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"Fashionista of Warped Meet Paige Augusta Singer of SLATR"

GB: What are 3 words that you would use to describe your style?

Paige: Bold, colorful and innovative.

GB: You're in a band with all boys, tell us how you still keep yourself feeling girly but also like your one of the boys.

Paige: I have two sides to me. When it comes down to business, I have to stay the front person with a girlish, fun attitude and a touch of edge. With the guys, it's like they are my brothers from another mother! We kid around, have fun and are all great friends. Just like a family affair!

GB: My go to Fashion item is______

Paige: Don't really have one! It's whatever moves me at the moment. Hmmmmmm...

GB: I will be packing_______ to take with me to Warped.

Paige: It's got to be my mustache ring! It's my good luck charm. It could have been my puppy, but she'd be a bit much to handle. :)

GB: Which Warped Tour singer or band do you admire fashion wise.

Paige: It would have to be past year's PARAMORE and Hayley, to be specific! Heard that they actually started on WARPED when they were a bit older than us. She's got that cute, confident, grungy kinda look that is inspirational to me.

GB:My stage outfit must consist of _____.

Paige:MY VANS and funky, tight jeans! I haven't learned to manage the heels on stage. SCARY! I would go barefoot first!

GB: What should every Fashionista bring to Warped Tour?

Paige: Bring your cowboy hats and then throw them away! This isn't Stagecoach! Kidding aside, cute shorts and a t-shirt - that would be my pick. It gets freakin hot out there and lots of bodies! Waterslide wearable and able to handle the sweat!You can check out Paige and the rest of the band on the Kevin Says Stage 6/21-6/27.


Gabbie - Buzznet

"SLATR has a cameo in Sunset Sessions sizzle reel" - Sunset Sessions

"SLATR's video is highlighted on Vans Warped Tour website"

Slatr will be joining us this summer on the Kevin Says Stage! Check out the video for their song "What You Do To Me" and don't miss these guys set when Vans Warped Tour comes to your town this summer! - Warped Tour

"Tim Pyles Sound Diego Sunset Session highlights include Jimmy Cliff and SLATR"!/blogs/sounddiego/Go-Inside-Sunset-Sessions/141499533 - Tim Pyles - NBC Sound Diego

"See Music Highlights at Sunset Session include SLATR"

his past weekend I attended Sunset Sessions, a three day event in San Diego where some of the biggest names from the radio and music supervision community gather for three days of inspiring panels and concerts by 50+ up-and-coming musicians (and a few legendary ones here and there as well). The goal is for us to discover artists and use our influence to share them with the world through radio, tv, film, and advertising placements.

Below highlights some of the shows I saw, with links for you to check out the artists and get introduced to some new music. If you don’t like to read then scroll down.

The weekend kicked off with ZZ Ward. A song that I co-wrote with Blended Babies is going to be on her debut album. I heard her live and got to meet her for the first time –I’m excited to see where her career goes. I’m extremely proud to be on her album.
Loved Moon Taxi! They’re a kickass new band from Nashville. I was also pretty amazed by Slatr, a group of 12 year olds who played Led Zeppelin cover songs. I was impressed with their musicianship and also that they knew who Led Zeppelin was.

For more article, click on link - see-music

"LA's 98.7 Shows us some love!"

The youngest band on this years Warped Tour lineup just debuted their new music video for WHAT YOU DO TO ME. Directed by Jared Sagal ( Rockerrazzi Films ) The video is already making national noise as the band prepares to play all California tour dates. If you haven’t seen these guys live its worth the price of admission!
- 98.7fm

"Tweens Shock Sunset Sessions"

The four young members of SLATR took nearly everybody by surprise this week at Sunset Sessions in Rancho Bernardo.

Source: Latest Videos, News Video, and Video Clips | NBC San Diego - NBC San Diego

"SLATR mentioned in Sunset Sessions Review (54 artist performed)"

This past weekend I attended Sunset Sessions, a three day event in San Diego where some of the biggest names from the radio and music supervision community gather for three days of inspiring panels and concerts by 50+ up-and-coming musicians (and a few legendary ones here and there as well). The goal is for us to discover artists and use our influence to share them with the world through radio, tv, film, and advertising placements.

