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The best kept secret in music


"Top marks to Denmark's Slaraffenland for their presentation. Their 3" EP is housed in a delightful Oriental-style booklet, complete with stickers, photos of the duo performing martial arts and a removable black belt. From these impressions it's anyone's guess as to what kind of music they play but - for the record - it's a mash-up of jazz and rock, commonly classified as "post rock" and the good news is that it's as diverse as the cover art. The opener 'Lovepotion' makes its mark with pummelling guitars whilst mournful blasts of the trumpet add depth to 'Me As A Monster'. There are moments on the final two tracks where they veer towards a path only recommended to freeform jazz afficionados (perhaps inevitable given the improvisational nature of their music) but 'Cockaigne' triumphantly emerges with a tune after an intense struggle. The key factor is that Slaraffenland usually remember to add plenty of feeling to combat the chaos." - Leonards Lair

"Maybe its my Scandanavian roots but Im a sucker for ambient/electronic type acts from that area of the world. Slaraffenland (scandinavian for “land of milk and honey”) are no exception. With hints of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and a horn section reminiscent of Kid A Radiohead noise, this band caught my attention quickly and kept it. This is the type of band that could have 18 members and instruments or 2 and sound equally impressive. Have a listen for yourself with these two tracks. Its quite good." - Each Note Secure

"I was doing the usual blog rounds, and took a stop by Elastic Heart. Aaron's an even bigger music fiend than I am, and so I know he'll always have some little gem to download or check out. Thanks to him, I've discovered the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Lars Horntveth, and of course, Lamar Latrell.

This time around, it was a link to Dreams Of Horses (apparently yet another MP3 blog that I'll need to bookmark), specifically their entry for a Danish/Swedish band named Slaraffenland.

You can't reference the likes of Sigur Ròs, Broken Social Scene, and The Go! Team without someone taking notice. Those are some mighty big words, and while personally, I don't think they quite fit (I hear more Jaga Jazzist than anything else), there's no denying this is some good stuff, full of breezy brass and instrumental fury.

This whole process got me to thinking. I visit a blog promoting a Danish/Swedish band by linking to another blog that writes about the band, the result being this blog entry of mine, which also ends up promoting them. (And now it's your turn...)..." -

"I get quite a few e-mails requesting me to listen to bands and provide links...when I get busy, I tend to neglect these e-mails, and, as you can probably tell, I've been busy lately.

But This recent e-mail stood out for some reason, and I clicked the links and was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe it's the jazz meets electronic that's intriguing...there something new here, something a bit different - Kinetic and freeform. Maybe it's the name: Slaraffenland.

But regardless, if you're into jazz and free-form music, take the time to check these guys out. - Grape Juice Plus

"Holy crap, Hometapes just updated on the 9th and they have so much wonderful news! Let me tell you what I'm most excited about though.

Hometapes has been definitely one of my favorite indie labels. I'm sure you've seen me talk about them before, they are so personal and amazing. Plus they put out some fantastic and original music.

I really really want to talk about this brand new band that I've never heard of that Hometapes is signing. They call themselves, Slaraffenland and right about now I'm uber-excited. I typically get uber-excited when I hear amazing music that sounds insanely unique. This would be Slaraffenland and now the homeboys are totally getting signed to Hometapes. The weather is horrible but I'm rejoicing. You have to hear these guys! So screw music monday, it's so Music Sunday right about now." - Fragility Productions


Slaraffenland: "Slaraffenland" (Honningmand Records 2004).
Slaraffenland: "Jinkatawa (EP)" (Honningmand Records 2005).
Songs "Shuto-Uchi" and "Cockaigne" from "Jinkatawa" have been played intensely on various online-radios and blogs.

The next album will be released on Hometapes ( primo 2007.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Slaraffenland (scandinavian word for "The land of milk and honey") was formed in 2002. The rythmsection in Slaraffenland is the twins Mike and Christian and their kindergarden/primary-school best mate Bjorn. The rest of the band is Jeppe and Niklas - who used to live together.The 5 friends - based in Copenhagen, Denmark - play a music hard to categorize. The band draws inspiration everywhere from Coltrane to Cobain (as a reviewer once said).

The bands debut recording "Slaraffenland" was released in February 2004. The recording had a huge jazz-influence, but also pointed at the bands present sound.

In October 2005 the follow-up EP "Jinkatawa" was released on the bands own label Honningmand Records. The ep was followed up by a short promotiontour in the US that took Slaraffenland to the legendary CBGB and a show at Brooklyns premier garage-rock venue The Hook - a show that had an enthusiastic Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) among the audience. "Jinkatawa" was produced by fellow danes Efterklang.

Slaraffenland is currently working on their next album - to be released by american label Hometapes primo 2007.