Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN


In the summer of 2009, a group of five Victoria-based friends set out to form a band that would incorporate everything they adored in a classic pop hook, but invoked with something more cathartic, brash and chaotic.

The band members names are Jordan Minkoff (vocals/guitar), Duncan McConnell (vocals/guitar/piano), Caitlin Gallupe (vocals/bass), Luke Postl (Drums), and Kain Bryson (Saxophone).

Their earlier work included a 7" called Only Fun and an album called The Shivers, which was in consideration for the Polaris Prize. They didn't win the prize but with enough touring they won the hearts of sweaty kids around Canada and California .

Their newest album Welcome To Miami (F:UM) came out in December 2012. It peaked in the top 20 of the CMJ charts and reached the top 5 in the Canadian Earshot charts. It was voted the 2012 Indie/Alternative album of the year by the Vancouver Sun and was featured in other year end lists. Early 2013 saw them featured in everything from a Daytrotter session to Rolling Stone.

Fall 2013 will see the band supporting indie-rock legends Built To Spill on 45 date american tour.


Only Fun

Written By: slam dunk

Whatchu mean you dont like the scenery?
people cross this country aint even believe me/
goddamn i aint gotta plan, i sit around, eat a bunch n start another band/
when ALL i want is to ride my bike to the comedy bar/
ALL i want is to DENT that company car

i dont wanna be the promoter (its only fun)
if time stops now then well never get older (its only...)

2012 we start a new calendar/
the reincarnation of JD Salinger/
shoot hoops daddy, dont tell shoot mama, to tell us what to do because its only funner/
when were wrong, wrong, we got it all wrong/
what we gone do wit the middle of da sooong?
you say i BURN everything i EARN (got my seeds for the economic downturn)

chorus x...whatever..


Welcome To Miami - LP - (F:UM) (November 2012)
The Shivers - LP (self-released) (June 2011)
Only Fun - 7inch (Old Life/ Fan Club Music Club 2010) **SOLD OUT**

Set List

45 minutes of party time