Below highlights some of the shows I saw, with links for you to check out the artists and get introduced to some new music. If you don’t like to read then scroll down.

The weekend kicked off with ZZ Ward. A song that I co-wrote with Blended Babies is going to be on her debut album. I heard her live and got to meet her for the first time –I’m excited to see where her career goes. I’m extremely proud to be on her album.
Loved Moon Taxi! They’re a kickass new band from Nashville. I was also pretty amazed by Slatr, a group of 12 year olds who played Led Zeppelin cover songs. I was impressed with their musicianship and also that they knew who Led Zeppelin was.

Three words: Jimmy Fucking Cliff. His soulful voice and bouncy reggae rhythms had the room up and dancing in a matter of seconds.

Praz performed classic Fugees songs. It was sans Wyclef/Lauren Hill but still really cool to hear. He also performed a few by his new group the Chamilions.

Warner Bros. dominated the line up. LP and 15 year old Birdy filled the room to the brim with their huge voices. Following that the Jimmy-Hendrix-meets-Black-Keys Gary Clark Jr. rocked ridiculously hard.

Lunch and Jason Mraz. The guacamole served at lunch was grown on Mraz’s property a couple miles away. Great singer, guitar player, song writer AND avocado farmer. WTF
Scott Biram – a one man blues/country army signed to Chicago label Bloodshot Records.
Lucinda Williams, her notebook, and a guitar. Enjoyed her cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Angel”.
Vintage Trouble. Holy Jason Mraz guacamole. This is my new band crush. These dudes are incredible. The singer Ty has all the bravado of a young James Brown and their show was bananas. They even got me up dancing and I don’t really do that (ask my wife).
The night closed with Moi Navarro at 3 am performing unplugged at the “super super late night lounge” ( kegger in a hotel room). I’m glad I stayed up for him.

Listen to these artists on your commute, go to their shows, and put them in your commercials before someone else does!!

"SLATR highlighted in Ventura County Reporter for Music Week"

When Slatr takes the stage at the Sunset Sessions event this week, it’ll be following in the footsteps of Stevie Nicks and k.d. lang, who have also performed at the industry-only, three-day showcase in San Diego. At the age of 12, Guitarist Teagan Stedman can arguably be named one of the hardest-working musicians in the county, if not the state. When he’s not on stage, Stedman organizes the annual Shredfest, a Battle of the Bands event launched by his nonprofit, Shred Kids’ Cancer benefiting cancer research. Having released a four-song demo in 2011, Slatr plans to follow it up by working on a full-length album this year.. With Paige Augusta’s Anthony Kiedis-esque vocals, Jagger Krusen’s eclectic drums and Alex Arnaout’s steady bass, Slatr is poised to leave a big impression at Shredfest in April. - Ventura County Reporter

"Jagger is endorsed by Vater Drumsticks"

Jagger Krusen endorsed by Vater Drumsticks - Vater Percussion

"MusicUCanSee interview at NAMM"

Kelly Z of interviewed Slatr at NAMM 2012 - MusicUcanSee

"Exclusive Interview with Slatr"

You might be wondering who SLATR is. So was I. I was drinking in the Auschwitz-style caged area known as the “Beer Garden” (where nothing grows, but dreams go to die), when I looked over at the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Stage to see pre-pubescent band SLATR, fronted by Dakota Fanning’s doppelganger, doing a cover of a Led Zeppelin track, and had to find out more. Here is our interview with a few kids that should be playing on a jungle gym instead of on a stage on the rarified Warped Tour.

Disarray Mag: OK, kids, tell me your names and what you do in the band.

Slatr: I’m Paige Augtusta, and I’m the lead singer. I’m Teagan Stedman and I’m a guitarist. I’m Christian Menard, and I’m a guitarist, too. I’m Trevor Smith, and I’m the drummer. I’m Alex and I play bass.

