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"Slang Angus"

Spitfire lyrics over almagamated musical stylings = Slang Angus. Leave all preconceptions at the door.

With an amalgamation of musical sensibilities, progressive soul rebels Slang Angus are blurring the definition of a "Hip-Hop" sound. The swanky-suited quartet delivers a home-brewed sound fermented in blues guitar progressions and jazzy riffs but SA's distillation transcends boundaries and defies definition. The groovy, funk driven foundation is only a template for the undertones of reggae and rocksteady which compliment spitfire lyrical delivery and high-octane performance (read: this is not a jam band). One minute you think you're listening to a Hip-Hop band, then the subtleties show up and rework your impression.
The Men of Slang Angus.

EMCEE CO (Craig Oubre) has an articulate flow that's remarkable for its speed and consistency. CO's virtuosity as an EMCEE is enough on its own, but SA boasts more talent behind the center stage mic. Fellow bee-bop capped David Latino also shares his love with oh-so-smooth melodies, both behind the mic and the guitar. This cat delivers vocal class with flawless wailing and spot on harmonies. Latino and Oubre work as a type of salt&pepper combination, enriching the vocal dish. It's white-hot speed with powerful, yet pillow-soft accompaniment. Latino's guitar work also serves as an indicator of the melding factor of Slang Angus. Listening to "Humid City" (one of SA's most 'stick in your head' numbers) reminds you that there is a definite rock fundamental that pervades Angus's repartoire. Latino's guitar intro is a pretty, body swaying piece of melodic cake. Then comes CO's sharp tongued lushly riding atop Latino's six -stringed fluidity. You're ears are always fooled with these guys; leave all pre-conceived notions of what a 'band' should constitute at the door.

Standing behind Oubre and Latino are bassist John Crabtree and Drummer Neil Bernard. Well, actually there's nothing really 'behind' with these dudes at all. They're just as much a part of the forefront, standing as the gears that power the machine. Crabtree and Bernard fulfill the ear's insatiable craving; it's all about syncopation and a faithful locking-in that Neil and John bring to the table. "Progeny of Colors" reflects this rhythmic skill most justly. Neil crashes through time signatures, embracing the offbeat . The breakdown leading into the last verse/chorus is the shining point. With a rhythm section like Crabtree & Bernard, SA has no need for a DJ or beat device.

Emcee CO; hell of an emcee, indeed.I got to see all this goodness for the second time at Southport Hall ( on Friday, March 2nd. Southport is a very fine venue. There's an impressive stage, a vast capacity, and an active bar. Friday drew a mostly mid-twenties crowd who also came to support Dave, of the Punch People , and Impulss . It was an eclectic night. Danny brought some heartfelt, moving, electric piano rock and Impulss held it down like no other can. After SA's set, I had already slung back my share of Jack&Cokes, only to recieve a Jaeger shot from Mr.CO himself. Hell of an emcee, indeed.

Craig filled me in on SA's origins, aesthetics, and goals for '07. As far as beginnings are concerned, todays quartet was born out of several botched attempts. Striving for musical cohesion, as Oubre recalls, was difficult. "The bands we put together were cool but never really went the direction we wanted to go. After meeting Neil in the local scene, we (Oubre/Crabtree) began to talk about jamming together in a fusion type of group where we could mix up all the different genres we loved. Neil suggested Dave as the guitarist...he was the perfect guy to seperate us even further from the rock/rap type of groups, since he has lots of soul and blues influence."

On the surface as a hip-hop/rock band it would be very easy to tag such a label on SA. There are some glaring momentswhere the virgin listener could liken the gang to such big names as Rage Against the Machine, 311, or even Sublime in consideration of the rock steady ingredient. Oubre admits an indirect influence to such bands, but SA's roots cover many other genres. "Those are really great bands to be likened to, but I think the reality of itis that we were influencedby the same bands that influenced Rage,311, and Sublime. As far as the musical influences that have the strongest impact on Slang Angus, I guess we would haveto say stuff like The Police, all the New Orleans funk and Stevie Wonder. On the Hip-Hop side of that I would say Krs-One for myself and as a group, Outkast and The Roots. I don't think anyone in the band has a favorite musical genre, we all kind of get into everything."

For Slang Angus it's all about the communication between artist and listener. As far as a core message behind the lyrics, Oubre feels that "a lot of the lyrics are a result of wanting to give people something to identify with. I think that there are lots of people who can't relate to the music on the radio and the top 40 is a part of your everyday life; we shouldn't feel seperate from it or like we are on a lower level than whoever is making it."

CO,Neil,John,and Dave are all masters of their craft: invulnerable in music and stage presence, these dudes are damn catchy too. If you like some fun listening, Slang Angus is your ticket. Considering their strengths and talents, I became curious as to if anyone has knocked on Angus' door such as labels or producers, whoever. "We are currently finishing the mixing and mastering process on our first full length album and once it is out we plan to focus on taking the show on the road a lot more. Hopefully with completing the CD we will see some more opportunities."

With the promise of a new album and well recieved shows, it's been a good year so far in Oubre's opinion "'07 has been great...we finished tracking our album and are working hard while looking forward to our record release. The shows and turnouts have been great. We are really lucky, our fans are extremely loyal and they understand how important it is to support local music."
Anyone, anywhere in the country would lap this stuff up.

