laid back with warm tones, slackstring encapsulates the sound of beach-town rock. audio sunshine with pure, good vibes.


slackstring is the sound of Beach Town, California. slackstring is acoustic-roots-rock created from the sunsets, sand and surf of Southern California.

In high school, three members were in a punk-band that played backyard parties all over the South Bay, sometimes opening for another popular party band, the legendary sublime. These experiences crystallized the desire to play music and while the band was put on hold while the guys went to college, a musical kinship was born.

Fast-forward four years. The guys have kept in touch and continue to play music in other bands. Eric Lyman and Gavin Heaney both went to UCSB and each wrote notebooks of lyrics. After a graduation, a chance jam session with drummer Matt Muir created the plan to get the band back together.

After a few shows in bars in the south bay communities of Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach, the guys started to realize that the drunken crowds of surfers and office workers liked the original material as much as the covers.

Using his personal computer and the basement of his parent’s house as a studio, Heaney began recording, mixing and producing the slackstring album. Meant to be a demo, the 12 tracks instead became the soundtrack to summer in the South Bay.

Selling the first batch of 1,000 to surf shops and at shows, the album was good enough to draw the attention of another graduate of UCSB, Jack Johnson, who had just finished his debut album and was selling out clubs throughout California. Casual friends from surfing, Gavin and Eric played a short acoustic set before Jack at a small venue in Santa Barbara called Roy’s Jolly Tiger.

slackstring started drawing bigger crowds and playing larger clubs, all booked because of the basement-recorded album. slackstring booked a nine-day tour of the West Coast, beginning in Malibu opening for Slightly Stoopid and ending in Seattle, after a brief sojourn into Vancouver, B.C. where the band was featured on cityTV, the Good Morning America of Western Canada.

After slackstring co-headlined a show at the House of Blues, Sunset Strip, a small record company “with a distribution deal with Dreamworks” approached the band about recording a demo in a real studio. To make a long story short, although the gem “Sunday Jen” was recorded, the project was scuttled when the band refused to sign an unfair production deal, after signing a demo agreement (that in itself was extremely one-sided).

Left with nothing but their music, slackstring continues to play shows in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego and San Francisco on weekends, but remain employed in day jobs. Income from the man has all gone towards equipment for the band as both Heaney and Lyman have built home studios in their respective homes of Manhattan Beach and Santa Barbara.

The basement album continues to win new fans with every listen. Benjamin Ford (son of Harrison Ford) and Pat O’Neill (son of wetsuit pioneer Jack O’Neill) are just two fans who have booked the band for parties.

The biggest break yet for the band is the mountain bike film The Collective. Unlike any film ever made about the sport, The Collective features “Sunday Jen” as its centerpiece and orders for the debut album and single have been flowing through the band’s website from all over the world ever since.

A new album is being recorded and the fire has been restored within the band. Realizing that the band doesn’t really need a label to sell its’ music, slackstring is letting things flow naturally, one show at a time. The next tour will come when the time is right…

The music of Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones influenced the band, along with modern artists such as Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, G. Love, Elliott Smith, the Descendents and sublime.

slackstring tours in California extensively, playing the House of Blues in Hollywood and the Whiskey Ago Go and numerous Surfrider Foundation benefits.

slackstring has opened shows for Jack Johnson, Slightly Stoopid, Donavon Frankenwreiter and sublime.


Sunday Jen

Written By: slackstring

Monday morn’ is taking this life away from me. I find myself in the same place again.

staring at the same four walls, screen makes my eyeballs crawl, no man was made to live the life I'm in.

But I won't spend time on your giant clock, my imagination just won't stop. I just can't let this feeling go, I guess I should just ask you so...

Sunday Jen, oh won't you let me come see you tomorrow, though I know my time is six days away.

Sunday Jen, oh this I know, the future can't be borrowed, but there's no one else who makes me feel this way.

No since forcing it, you just got to let it flow.
And I can’t think to say I let you go.
after all this time, after all that we've been through, just one less car 'on down the avenue

Abstract thoughts on a page, were never really my forte, there’s too much logic and Savoir Faire for two souls in parallel.

Sunday Jen, oh won't you let me come see you tomorrow, though I know my time is six days away.

Oh Sunday Jen, won't you let me come see you tomorrow, but there’s no one else that makes me feel this way


Sunday Jen, oh won’t you let me come see you tomorrow; I know my time is six days away.

Sunday Jen, oh this I know, the future can't be borrowed, but there's no one else who makes me feel this way.

Oh Sunday Jen, won't you let me come see you tomorrow?

Oh Sunday Jen, won't you let me come see you tomorrow?


slackstring (self titled)
sunday jen (single, featured in "the Collective" - a mountain bike movie)

Set List

Most gigs are one set, but slackstring has 3 hours of material.
basic set list:
stranded, sun again will shine, wednesday morning, one step, last time, she's on a mission, lend me your love, sunday jen, game of love, out of place, candle, reckon ball, tea, world of misery, tea, trouble tambourine, liquid lost.

covers include: Soul Kitchen (the doors), turn on your lovelight (grateful dead), do you think i'm sexy (rod stewart), Groove is in the heart (?), Holiday Road (theme from national lampoons vacation), patience (guns and roses),