DM: OK, and your ages, on average?

Slatr: 12, 13, 11...

DM: So no one here is 14?

Slatr: No.

DM: Under 14, and you guys just did a cover of Led Zeppelin!? How have you heard of them!?

Slatr: Well, it’s kind of like, my parents used to listen to Led Zeppelin when I was just a little girl, and now that I’m all grown up, they still listen to Led Zeppelin. So, you learn it, and if everyone else in your family is listening to a song, you kind of get used to it. You learn the lyrics, learn the beat, and everything else.

DM: For the players, drums and guitars, who are your inspirations where you just had to pick up a guitar?

Slatr: Jimmie Paige, Jeff Beck, Van Halen, and Neil Peart.

DM: Paige, as the lead singer, who are you emulating or inspired by?

Slatr: Stevie Nicks, there are so many good ones...and Gwen Stefani.

DM: So being your ages, how long have you been together?

Slatr: Actually, only a few months. I (Paige) was just a fill-in singer, for this one concert, so for me it’s only been one or two months. The rest of them have been together for two years.

DM: So being together a few years and so young, when did you pick up your instruments?

Slatr: About seven, nine, five. I was five and picked up a guitar, but someone told me I sucked, which was true, so I picked up a bass when I was eight and have been playing it ever since.

DM: So just a few months together as a whole group?

Slatr: Well, I (Paige) will be lead singing from now on.

DM: So you guys just handed me a single?

Slatr: Yeah, we have a demo we released last year, but this is single, The Slatr Song, that we have today.

DM: So this isn’t a cover? This single is completely composed, written, everything, by you guys?

Slatr: Yeah, all on our own.

DM: So you guys clearly have the family support. You should be on a jungle gym, you’re like 12, and today you played on Warped Tour, this has got to be very exciting?

Slatr: It is a rush. I think the adrenaline is partly what fuels us, and the crowd responding to our performance, to us, so it is really inspirational and helps me (Paige) feel confident. Even if I miss a word, or skip a line, they are right there and maybe don’t notice, so I just keep going. It’s part of the show. It is amazing.

DM: So you just got off stage, you’re so young that people must think you lost your parents or don’t belong backstage at Warped Tour. Your friends must be insanely jealous right now.

Slatr: They were so jealous. My friends were like, “Can I come!? Can I come!?” I was like, “well, I have to be there at 9:30, so I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna come because I have to wake up at 7, my mom does my hair, I’ve gotta practice my songs, make sure I’ve got everything down.” I come here today, watch everyone else and it’s like, “wow, I am so glad I can be here today.”

DM: So, are you guys planning anything after this? What’s next for you guys besides a 4th of July BBQ? Which I am sure can’t match this.

Slatr: (laughs) No. Nothing really planned. Just off school for the summer.

DM: So just jamming and practicing?

Slatr: Yeah, mostly.

If there is ever any doubt in your mind about the future stewards of rock music holding up their end of the bargain, check out and like them on, and feel safer knowing that it is all in good hands.


About the Author

Wesley Bauman, author of Doggy Paddling in the Deep End, is a writer/photojournalist originally from Oregon who makes his home in Ventura, CA. He's contributed to the VCReporter and maintains an active blog ( where he writes on political and social satire - Disarray Mag

"Slash to Perform for Shred Kids' Cancer Charity"

The power of persuasion is a valuable tool. Teagan Stedman, founder of the nonprofit Shred Kids' Cancer, managed to convinced legendary guitarist Slash to perform at the Rock Nation Monster Showcase The Highlands in Hollywood on Saturday, December 11, 2010. The proceeds from the show will be donated to the charity.

Stedman managed to get the top-hatted guitarist to commit to play based on a very personal plea, portions of which are posted below.

"You know those times when you are having a nightmare and you're falling or something is chasing you then you wake up and think, 'Whew! It was just a dream!' For a lot of kids unfortunately there is no 'Whew!' at least for a long time. They have cancer. An almost endless nightmare.

