The total package. Fat hooks, good songs, and an incredible live show.
high energy good times with something for everyone.


Once in a great while the complete combination of talent, creativity and personalities are joined and fit together as a perfect union forming a band to remember.
Meet Slangbanger, a hard-hitting four piece band based out of Atlanta, GA. Playing together for little over three years, the band combines the influences of funk, pop, jazz and jam into a unique rock experience. Driven by the desire to unify and enlighten through the bond of human emotion, the band's raw and immediate, original music creates an undeniable connection with its audience.
Working their way up in the Atlanta music scene from a grass roots beginning to one of the more "up and coming" acts in the area, their regular draw has increased to 250 fans. They have opened for Brand New Immortals, The Toadies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Doug E. Fresh, Flickerstick, Incubus and played the 96rock main stage at the 2001 Music Midtown Festival. The band also performed at the 2001 Atlantis Music Conference and the 2003 St Patrick's Day on the River Festival in Savannah, GA.
In addition to their presence in Atlanta, Slangbanger has been impressing audiences across the southeast. With several venues in the Carolina's, Georgia and Alabama asking for repeat performances, the band is creating a presence in those markets as well.
Performing with an energy and enthusiasm that even their debut EP, "Slangbanger Attacks," can't even convey, Slangbanger is a highly professional, must-see act that is guaranteed to electrify.


"Slangbanger Attacks" (2001)
"Different Deal" (Live Acoustic 2003)
"Suspend your Disbelief" (2003)
"Different Deal DVD" (summer 2003)
"Everything's Fine" and "Funk" from "suspend are being played on and are streaming internet radio stations.

Set List

sets range from 45min to 2 hrs depending...we also have a full acoustic set which has the same range in length and consists of a slightly different set list.
revolution, dignity, even handle, benediction, funk, pab, frosty, ever, stepback, of all the times, cry a little louder, sensual erotic, hole(jimmy's chicken shack), down(STP), rock and roll is dead(Kravitz), this is how we do it(montel Jordan), porch (pearl jam), Anti-gravity(Incubus), wrong way(sublime)