Modesto, California, USA
BandRockCover Band

Hard rock/metal coverband with attitude who play with great energy & suprisingly strong interpretation of material & vocal prowess. Very tight, lots of conviction but also the ability to move a crowd and laugh at ourselves. Recongnised among our piers & professionals as at the top of the game.


Band formed in '97 and has had the same line-up for 9 years. Major influences: ALice In Chains, Disturbed, Ozzy, BLS, Led Zeppelin,Metallica, Megadeth. We strive to play the songs & do them justice. We take pride in our ability to really embrace the sound & attitude of the bands we cover.We really either try to nail the studio track, play it like the creator did live, or put our own beefed up spin on a tune to give it balls. Many big name or touring bands have said we are among the best cover bands they've heard, and vocally superior in the ability to bounce from singer to singer, always capturing the essence of the vocalists with amazing accuracy.


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Set List

We usually play (4) 45 minute sets or (3) 1 hr sets on a typical fri/sat night bar/club gig but are also able to play 1-2hr straight through. AC/DC, LIT,STP, AIC,JudasPriest,Metallica, Megadeth,Disturbed, DrowningPool, DOPE,Creed, Tonic, TomPetty, ZZtop, PinkFLoyd & more