Ask my friend Alex who recently fought cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma). He went through many doctor visits, hospital stays, 2 years of chemo treatments, a lot of intolerable pain and months of nausea but he finally got to wake up.

My name is Teagan Stedman and I was inspired by my friend Alex's difficult struggle with cancer. Rather than just saying, 'Are you okay?' all the time, I decided to do something about it. So I founded Shred Kids' Cancer, a charity dedicated to kids helping kids fight cancer.

While Alex is doing just fine now, I have heard many kid's stories about this horrible disease and some with not such wonderful news. Every school day 46 kids or two classrooms full of kids are diagnosed with cancer. The good news is due to research, survival rate has increased from 50% to 80% since 1985.

However, we need to continue to "Shred" Kids' Cancer for those who are still suffering.

I wanted to help kids like Alex and was willing to do just about anything but found that many organizations (who are totally awesome in their own way) only offered a way for me to help by either attending a really expensive fundraising dinner that was mainly for adults, or to run in a 10K or to just give money. I was totally ready to do those things, but not so many of my friends were. Shred Kids' Cancer is different than other charities in that it provides a unique way for kids to participate and really get creative and use their skills to help other kids who are suffering from cancer. Here is a great example: Recently I was contacted by a friend of a friend named Andrew who heard about Shred Kids' Cancer and wanted to do something to help his friend Andreas Kinickman who is in 8th grade and undergoing lots of chemo and surgeries to battle his bone cancer. Shred Kids' Cancer is the perfect solution for Andrew, as he is now participating by coming up with ways to help: he is working on an advertising committee for Shred Kids Cancer, getting items to be donated and he plans on entering his band in the next Shredfest.

What is Shredfest?

For the last two years Shred Kids Cancer has had enormous success with our signature fundraising event called Shredfest. The first Shredfest was in 2009 and was held at The Roxy with the help of Rock Nation School. The next year we were at The House of Blues, Sunset Strip. We will hold another Shredfest with the support of many kids as participants at The House of Blues on Sunset on April 9, 2011. Each year we have had 10 kids bands participate, had celebrity guests on stage performing, held a silent auction featuring many one of a kind products and we have had amazing celebrity guest judges like Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine guitarist), Shavo (System of a Down), Dhani Harrison (Member of TheNewNo2 and son of George Harrison) , Steven Adler (I think you have heard of him) and had other celebrities like Adam Levine and Richie Sambora and Yngwie Malmsteen participate by signing guitars. The money raised will continue to go to help all kids suffering and fund kids' cancer research (Specifically granted to the Pediatric Oncology research going on at under Dr. Kathleen Sakamotos' team at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA).

We also hold other events such as Shredfeast (diners eat at a participating restaurant and part of the sales go to Shred Kids Cancer) and Shredcamp (a bootcamp fitness sponsored by Lulu Lemon where proceeds go to Shred Kids Cancer) and other types of events benefiting Shred Kids Cancer. This year we hope to add to our roster and have other events such as Rock Nations Monster Show on December 11 dovetail into benefiting Shred Kids Cancer.

While Shred Kids Cancer has been growing, during these difficult economic times it was getting harder for corporations to be generous and it was harder to get their attention. I wanted to take Shred Kids Cancer from glorified lemonade stand status to legitimate non-profit foundation. So this summer I researched and Googled and found out how to become an official charity. I wrote a business plan, and budget, filed articles of incorporation for non-profit with the State of California, Got a Federal ID#, Created Bylaws, got a board of directors, Filed a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State, Filed with the Attorney Generals office for Charitable Trusts, Filed form 1023 with the IRS for 501(c) (3) status and held a few board meetings.

