Some call it hard rock; some call it high energy; we call it Slander!!


Slander is a hard rockin', heavy hittin' four piece kick in the ass!
Formed in December 2001 in the hills of Kentucky, the band has created a sound of their own and are ready to challenge todays mainstream sound!!
Since Slanders inception the band has released two CDs, the EP entitled Nothin's Free and the full length Failure is not an Option.
Slander regularly tours throughout KY, IN, TN, AR, AL and LA. The band recieves airplay throughout KY, TN, MO and FL.
Slander has showcased in front of Epic, Atlantic and Capital Records at the world famous Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans. The A & R representatives were very receptive to Slanders unique style and sound.
Some of the bands accomplishments include being featured in the national publication Revolver Magazine. Slander has also been featured in the monthly magazines News-4-U and the Amplifier as well as the Bowling Green Daily News. Slander has been featured guests on local music radio shows such as Homecookin' on 93.3 WDNS, Sound Source/Local Axcess on 103.7 WPTQ, Local Shots on WHHR 91.7 WKU's radio station. Slander has also been featured on ABC Affiliate WBKO channel 13.
There is no doubt this band will be making serious waves in the scene for years to come!!


I Pay

Written By: Chris Prophet

I stand in this room alone
Waiting for your love to come home
You sit in your new world
You go from bitch to whore little girl

I'm buying time
Love stained mind
The more I seem to try
The more I hurt inside
Thru cosmic tolls I float
The lights flash
And the sirens roar

I pay, I pay
While you're givin it to everybody for free

Your lies they engulf me
I'm not blind but still can't see
I've got you under my skin
Where it hurts deep in

You lie
I cry
Another piece of my heart
Oh yeah it dies tonight
You squirm
My gut churns
Another part of my body
Becomes food for the worms

I pay, I pay
While you're givin it to everyone else for free

Salvation, temptation
Your love is


Slander 2002 (Demo Tape - discontinued)
Nothin's Free 2002
Failure is not an Option 2003
Raisin' Hell for Rock n Roll - Single/2004
Demo '05 - 2005

Set List

Headling set list approximately 1 hour 30 minutes
(Set includes material from all releases)

Invisible Me
Who Are You
Hell In My Mind
Find Myself
Raisin Hell For Rock n Roll
Gotta Thank the Devil
I Pay
Destin Rain
Arrows in the Dark
My Reality