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So Good--August 2008
Bring It Back- March 2009



A spider’s ways are silent yet exact. Its mission is determined and then completed. Although, one may not watch it spin its web, the spider does so, in order to live, eat and survive. Only to be noticed when the time is right.

Her web is Hip Hop.

Her time is now!

SkyyLevel, two y’s one word, better known as Keisha @ TJsDJs, has been cultivating the silk that makes her one of kind voice and underestimated lyrics the rises in eyebrows of those who listen.

Born and raised in the county of Dade, this rapper, dancer, screenplay writer and actress has been indulging in Hip Hop for years. While learning, the art of Hip Hop and being very adament about no ghost writers, this lady emcee has surprised all with her versatility, wit and originality in her lyrics. She has always wanted to enter the arena of Hip Hop but has taken her time, just as the spider does, to display an excellent vision for herself and what Hip Hop is missing.

She moved to Tallahassee, Florida to attend Florida State University and found herself in a rap group called SBD (Silent But Deadly). Although, learning more about the industry intrigued her, she found out quickly that visions amongst big groups are hard to compromise with. And she moved on, back to the 305.

She sees her prey.

Spiders are predators, and now she had become one. SkyyLevel’s decision to officially make rapping a career and not a hobby surfaced in the Fall of 2006. She, like the spider, began to inject venom in the lyrics she wrote to kill any notion that she didn’t have what it takes to be in this game. After awhile back at home and displaying a genuine work ethic at the 1st Annual TJ’s DJ’s Tastemakers Only Conference and Ozone Awards (TOAs) in Orlando, Florida, SkyyLevel returned to Tallahassee, Florida to work for TJ Chapman.

She waits for her prey.

After the 2nd Annual TOAs in Miami, Florida, SkyyLevel decided she wanted more. She developed a sense of self and determination. In February 2008, SkyyLevel Volume I, Hip Hop Capias: The Female Rapper was released only to give notice that she had arrived.

Her time is Now!

The spider, SkyyLevel Mixtape Volume II The Grinder’s Edition, was released in the Summer of 2008 in Houston, TX, being sure to bite its prey, Hip Hop, like no other female rapper has.

Life is about making choices and knowing when to admit you have made the wrong one.....SkyyLevel