Bratty beer soaked rock n' roll fronted by indie chanteuse, Michelle Korn, delivering enough jangle and melody to please alt-country fans and indie snobs alike.


They hail from the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. They play a quirky blend of punky jangle rock with a dash of alt-country...and they're too young to legally buy beer. They're Slant. In early 2006, the teenaged best friends began to continuously win over audiences with their high energy live preformances, raw, catchy hooks and goofy stage antics. A typical Slant show
features an unpredictable amount of "band members" (sometimes costumed triangle players and tamborinists, and always all-star line up of some of Cincinnati's finest indie talent) but always fronted by singer/sonwriter/guitarist, Michelle Korn. Korn's heartfelt "lovable loser" lyrics, straight forward hooks and trademark drawl recall what may have happend if Paul Westerberg and Lucinda Williams had a love child. Taking a nod from college the college rock gods of the '80's, Slant continues to raise the bar...while destroying it. The band has recently played with highly acclaimed indie rock acts such as Black Moth Super Rainbow, Aesobi Seksu, Mason Proper, and Hymns. Slant is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee and is releasing their debut album, "Nothin' Left But Me", independently on June 20th, 2008.

"Nothin' Left But Me" is available on Myspace, Snocap, Smart Punk, and an independent record store near you.


"Nothin' Left But Me" (2008)

Set List

Slant's usual set list runs anywhere from 30-40 minutes and is composed of all original tunes (if you're lucky, you might get a Guided By Voices cover every once in a while). Here's a peek of what our set list may look like for our next show:

1. Ba-Ba-Ba
2. I Think I Like You
3. Athens
4. Back Out/Black Out
5. Sweethearts
6. Games Are For Cheaters
7. Parking Lot
8. Make You Feel (The Way You Make Me Feel)
9. Ballad of I-65
10. Fine
11. Science Fiction

Typical Set Length: 30-45 Minutes