Our band is an enegectic mix of pop and rock with a little of each members' own influences thrown in there. We like to have fun and put on an exciting live show full of different surprises each time we play. We're nothing new, but we are our own and we are happy with that!


slackers was formed in late 2004 by Jonathan Brown. With his unmatched bass skill, there is no telling how far this young man might go. The only thing holding him back are his seemingly talentless bandmates, Mike Dewberry, Jawsh Boweed, Johnathon Satter, and Aaron What's-his-nuts. All the music and vocals are done by Jon and the upcoming CD is pretty much a solo CD, but he was gracious enough to allow the band name slackers to be displayed on the cover for a nominal fee.


New Kid on the Block

Written By: m. deBerry

always seem to be the new kid everywhere i go
trying hard to find some friends i can call my own
worried about wether or not i'm gonna eat alone
when is this place ever gonna feel like home

and everybody knows, and everybody's got a special place
where they'll belong
and everyone else and everybody has found a special place
without me

always seem to fit perfectly in the middle
no where to fit perfectly in a mold
wondering if prom night is another spent alone
alienation is a dish best served alone

why don't you like me?

Written By: m. deBerry

when i first met you, i couldn't have ever knew
that you would be the one to leave me sad and blue
i thought i made you laugh, i thought i made you smile
i guess that's not so hard, i guess that i was wrong

if not me then it's someone else, i should just forget you
i try to walk away, but it's so hard to
cause when you say my name, i feel powerless and cave
you've got to know i'm stuck and i just can't get enough

please press rewind, all the way back to the time,
i convinced you to fall into my life and make it go away

you remind me of bad headache on a rainy day
your actions speak louder than words, but i wanna hear you say it
while i'm sittin here writing about you, i bet you could careless, i bet you're happy
while i'm sittin here dying without you, i bet you're laughing in the arms of someone else


Written By: j. boyd & m. deBerry

when i was so much younger, i looked up to the sky
i never thought that things i dreamt would be a waste of time
my feet were always itching, to speed me on my way
but now i'm tripping up on all those dreams that spilt from me and
we've become our mom's and dad's who pulled the spoons from our mouths
and we both know that it's best to show up sooner or later

what do i do when all my dreams are gone or just faded away
and who should i be if i can't be me and be happy


Lazy ep
-why don't you like me
-Jerry, Kramer, & Elaine
-Open Mic Night

THE CHRONICLES OF MIKE: The end is the beginning of the end of the beginning
-Floey's Island
-New Kid on the Block
-80's Hair
-why don't you like me?

both cd's have been played on Tuscaloosa's WVUA, New Rock 90.7. (New Kid, and Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine seemed to be liked by the station and it's listeners)

Set List

-Cover (El Scorcho-Weezer, Where is my Mind-the Pixies)
-Floey's Island
-New Kid on the Block
-One Day
-Open Mic Night
-(the Metal Song)
-Jerry, Kramer, & Elaine
-Cover (Chick Magnet-MxPx, 1000 Miles-Proclaimers)
-Yellow Glasses
-80's Hair
-why don't you like me?

Our set is usually 45 minutes to an hour long depending on how long we need to play. We can play up to 1:30-1:45 if needed.