In the meantime, fans can we their appetites by checking out the three song sampler at the merch booth, which has "generated some positive attention for the band. The conduit on B97 had our song "Humid City" on rotation for a good while. All the venues we've played seem to be excited to continue to book us." Slang Angus has a lot of exciting goodies on their plate for the duration of the year for all to take part in as well." The CD should be out in a month or so. Look out for the record release party and lots of new merch. We always have the show dates posted at Also, a DVD is in the works with some help from our engineer and good friend, Danny Bourgeouis."

Yes, definitely keep tabs on upcoming shows and events. New Orleans is sure to get scorched again soon enough.

"I know Slang Angus"

I don't know Bo Jackson... But I DO know Slang Angus!

Look here… I don’t know Bo Jackson, and I don’t plan on meeting that dood. But I do know Slang Angus! I hadn’t seen them before, nor had I heard their music. And after just a few songs I was proud to claim them as New Orleans natives. They fit together like cobble stone streets, supporting the crowd while leading them on a groove journey. I was just there to clear my head and see a show. Half drunk, half late, and half way through the night’s playbill I slid in, ordered a beer and a shot, and Slang Angus greeted me from the stage. Ok, maybe not me personally, but I was right there man! Unfortunately, I’m not the type to keep track of song names and order. I typically pay homage to the way a band makes me feel. They could have sung the alphabet and my dumbass would have been singing right along with them. Y’all need to get out and see this band. They will steal you away!
Tweed patterned suits, fedoras, Kangols, and ties were the chosen décor that evening. The craftsmen in this jam factory were a singer, a guitarist/keyboardist, a drummer, and a bassist. (Their names have been discluded to protect the innocent…) The persona within the lead singer’s suit was a ménage of things. If you asked me, I’d say he was the “Twista” of New Orleans. Preach man, preach! He reminded me of Rage Against the Machine, while the band lent itself to 311 back when they rocked. They drew their own crowd that night, 135 people and counting, per the doorman shortly after they began. And every single one of them were silenced when this band hit the stage. They commanded attention. That is except for this one blonde in tight grey sweats and flip flops. Damn she was sexy! But I got the impression she was there to be seen; oh and be accompanied to the bathroom every 20 minutes. Group effort! Group effort! But I digress…
The drummer beats his drums and pads, the singer shouts a sermon with one hand directed at his people, and the crowd is at attention. Note to police, for crowd control see “Slang Angus”! The keyboard/guitarist would act as back up vocals, and the singer would close his eyes, raising his eyebrows at times while the band jammed out. There were cheers in the crowd, heads bobbin, and an overall funky vibe! If you were there you’d know exactly what I’m talking about.
For the losers who haven’t seen these guys grace the stage, you should go to Seek out a show! Track down their T-shirts and CDs! CDs are only ten bucks for chrissake! We need to give back to the artists that give us their souls on that stage. They did mention their next show would be at Southport Hall on the 17th of August. Now there’s your chance to stop being a loser. And if you missed that one, check out their website for more instances to redeem yourself.
Oh! I just had a memory! “Ain’t Got Yo Money” was a pretty cool song. Yeah man, it had this wicked little change up mid way through. The crowd started cheering and the singer spit this rapid fire verse with fury! Then they took us for another turn, swerving to a laid back phasered out guitar. You never fall off though, it’s crazy. In the end, they thanked me for coming out. Ok, maybe not me personally, but I was right there man! We all started chanting their name, and they came back out on stage for an encore. They kicked a little fast paced number giving each member their solo. The singer announcing who they were, which I failed to write down being the jet set journalist that I am. This little closing reminded me of the more traditional rhythm and blues band exits. You know, the ride cymbal tissin and a classy bass number swinging us through the introductions. And I thought to myself… what class! I also thought to myself how cool it would be to have a secretary write all this so I could nurture my creativity with my beer and a shot. You ever see a pencil holder made to fit a beer bottle you let me know. So kids, until we meet again, holla atcha boy!

Lingo Starr~


Slang Angus - Humid City/Rooftops Single
Slang Angus - Slang Angus LP 2007
Humid City was in a 3 month rotation on B 97.1
1up from the Slang Angus LP is currently in rotation on "Face The Music" on B 97.1 in New Orleans



Born in early 2005 in the city of New Orleans, Slang Angus has since gained a reputation for providing fans with energetic live performances and creating their own brand of music. Slang Angus authentically blends Funk, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, and elements of Progressive Rock into an eclectic sound that is all their own.

Local journalist Mike Volpi has described the music of Slang Angus as having a "groovy, funk driven foundation that is only a template for the undertones of reggae and rocksteady which compliment spitfire lyrical delivery..." Others are also catching on to the innovative sound that makes up Slang Angus.

Shortly after the release of their first single, "Humid City," Slang Angus found themselves in radio rotation on B97s' show The Conduit. The members of Slang Angus are succesfully crushing the limits of being restricted to one genre of music.

As you listen to Slang Angus leave all pre-conceived notions of what a band should constitute at the door and get ready for this addition to the long list of musical stylings to have hailed from New Orleans.

Slang Angus debut album was welcomed with warm reviews in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Slang Angus was named in the top three hip hop groups in New Orleans by Whereyat magazine and
Slang Angus as shared the stage with such notable acts as, The Rebirth Brass Band, Everlast, The Lordz, Rehab, and many more.