Last year our sponsors not only included generous donations from Guitar Center but we also had Farmers Insurance, Berson Financial, RM Automotive, Lulu Lemon and many more. We would not have been as successful without their generous support. We have commitments to continue our media coverage with KTLA channel 5, NBC, and the Ventura County Star and hope to branch out to Radio Stations such as KROQ, KLOS and Jill FM. In addition we have a website, and Facebook pages and are creating an iPhone app for Shred Kids' Cancer and YouTube pages and will have a red carpet with a sponsor board for photo ops and banners at the event. This year our goal is to raise even more money and awareness then we did last year.

I am sure you are approached by a lot of amazing organizations trying to get your endorsement. Here is the thing: Cancer Kills. While other charities are amazing and offer ways to improving our environment or giving programs for underprivileged youth or school funding are very very valuable, they do not actually take peoples lives like cancer does. Kids who do not get their fair crack at life are dying from this disease. The ones who do survive are undergoing a lot of mental stress and physical trauma that they will never get back. Yet each and every one of them that I have met are fighters. The money we raise does not go to paying any salaries of Shred Kids Cancer (all of us are volunteers) or even to painting the facilities at the hospital or to getting better coffee machines in the research lab. They go directly to ensure programs at Mattle Children's Hospital UCLA in the oncology department within Dr. Kathleen Sakamoto's team can continue to work to find the cure for pediatric cancer.

You have no idea how much of an impact your involvement would be to Shred Kids' Cancer. First of all, you are the biggest guitar shredder of all time. Who better to support this? Second, I know when I saw you perform at Sunset Strip Festival in August, I was up front and almost squished to death. Security Guards tried to take me out for my safety, but I insisted on staying and they ended up surrounding me in a protective ring. If I will go to those extremes, I know many of my friends will as well to come and see you. This would mean a sell out at whatever event we work with you on. In addition, it would have a domino effect, lining up sponsors and donors, you have no idea how much of an impact this would be. Plus, your name, Slash is synonymous with Shred.

Let's try to end this nightmare for these kids."

Now we know why Slash agreed to play!

Are you in LA and planning to attend this event?

—Amy Sciarretto

For more information, click here!

Watch our most recent interview with Slash here!

Tags: Slash, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver

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"ANRGIRL's Monthly Critique - November 2010"

Critique of original song "Slatr" from Anrgirl is Holly Hutchison - a music business veteran of 24 years who has held A&R executive positions at Capitol Records and Atlantic Records in Los Angeles prior to the creation of her own free agent A&R entity ANRGIRL.

Slatr "Slatr"

How old are these kids? My guess 12 - 14? Wow....It was impressive to hear the tight song structure and chugging along of the song. Let's not forget to mention the Angus Young Style guitar playing and solo. I like the play going on between the vocalist and guitar on the bridge with the guitar answering back to the vocalist. I'd be interested to know who has been working with these kids or if they have been doing this all on their own. Either way, the ability and talent is obviously there with this young pack. My input would be to take the song to a new level by adding or experimenting with some kind of pre chorus to set up the chorus. The second chorus could have a bit of a change in the dynamics. The outro chorus parts have great new guitar pieces going on. Looking at some different approaches to vocal patterns on outro choruses might be that extra special something. Other than that...keep it loud!!!


"JetSpeed Records Helps Shred Cancer"

JetSpeed Records Helps Shred Cancer
Generous Hollywood indie record label, JetSpeed Records has partnered up with Shredfest Volume 2 in the fight against children's cancer


PR Log (Press Release) – Apr 05, 2010 – JetSpeed Records a Hollywood, California based independent record label has partnered up with Shred Kids Cancer a children's cancer charity. Jetspeed Records has very graciously donated a sunburst Fender Squire guitar for auction the April 24th, 2010 Shredfest Volume 2 event to be held at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip on April 24th, 2010 at 11AM.

Shred Kids Cancer is an organization founded by 10 year old Teagan Stedman made up of children that are raising money on behalf of the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Half of the proceeds will be donated to Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, specifically to the hematology and oncology department where doctors are researching to find a cure and partnering with PCRF.

