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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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"they are arguably one of the best bands in Tennessee" - All the Rage

"CMJ Nothing is Easy Enough Review"

SLACK: Nothing Is Easy Enough
Tennessee trio Slack clearly treasures rock’s two most important words: “big” and “loud.” Fat distortion, canyonesque toms, treetrunk-thick bass—just right for giving the woofers a nice workout. It’s nothing new, no—Chris Slack has his Cobainisms, a snotty and raw vocal sneer and careening-off-the-rails guitar work; and drummer Nick Slack his Tommy Lee-isms (that kit must’ve done him so wrong, the way he smacks the shit out of it), but then, you’d be wrong to call Slack a grunge band, and they’re not a cock-rock band, either. What’s clear on power-chord heavy tracks like “Eyeliner” and “Burn Out” is that they’re of the school of rock that bred contemporaries like Burning Brides— weaned on all that’s heavy, loud, hook-filled and awesome. (To be fair, you might break out the lighters on power-ballad closer “My Knife Is On Its Way.”) Sure, you’re not gonna change the world taking your bandname for a surname and playing four-minute punked-out rock songs anymore. But maybe you’ll breathe some life back into grimy rock-club stages, make a few 31-year-old rock geezers pining the loss of the reckless spirit get back in their gas guzzlers, roll down the windows and pin the volume dial right, crying to the heavens, “I may be wearing Dockers but rock ‘n’ roll will never die!” And isn’t that enough, really?
- Renee Falk


"Sorry to Drop This On You" LP, 2000, Superdrag Sound Laboratories
"Nothing is Easy Enough" LP, 2004, Shorebreak Records
"Press Your Luck" LP, August/Sept 2005, Century Media/Abacus Recordings


Feeling a bit camera shy


Slack is a three piece young rock band from Nashville, TN. Our influences are usually bands first or second record, from Superchunk to Verbena, to the Beatles first records, Sex Pistols, Misfits, Superdrag to the Replacements. Anything that is short and catchy, yet different. We set ourselves apart from other bands because we go out of our way to make every one of our songs as close to a "real song" as possible without being dragged through the mud of the un-fun "real song."

Our history, in a nutshell--
Our first record "Sorry to Drop This On You" came out in 2000 on the band Superdrag's indie label called Superdrag Sound Laboratories. We toured on it and were added to a bunch of college radio stations.

Somehow Fox/Searchlight pictures wanted to use our song "Burn Out" in the movie and on the soundtrack to the Banger Sisters, so we agreed and were paid modestly.

Soon after, we did some demos and more touring and ended up with our new record, which is called "Nothing is Easy Enough." It was recorded in Los Angeles and released by an indie out of Huntington Beach, CA called Shorebreak Records. We toured on that for the last year, and during that time Century Media Records / Abacus Recordings called and offered to re-release the album with new songs and art.

In the meantime we kept getting offers from shows like Viva La Bam for our music, and we usually said ok.

The new, new record, which will be called "Press Your Luck" will be released in late August as we are currently wrapping up the details on signing with our new label.

We're also about to hit the road again in our blue van for a 2 month Rusty clothes sponsored tour despite the fact none of us wear beach gear.