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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Praise for the opening track!"

"I Feel" bubbles with almost child-like exuberance, a shining reminder that pop music, if it only makes you feel good, has more than served its purpose. The mini-guitar solo at the end is a well-placed bit of showmanship, and the vocal harmonies add sparkling depth.

- Velocity Weekly

"Slackshop LIVE!"

"Suddenly, from the foggy darkness of the stage, four guys called Slackshop appeared, plugged in their instruments and did their thing. Their repertoire answered the ancient question: is it possible to rock out and still sound relaxed or at ease? It sure is. Their music sounded like a cup of hot rock-n-roll chocolate on a frigid night."
--David Lilly, From the March 2004 Issue, Louisville Music News - Louisville Music News

"CD Review - Slackshop"

CD Review - Slackshop
By Stephen George

Someone call the musical directors at NBC and apprise them of Slackshop! Particularly of the first song here, “I Feel.” The Rembrandts — whipped cream by comparison — should be roadies for Louisville’s catchiest alt-rock quartet, fronted by the melodically gifted Billy Bartley. This guy deserves the Big Break, and the place to start is TV. While theme music for shows such as “Friends” isn’t perhaps the best way to make an artistic statement — have The Rembrandts imparted sage-like pop wisdom on VH1 lately? — it’s an entrée to a place that would be better for its inclusion of this band.

None of this is to imply, by the way, that this release lacks depth. I have visions of Dinosaur Jr., which I’ve actually been told by a few readers is a signature of my favor. I also hear some of the lesser alt-rock acts of the 1990s in a few spots, like “If You Can,” which begins with the kind of pensive, low-throated rumble but quickly develops into something more, much more, with a soaring multilayered vocal melody. Though Slackshop doesn’t get much indie “cred” around here, I can’t find a reason here that it shouldn’t. - LEO Weekly


Slackshop EP
Acoustic Bootleg
Rated Yes
Faint Praise And Happy Accidents
Grace EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Singer/songwriter Billy Bartley weaves his introspective and deeply personal lyrics through hook-laden, infectious melodies and quirky guitar rifs. Lead guitarist Chris Greenwell adds texture to Billy's unique vocal stylings with tangible harmonies and rich guitar arrangements that fit to serve the chemistry of the song. Rounding out the foundation of the group are bassist/visual artist Patrick Donley (see "Jakeleg") and drummer Matt Nofsinger.

Their Music is richly textured,
intelligently crafted
and quixotically lyrical.

The new EP flows effortlessly from the fragile, infectious hooks of “We Can Go Now” straight through to the energetic, raw, multi-layered vocals of “All in Alright.”