Other items up for auction include: a signed Adam Levin signature guitar by First Act (signed by all members of Maroon 5), a Fender Bullet signed by rocker Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, a signed Fender by master shredder Yngwie Maelstrom and an amazing handmade Fibenare Guitar (valued at over $7,000.00).

Tickets for the April 24th, 2010 , 11AM Sunset Strip House of Blues Shredfest are available at the House of Blues box office and available online at: ...

For additional information please visit:
- PR Log

"Battle of the Bands Event Fights Kids' Cancer"

After seeing his close friend Alex battle cancer, 10-year-old Teagan Stedman decided to do something about it. "Rather than just saying 'I'm sorry...are you okay?' I wanted to do something more," Teagan says. "So I started a charity called Shred Kids' Cancer to help kids who are suffering from the painful disease."

For the second year in a row, Teagan will host a fundraiser called Shredfest featuring kids' bands (including those of Alex, Teagan, and Alex's sister, Emma!) battling it out onstage in front of celeb judges -- all to benefit the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

Shredfest Volume 2 will take place on Saturday, April 24, from 11-2 pm at The House of Blues in Los Angeles, CA. You can learn more about Shred Kids' Cancer, Shredfest, and how to get involved here!
- J-14

"Two Real Heros"

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages. You can do something extraordinary at nine or thirty-nine as long as you believe.

Teagan Stedman believed that he could make a difference, and he did. When he found out that his friend Alex had cancer, he felt like he had to do something. So the nine-year-old started Shred Kids Cancer, and he organized a charity battle of the bands at the Roxy benefiting Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA and The Pediatric Cancer Research foundation.

He called the Roxy to set up the event, and eventually he garnered support from sponsors such as Rock Nation and Guitar Center. As a surprise, some important rock stars popped up to judge Teagan's contest. One of them was Shavo Odadjian (System of a Down/Achozen).

With a big smile, Shavo reminisces about the moment he first saw Teagan. "When I met him, I hugged him! I gave him some signed System picture discs, and he was like, 'This is the coolest!' I said, 'You're the coolest thing in the world right now!' It was so amazing."

Teagan just wanted to help his buddy out, and the benefit was a smash success. In addition to Shavo, the celebrity judge panel included Jesse Johnson (The Time) and Dhani Harrison (thenewno2). Even with how extraordinary the event was, Teagan remains humble and soft-spoken. Charity work is just something that he does.

He explains, "When I met Alex, I got inspired because I felt really bad for him. I wanted to help him and the other kids who have cancer, so I started Shred Kids Cancer. Alex plays bass and loves music so I thought a Battle of the Bands would be good."

The Battle of Bands was perfect, and the turnout was phenomenal. Alex even jammed "Sweet Child O' Mine" with Teagan's band Slatr. "I felt really happy when I saw everything come together," continues Teagan. "It happened exactly how it was supposed to. Rock Nation and Guitar Center were the best sponsors they could ever be. I really want to help people out everywhere."

After the benefit, Shavo is still wide-eyed at the whole experience.

"The fact that I'm helping people means so much to me," he says. "It blows me away that this event was thrown by a nine-year-old. If my presence can help people, I will be there. Who wouldn't believe in the cause of a kid having cancer and his friend putting this together? That's like the kids on South Park building a ladder to Heaven to see Kenny [Laughs]. Of course, I wanted to be a part of it."

He continues, "If you have a gram of good bone in your body, you'd have to do this. I was inspired by this little nine-year-old bringing everyone together; that's something I usually do! I've got a lot of soft spots. I like to help. Everyone calls that 'giving back.' To me, it's a way of life. If I can help, I will help. It's not a matter of, 'Oh, I've got it, so I'll give it back.' There's no obligation whatsoever. Whether or not System was System, I would still help people—guaranteed. I'm always going to give. It's not about what I get or what I have."

The excitement was beyond palpable at the Roxy. It's funny for Shavo because the club is still a home away from home for him. He laughs, "I felt a lot of emotions the second I walked in. That's the first club I ever played at—May 28th, 1995. 14 years later, I'm judging a cancer benefit there. I was even sitting at the table I had my parents sit at during my first show! I was so amped on this little kid. The only thing I didn't do was put him on my shoulders and run around [Laughs]."

