BandHip HopEDM

SlapBox is a drum heavy Hip Hop/DJ duo combining dusty funk & jazz samples, chopped breakbeats, guitar fuzz, & turntablism into a collage of multilayered sonically rich compositions.


2007 Cut&Paste Champ, TEWZ is a Chicago Native & internationally recognized visual artist/dj with past shows in Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Osaka, Prague, Vienna & Budapest.
Past events include, Lollapalooza, BurgerKing Studio, and BAPE JAPAN, just to name a few.

DJ Ambideckstriks is an nationally recognized Dj, performing and winning battles on both coasts, and the midwest. (2010 Winter Music Conference Champ) (2008 SAM ASH QUICK MIX SCRATCH BATTLE CHAMP) (2006 GUITAR CENTER REGIONAL SPIN OFF Champion)


2002 Frontline Sine Language
2008 Taste of Chicago Mixtape Vol. 1
2009 Taste of Chicago Mixtape Vol. 2
2009 Fingered

Set List

Typical set length is 30 min - 1hr. We explore a series of generes including Hip Hop, Psych Rock, World, Funk, Rap, Rock, and pop with an emphasis on drums & beats.