Slaraffenland's music is avant-rock with a love for improvisation. The band is first of all very good friends and you can hear on the music that they like to spend a lot of time together.


Slaraffenland (scandinavian word for "The land of milk and honey") was formed in 2002. The rythmsection in Slaraffenland is the twins Mike and Christian and their kindergarden/primary-school best mate Bjorn. The rest of the band is Jeppe and Niklas - who used to live together.The 5 friends - based in Copenhagen, Denmark - play a music hard to categorize. The band draws inspiration everywhere from Coltrane to Cobain (as a reviewer once said).

The bands debut recording "Slaraffenland" was released in February 2004. The recording had a huge jazz-influence, but also pointed at the bands present sound.

In October 2005 the follow-up EP "Jinkatawa" was released on the bands own label Honningmand Records. The ep was followed up by a short promotiontour in the US that took Slaraffenland to the legendary CBGB and a show at Brooklyns premier garage-rock venue The Hook - a show that had an enthusiastic Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) among the audience. "Jinkatawa" was produced by fellow danes Efterklang.

Slaraffenland is currently working on their next album - to be released by american label Hometapes primo 2007.


Slaraffenland: "Slaraffenland" (Honningmand Records 2004).
Slaraffenland: "Jinkatawa (EP)" (Honningmand Records 2005).
Songs "Shuto-Uchi" and "Cockaigne" from "Jinkatawa" have been played intensely on various online-radios and blogs.

The next album will be released on Hometapes ( primo 2007.

Set List

Slaraffenland likes to play short sets on about 40 minuttes.