This past February, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) awarded Shavo with a community hero award for being a mentor. The kids nominated him, and he accepted it with his Achozen partner RZA (Wu-Tang Clan) in tow. "It was better than winning the Grammy, no joke. The Grammy is just industry; it's corporate. This is from the kids. This shows you that a difference happened. The best thing in the world is when you can get someone to notice a difference. I was really emotional when I went up there. It was an amazing feeling. I know where I came from. The kids nominated me, and it was the best."

Shavo's even ready for more though, and he'll never stop helping. Recently, he even spoke out against pet euthanasia on Raul Levy Jr.'s Flaunt My Pet, appearing with his pup, Chomp. "Everyone's capable of greatness. I've already succeeded in my head before I do something, period. Success has nothing to do with money or anything material. Success is inside. What I did with Shred Kids Cancermade me feel complete. That's success."

He's also got, his online musicians' community and record label, which continues to flourish. "I want to teach, help and raise awareness," he says smiling. " is a platform for that. I'm at a really strong point in my life. I'm in my mid-30s, and I think I'm a pretty cool role mode [Laughs]. I'm not nervous or scared about it. I really want to help kids. I'm working with this band called Chameleon Conductor. My little brother and my little cousin are in the band, and I'm putting them on The youngest member is 19, and the oldest is 24. I'm mentoring them about life in general. First you gain the knowledge then you gain the wisdom after that you gain the understanding."

As for the future of, Shavo's right hand man Kevin Potts puts it best, "We're taking digital media to a place it's never been before."

If anyone can do it, it's Shavo and his team of heroes.

—Rick Florino

- ARTIST Direct


EP with original songs Rugged, Big Dreams,Gone and Truth Is
Singles: Gimme A Reason and What You Do To Me.

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Sonically our musical influences are those innovators that we play a lot of such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, early Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Radiohead and newer bands like Paramore and Black Keys as well as blues revivalist Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn. People often put our sound into a “classic rock/litium” category though we don’t feel that does it justice. We absolutely draw from the past, but there is so much more to it than that.

Listeners have said we have a classic feel but are still edgy and fresh with riffs, licks and solos that "kids that age ain't supposed to do" - Shavo (System of a Down) and "these little shredders can shred" - Tom Morello (RATM, Nightwatchman). " old are these kids?...It was impressive to hear the tight song structure and the chugging along of the song... The ability and talent is obviously there with this young pack" Holly Hutchison, ANRGIRL, 24 year music veteran who has held executive A& R positions at Capitol Records and Atlantic Records.

Bottom Line:
Don't take their word for it, test the waters. Push the play triangle and hear for yourself. Then like us, fan us, tweet us, social network of your choice us, or just jump in and book us. Most importantly choose us.

Slatr has also performed at Warped Tour 2011 and California cities of Irvine, Pomona, San Francisco, Ventura, and San Diego Warped 2012. They have performed on stage with Slash, at NAMM 2010, 2011, and 2012 and been featured three times on KTLA morning show for live interviews/performances as well as on the TV Show Young Icons and NBC San Diego. They have been interviewed by The Recording Academy's Grammy 365 and were the youngest performers to play at Michelle Clark's Sunset Sessions 2012 in San Diego where they shocked the crowd with their talent and were invited back to Sunset Sessions Rock 2012 and the following Sunset Sessions 2013 in Hawaii. They have played over 50 shows including many Sunset Blvd. venues such as The House of Blues, The Whisky, The Key Club, The Roxy in Hollywood, Cat Club, as well as other LA area venues such as Borderline, Sagebrush Cantina, Santa Monica Pier and Studio City parade and a lot of benefit concerts and local festivals and fundraisers. They were invited to be the only band to kick off the Los Angeles Student Media Festival by LA Councilman Paul Krekorian and look forward to filming their newest sings for their music video at The Roxy June 9th.