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Lead Singer Jessica is the second coming of Ann Wilson, BUT !!!! we do not limit our set list selection to one genre. Our guitarist can play any lick the way it was meant to be, with soul. Most importantly, SLATE puts on a show, a real show, lots of eye candy and ear candy! Bring your friends.


SLATE originated with Kim MacKlosky, formerly of Smuggler. Kim wanted to put together a supergroup of talented, experienced musicians to take care of the grunt work behind the band. The reason being, his daughter in law has incredible vocal talent, and needs to be discovered. Kim found a song-writer by the name of Pat Glass. Pat has written hundreds of songs and was looking for an outlet. Pat is friens with Tom Kelly, who wrote Like a Virgin(Madonna) and Alone(Heart) who has been a large influence in his song-writing skills. Pat has worked with the Esquires, Reo Speedwagon Michael MacDonald and several other notorious acts. It took over a year for the project to start coming together, Kim needed a guitarist, a very skilled guitarist who could play any cover tune correctly, but could also lend a hand in writing material for the original project. After the gruelling process of auditioning for 4 months, they hired Dan Kunzer who has many years of experience in the Chicagoland music scene. Freddie Reyes auditioned for drums and was hired immediately. Freddie has 20 + years experience in the Chicago - Rockford scene. Ruth is softspoken at times, but her vocals blend seamless with Jessica, and is talented herself, she plays harp, percussion, flute and guitar! Having Pat Glass on board with his connections and skills is definitely one thing that sets us apart from other bands. I don't thinks that someone as talented a Jessica is comes along too often, her command of the stage and audience is heart stopping, and her voacal capacities are endless. There a way too many influences to list properly, however I can describe some common examples. Pat benatar, the Wilson sisters of Heart, John Mayer, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood ......... This band has the means, the drive and the desire to go to the next level, and we will succeed because we make it happen every day!


We are working on an album right now, we are scheduled for recording this winter.

Set List

Set 1

1. American Girl

2. Kiss Me Deadly

3. One Way Or Another

4. Black Velvet

5. Last Name

6. Great Balls Of Fire

7. I Love Rock n Roll

8. What's Up

9. Runnin' Down A Dream

10. You Wreck Me

11. Desire

11. Barracuda
Set 2

1. Takin' It To The Streets

2. Sweet Child Of Mine

3. Werewolves Of London

4. The Flame

5. Ballroom Blitz

6. Middle Of The Road

7. My Favorite Mistake

8. Jumpin' Jack Flash

9. I Am What I Am

10. I Can't Make You Love Me

11. Dark Side

1. I Hate Myself

2. Boys Of Summer

3. Before he Cheats

4. Time The Avenger

5. Faithfully

6. Lost You In The Lights

7. What I Like About You

8. Silver Springs

9. Lawyers Guns And Money

10. Good Bye To You

11. Rock N Roll


1. Your Love

2. Heartbreaker

3. Mary Jane's Last Dance

4. Walkin' On Sunshine

5. Gravity

6. Game Of Love

7. I'm Just A Girl

8. Tombstone Blue