single and video: 'Craving Utopia' released 2007 in Denmark

Set List

we don´t do covers. set list 1 hour and 30 minutes appr.